He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Physics, Alvin Spotting and Obstancles~

It's a fine day indeed, get up morning myself, brushing my teeth and start lay over my laptop to do my normal practice. And in deed, today I exceed the 10 GB digi broadband limited quota, the downside turns in that fraction of moment, 128 kbps~ Oh my gosh, the speed is truly slow. But, as always, exceed data will not be charged since it's under Business Plan.

As today, I had known myself I am truly behind of lots of schedules, such as mastering Physics, Mathematics, English and IQ. Those are really killing subjects, as far I had known of, eventhough SPM Subjects are truly easy, but the time which I didn't couple is about 5 years. And it is going to be my tough time to read it over though. As for today, I had done Maths' Circles and do some notes on my Galaxy Note, which is more easier to study.

It's 10:50am and my stomach starts to moarn for food, and yet I never knew a 3 spoonful of oatmeal can't last for long. Perhaps my stomach starts to get really to be slimed down. I did message Dennis on facebook about having lunch and teaching of Physics too. So he noded yes and we were having our lunch at Living Seed Restaurant, which is located at Penampang Area. It's a vegetarian restaurant where I do love to come. Since the day of starting to diet for my ambition as a healthy pilot, I become part of vegetarian for the sake of healthy and slim. Plus, eating vegetables sounds nice after all.

After we finished our food, paying our Eight Ringgit Food bills,we starting our way back to my home. But Alvin, who's Form 4 science student from Hsuin Tshin would like to have a spot in WBKK. Well, actually, I accepted his meeting time around 1445 and Dennis agreed as well. But in fact, me and Dennis done a bit rushup on his Physics for the Wave chapter. Luckily, I was able to finish it on time, with just in 1 hour.

So reaching there was around 1440 sharp and the sign of Alvin's car was no where, but in fact he do came after 2:55pm, and the plane, 9M-AFO just planning for pushback with 9M-MXC landed on Runway 02. It was magnificent anyway to spot him and spot everyone at this rush hour. I did a bit chit chat with him while he's quite busy on his camera spotting on the planes. So, 3pm huh, it's kinda hot and hasty, but the lens for my nephew Canon 300D could fit on his Canon 1100D using 55-250mm lens. It's quite an astounding display for him to catch those aircraft pictures.

And it's quite nice to meet with you Alvin. Someday you are not only going as an engineer, but a pursue of becoming a pilot. It's taking some time for me to regenerate back that interest of spotting though. But still, this spotting activity is still an interesting hobby for me. As well, learning some of his problems that he can't meet me was truly acceptable for a secondary student. After that, we both leave the spot at the same time, The hot air and the hot weather made me quench, so me and Dennis decided to go Kepayan for some "hi-tea", while Alvin was dashing himself back to his home. Haha~

At Kepayan, we ordered our drink, as for me Char Kuey Tiao without clams would be able to sustain my diet currently, since clams are a bit "risky" for me to digest off. And followed by the fried dumpling. As a result, I ate a bit full of it and decided our way for some walk. Back to the same spot here as well, but meet up with Clarence whom's spotting too. With the new 9M-MX* series came to BKI was really an astounding and yet rare view. So it was a remarkable sight. But for me, nah, now no more spotting at the moment, trying to focus myself on getting diet and slim down. But before that, I did take some pictures of the weather today, which is totally special for most of the day.
 And the most remarkable site for Tanjung Aru, is you could see them fishing, walking with families, camping , photographers and lastly, couples. I did myself coming here a lot of times, whether it is really a nice view for everyone. And I believed yes, most of social people would like to counteract and strengthen their family relationships. A person that opts for nature, you will hear the sounds of waves, the lives of sea creatures and lastly the joyful of hearing the nature which will soothen your spirit and soul, whereby we as societies are clinged on city hectic life. So, I did research myself on it, whether I'm really fittable to become a pilot. The answer is YES, with the real determination, right and positive soul, and the willingness to strive yourself out to the world of no limits. On the other hand, the willingness that I really have to emphasise myself, is it the real you that you want to strive this dream?
And I sat on this rock, watching the nature, watching the planes and telling myself, what am I really strive so far for? Is it really my true desire? Am I really capable? The answer I tell to myself, no matter I'm really that kind of person who likes to imagine and saying myself yes, I have the grab of myself helping others striving the dream, teaching them all over the way, and I'm improving myself as a human, plus my reality as becoming an airline pilot. Most people asked me, are you really able to become a pilot? And I tell them, I will be a pilot someday, it's the fact whether you wanna strive and believe the truth that lies onto yourself.

After immersing myself on those thought, I started myself walking along the beach ,along with Dennis. So we did our exercise play on Jumping Planes and jogging. For me, catching the crabs still are my favorite. And spotted some shells on the beach, But the fact is, I threw it back to the ocean, where it really comes from. Because I believed, a place where they are, is where they find the happiness. Sun sets is soon to be and we started our way back to our car, and I had myself barefoot along the beach to experience the softness of beach.

It's around 7pm and we reached home. After having our dinner and started to discuss about Dennis' flight plan for the AK Assessment test. The phone rang whom caught Dennis' attention. But disappointment comes to me and Dennis when he says that he can't go for AK assessment due to no one take caring for him. I wish myself  changing my flight same as the date of Dennis so that I could bring him and take care of him. But my parents declined since I had flights from Kuching to KK on 3rd April, followed by AK 5109 inbound from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur on the next day. I'm sorry for you Dennis, I wish I could help as I could but in turn, it's a failure. My heart felt of worrying about him as he's my dearest friend in Kota Kinabalu afterall. But I always pray to my Lord, as anything obstancles comes by, I will hand those obstancles onto his hands, for he will take care of all those and bringing peace to everyone. So Dennis, I will pray for you and extract part of the obstancles to him. I ask this through Christ my Lord. Amen.

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AlvinLvK said...

Thanks Michael and Dennis again for spending ur time with me yesterday, bt...it's quite sad to hear that Dennis isn't able attend the AK assessment test :( ....bt you guys must be positive! I believe miracle will happen so that Dennis is able to take the test next month ;) All the best and good luck!