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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cartoon Movies WE Saw

Mostly, when people starts to talk about books, goosebumps feelings start to felt on our hands. Even mentioning on studying or reading do give us some laziness and undesire to study.So, on Saturday and Sunday, me and Dennis watched the movie call The Lorax and The See-Food.

These two are movies based on nature education, one from the directors of The Despicable Me and another one, creation of Malaysia cartoon, based on Boboboy's Cartoon. However, I do prefer on The Lorax, whereby you were likely to encounter with this comedy humming fish below.

So, it's quite funny to see anyway. But if you guys love the comedy, I would suggest for The Lorax :) Cheers.

And soon, you will be able to see the greatest romantic movie ever SOON.


SamuelAviation98 said...

So Mic, how the movie???

Michael CYK said...

Which movie you refer to?

DENNIS FQT said...

The movie - Lorax could be my cutest and yet, funniest cartoon movie I ever saw! The movie was awesome! Such an awesome story and soo completely true. Touching. =D