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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sibu, Olden but Beauty

Sibu, a place where I grew up, the place where I had my UPSR, PMR and SPM exams. The place i can taste the truth of kampua mee and konpia. If judging Sibu on area aspect, I would say this is a small town eventually. With no disco and lots of night life makes most of people from Pennisulars lacking of entertainment.

In Sibu, anything is call cheap and big portion. Char Kuey Tiao and other foods can lead those. Compared to my previous encounter in Sibu, now we had cleaner and more beautiful compared to olden days. Decorative makes Sibu abit interesting and happy to see the advancement we had in Sibu. Previously, Sibu was a small town with no entertainment, no games. Shops are closed and not much of cafes in Sibu will be operating at long nights. However, some things can bring entertainment for local people on night~ What is it?

The answer relies on here, Sibu Night Market.

I will post some photos about this night market in our lovely Sibu "Pasar Malam". To tell you, what we invade night market for today will be foods ONLY.(Since we are starving) We get ourselves to have the most famous "APAM BALIK" or in chinese "半个月亮", meaning half-moon. What makes this name so special about? Half Moon? Get it when the moon is half and ready up for stock? Nah. Fairy Tales? No concern of it at all~ This food call half-moon because the food looks and shaped of a half-moon.

Speaking of pasar malam, it's about 10 months I didn't mention and stepped on it. I recalled back to my memories in the past as I had my pasar malam visit in Nilai, which I believed there would be lots of foods to be encountered of. And we had our "half moon" bought and started whacking around for foods. And somehow we stopped by a stall, which is part of my kids time favorite food, ...... (I'm not sure what name is it.= =)

Suspicious huh~ Stainless Steel dishes. Where got food? I saw drinks only. But check it out on the photo hanged on the top there~ Garlic kueh? (洋葱糕)How does it really taste? Just to tell you, contents are Rice flour, Fried onion and Soy Sauce.

You Might Say, "WWWWWHHHHHAAAATTTTT? Three kinds of ingredients can make a food for people to it?" To tell you sincerely, yeap. That is absolutely, because the rice flour taste like the frozen kuey tiao. And the cost of per Garlic kueh (Only half of the plate) is only RM0.60. WOW SO Cheap, but the content of per plate doesn't feel satisfactory. So three of them will be enough anyway. And one question remains in this stall, Why the plate looks upside down? For you guys information, there are two plates on each platform. Two of them made a perfect combination, away from street dust and contamination to seal them from getting any dirts. (I think it's a very useful method to get rid of flies and mosquito, since no food cover is required)

In Sibu, night life aren't as good as other. But the peace in Sibu is totally agree~

Before we back to home, I had myself bought on this murtabak xD. Bread with Chicken filling on top, served with chilli sauce and mayonise makes the food even greater~Cheers Everyone.

Gotta Sleep first. Nites Nites ><

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