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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A freak-out~

What can you do when you see something that's unlikely to be happen? A phrase we say "Freak Out". The word freak doesn't mean you are asking it go away by nowadays, but a phrase to express exclamation mark. Today, Sunday, 18 March 2012, the last day of first semester school holiday in 2012, is something that I seldom came across of. In secondary life, you will think the day for tomorrow will be a "BIG" day for me, but now what you are thinking? Work, eat, exercise, Sleep. A total and precise daily time for workers. In other words, School life are happier than working life. Some people may think, Students' life are more harder than working. But in fact is different, working era are possibly a stressing, humming, hectic and money thinking reality. Trust me, don't freak out for this kind of life. It's normal, and for students, learn to know the easy life you had by now. Because once you stepped into working era, the judgement of every aspect is a horror to you. I'm not telling the fake, but telling the fact.

Today, as usual wake up around 7:30am and have a makeup. And to my surprise, Airasia AK5100 is flown by 9M-AHQ, which is Bank Rakyat Livery. Oatmeal breakfast is done on instant, and spotting it around 9am is rushy for me since fetching of Dennis is part of my checklist too. And we arrived at Jalan Selangor, but before, we tried on Terminal 2 for spotting. Who knows we got one lady and one gentleman standing there guarding for something. That leads me back to Jalan Selangor. At Jalan Selangor, coldy wind rumbles over the "Street", learning that it will be very lonely, but the burning passion of me, never tell myself get away from the sight, as if I had poisoned to them. And the spots we have are~

 9M-AIM, which I believed for petroleum handling~
And this little aircraft is coming out of nowhere, namely the 9M-MDL, type Dehavilland Twin Otter DHC-6 Twin Otter, with STOL Rating, cutely raising its nose up to the sky~
 And after the little goes up, big mama comes down with rego 9M-FFA touchdown on the runway 02, engage its reverse thrust and ground spoilers.
This morning our AllStar Special Rare Birdy, 9M-AHQ, Airasia with blue livery colour, painted in Bank Rakyat Livery. Mostly people say it's the ugliest livery after all. But the fact of this Bank Rakyat with white nose in front, makes us a bit awkard on the aircraft. And me and Dennis lastly found out that it's not an ETOPS rated aircraft. Maybe, they will get the certification someday for sure :)
So,anyway, Bank Rakyat, Bye Bye, she dazed off in that split of seconds, and start her on way as AK5101 inbound back to Kuala Lumpur once more.
So long folks. Come again ya. And we, as well going back to our home, with Dennis coming along as well. Settling ourselves at Bukit Padang Bee Hoon coffee shop. And we back to my home, playing my flight Sim. And we do have some challenges for ourselves by not using autopilot flying from Penang to Langkawi. And I started myself with Airbus A320 by Simmer Sky. Handling joystick all along the way is really hand sweating.  The hardness of getting that aircraft leveled and straight is quite challenging. To tell you guys, I did a perfect landing on Langkawi at 150 feet per minute. Isn't that cool? While Dennis use Boeing 777-300ER flying back to Penang. And his skills are amazing too. After that, we had a movie watching on Alvin and The Chipmunks for about 2 hours. And ended up ourselves with one word, "LOL" xD. And it's 3:30pm, we gotta get ourselves to the spotting session again, as we knew the Boeing 747-400 arriving to WBKK this evening. So, we eventually go there to spot that aircraft actually. We reached there around 4pm and saw Samuel Wong, his dad and Uncle Lee on site aldy.
On the contary, since I lost my lens, I only have the short lens for my Olympus. It's a sad case actually ever since I had to retire myself for a while. But still have the EOS 300D with long lens from my nephew. These are my pictures below~
 9M-AFW, previously is F1 Williams Livery, but too bad they scrapped off the colour aldy. :(
 AQE seems based in BKI currently
And We got common livery visitors with 100th Awesome Plane Sticker Infront.
Landed Boeing 737-800 With 9M-FFB. Nowadays Firefly kept sending to domestic routes.
Okay, plane landed, Speedbrake deployed~ Reverse Thrust deployed and Brakes deployed, with some rudder adjustments :)
Those are regular movements in WBKK, as they transport fuel from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. I bet lots of maintenance to be done due to truck moving on dented areas and potholes.
Close up of fuel information.
1) No Smoking
2) Speed Limit : 25 km/h
3) Telephone number
4) No idea what's BJ 247~
5) Jet A-1 Fuel~ With Different Specifications. For this, It will be totally Jet A1. It means it will be 100% octal number.Like our vehicle pumping fuel in Shell, Petronas or Esso, you will encounter some number like this, 95 and 97. That's the octal number content. So, the higher the number, the higher the energy will be produced. Therefore, from here, Jet A1 fuel has the highest octal number :)
6) Company Logo
7) Flammable sign
8) Chemical Type : 3YE
9) No. U/M: 1223
10) Emergency Calls, Police and Fire Fighters. No Ambulance?

a) Keep Clear when platform is being lowered.
b) Do not work under platform unless mechanical prop is fitted~

Always read caution before you proceed other things. Those are the mandatory you must see when you enter aviation field.

As we spot aircraft, we do spot other activities, such as this. I'm not sure they are "stealing" or "legal gain" on those bamboo( I think so). But this kind of activity is my first encounter.
 Who say aircraft spotting doesn't involve birds? They are the ideas for the creation of planes.
Okay, it seems that they finished their work~ And the time they finished their work, this livery came for the introduction~
 9M-MWH, part of MasWings livery introduction to BIMP, which is Pontianak, Tarakan and Bandar Seri Bagawan
Not long after that, this aircraft landed which comes once a forenight. xD 9M-MXG
Featuring the sky interior Malaysia Airlines :)
Not long after that, Someone came with an "astounding" smile.
And Dennis, I know you are white, and white enough to do as portrait photo. :)

So today we got such many spotters, including me and Dennis.
Actually, we are awaiting two wide bodies coming to our lovely airport today. One Royal Brunei 777-200 and One MasKargo Boeing 747-400F. And we wait and wait. The sun starts to set and the day starts to dim. So, it's quite a hurt to our pictures as well.
Blurry Shots starts to happen as the day goes darker~
The touchdown is always a remarkable shot~
Samuel likes to spot anyway, and looks chubby as well :)
 Alvin show his cool face huh~
This white car do inspect us but we are hardcore spotters. And he glance and stared at us for a moment when we took the picture on respective areas.
As the sky look dimmer, the RBA came with its flexing wings, and touchdown gracefully~
 Smokey touchdown huh~
 And well, this RBA using 777-200 coming to BKI for about 30 minutes flight. Seems like those 777 are not fully utilised.
And in fact we are about to be hopeless as such no special incoming flight as this could be the plane telling all the answers that we should get out of there before "jet fighters" starts to attack us. And we left the place with disappointment due to the MasKargo didn't came for the place. Truly disappointment~ However, I still love the spotting for today. Indeed, lots of fun I had encounter in this spotting session and chatting as well.
This picture taken by Samuel (Thanks Samuel), can reveal how hardcore I was, by standing on top of my car, Vios. Cheers. xD It's really a freak out today :)

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DENNIS FQT said...

Being cheated by MasKargo. =( No B747. Sigh. @.@ But we did saw the rare one - RMAF Lockheed C-130 Hercules.