He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Day where I really encounter with Him delightly~

Him~ Who's Him? It's a long time that I didn't saw him very before, and yet today, I'm able to see him personally and meet him honourly.

Today, my flight time flying from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu is 1340 and I had myself woke up around 7am, starting to tidy and packing up my personal belongings. Eating my oatmeal as breakfast for dieting, keeping myself slim as much as I could, for the sake my dream. Still, my laptop kept opened for editing my resume and cover letter in preparation for the interview coming up.

This morning, 3rd April, is the third day of April, as well, it's the first day of AK Cadet Assessment Test on the first day too. And one of my friend, Calvin Cadrix will be encountering the test first, and become part of our white mice experiment (Calvin, I didn't mean that). A lot of people will be sitting for this AK Cadet Pilot Assessment Test today, and the most I prepared of is the IQ Test, which every candidate afraid and scared of. But I think, the IQ Test aren't difficult if you practice it a lot.

Time shows 8:45am and I sms to him, asking where to yamcha. As such, he had his flight from Penang on AK6505. (Previously I stated the event on the previous blog) He did reply to me and we will have meeting on lunch. And heart started to pound hard, don't know for what reason but really feel excited when meet him in lunch later.

Since 2 hours before commencing our lunch later, I wanna share with you guys for my dinner yesterday. Dinner for yesterday was truly amazing. After having our hi-tea and short shopping in The Spring shopping mall, it's time to head out for some dinner. Time shows around 6:30pm, and we had no idea where to settle our dinner as you guys know the famous, easiest and simple question among us, and the most difficult question to answer with. Right? And you know what's the question? That's:


That's indeed a true fact on where we should eat. Among the questions in our life, this is part of the difficult question. Neither A nor B can simply get the answer except the true intention of eating it. Or else, if freely and randomly roaming yourself around, you will encounter this kind of problem. That leads to a question we had in our conversation between my sis and me, parking the cars beside the road before continuing our journey. Dietary of me made my choice limited and the fat and carbohydrates are my enemies currently. However, the introduction from my sis, Basaga, a highly environment and high classed cafe, lead me no direction at all but it sounds nice after all.

And the moment I think, Basaga, I never heard of, and the name sounds new to me too. In fact, I had myself driving towards the place, nearing to the Westwood Restaurant. Making a U-Turn on the traffic light and spotted the place. Something like a forest trail, rocky path to a place like jungle or anything. (I'm not kidding) About 100m entering from the main road, and yes we reached. The Basaga Residence.

This place, Basaga Residence has its own history from our deadly Sejarah( History) book, like Charles Brooke or the famous James Brooke. But in fact, there's no statement about the Basaga in our book. Here's the part of Basaga History:

The main house at Basaga was reputedly built near the turn of the century during the reign of the second White Rajah of Sarawak, Sir Charles Anthoni Brooke. At that time, the property only comprised of the main house itself and an attached servants quarter which today serves as an indoor lounge for The Courtyard Bar.

The architecture is a fine example of mansions built during that period featuring thick columns and heavy "bilian" or "iron wood" accents.

The earliest known owner of the original property was said to be a wealthy Indian merchant who owned the house during the pre-war years and throughout the Japanese occupation period.

Sometime during the mid 1950's, the property was sold to a Scottish doctor whose family still resides in Kuching today as third generation Malaysians. During the early 1960's, prior to Sarawak's independence as a British Colony in 1963, the property was converted into a school. 

A double-storied barrack was built across the courtyard and lawn of the main house to serve as a classroom block, the architecture of which is again typical of post-war colonial architecture in British Malaya and similar examples can be found throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

In addition to the barrack, a second servants quarter was built next to the main house, a school canteen off the main lawn adjacent to the barracks, as well as a utility shed at the edge of the courtyard. The school canteen and utility shed have been converted to the Basaga Suite and The Courtyard Bar respectively.

The property was in a state of near abandonment for the most part of the mid 1980's onwards until taken over in late 2008 and restored to its present condition to make way for Basaga Holiday Residences.

For me, don't expect me that I will stay over this residence. I have no intention of staying it but as a guest of their restaurant. Part of those histories filling my mind temporarily because of the worst nightmare I had in Secondary, History.  Charles Brooke, James Brooke, Rentap and etc.... Arghhhhh (Looks like I'm wondering too much) However, the ambient surrounding looks pleasing though. The ancient type of Texas cowboy house door swing decorating on the toilet looks antigue.

After that, proceeding ourselves to the Basaga restaurant, decorated with interesting cafe tables and chairs. For us, we would like to pick sofa seat instead. And Tadaaa.... Im sure everyone wanna know what's the menu in this restaurant. And obviously it's a western and local style cuisine.

And the environment for the area is pleasing and warming enough to attract lots of foreigneers. Nevertheless, they provide residences here as well, with Swimming Pool for releasing hot tempering from hot country like our country.
I scrolled myself through the menu, and there are plenty of foods and drinks. Food ranging from Local to International and Drinks ranging from Basic to Alcoholic too. So, for me, I ordered the Blackened Fish Fillet as the name sounds that the fish fillet is blackened. (Maybe?) Since I'm quite choosy on foods, I won't eat pork, beef, lamb,squids and even mussels. I can only opt for fish, chicken and vegetables.
So, for me I ordered myself a Lemonade. And my sis, ordered a Nachos~ Can say it's a snack actually, adding with creamy sauce, cheddar Cheese and tomato filling to make the whole dish yummy. So, how can you describe the whole Basaga place? One word can fill this sensation, Relaxing~
 My sis on the spot~
And for me, relaxing on sofa~ Sounds very relaxing? xD And so, we had our chat for quite a long time before the food started serving to our tables. The design is quite simple, Sofa and coffee table arranged in just few inches away. And yet, that night, my phone battery started to die out of hunger. Hunger? Of course food, but it's electricity, not human food :)

And for you information, that night was truly going to rain, 1st accompanied by the wind blewing, those made the whole tree in Basaga residence looks gloomy and junglelistic. The chattering between leaves and branches made the whole place look like forest and fantastic, accompanied by the lights in Basaga, makes the place even more beautiful.

And yes, our food finally arrived. For my Blackened Fish Fillet. So that fact that the fillet is blackened wasn't really true, but costing 17 Ringgit Malaysia is really a true worth. So at the same time, my phone die out due to the smell of the food made him hungry I guess. (Wakkka, too hyperbolic right?) And Nachos I try to get from my sis regarding on the picture. Those food takes about half an hour for us to finish though. Chit chat, and telling jokes made the time even work faster and the instant we checked the time, it's about half past eight. And I opted for circling around Kuching, since I had myself hardly to wander around.

Payment was made on Dutch Bill and we checked the place of Basaga. It's truly amazing how these building really can sustain to the present time. We walked past by the bar of drinks and the cooks, amazed by their environment and those foreigneers having their relax time drinking those wines and beers.

So after we shoot some photos on the jungle scenery, rain started to downpour us and we got ourselves onboard our car, jumping out from junglic scenery to city life. So, my rating to me, 8.5/10. It's a nice place for me to go for anyway. :)

The next station, I had gone is the Pullman Hotel, locating behind of MAS Complex Building, whereby they have 2 storey shopping complex on ground.

Sounds nice huh? But inside is totally empty, compared to Kota Kinabalu's Suria Sabah, even Suria Sabah wins the place, due to most of the shops haven't opened. But Toys are Us in this Pullman shopping complex did pull some of viewers to buy toys for their children. And in fact Pullman Shopping complex aren't as cheap as normal ones, but they are all branded shop outlets. Even the Kim Bay and Sushi King are located here. Calvin Klens and Body Shops are located here too. So, in fact, this place is too high classified shops. But to tell you honestly, I bought myself the White Musk Sport from The Body Shop around 115 bucks.( My wallet Cried aldy T T)
So in fact, after buying it, we straight heading our way back to home and have a good night sleep. Of course not really went to sleep mode, but study some for my test~

Let's bring the 2 hours spent previously, and having time travel back to present, and yes, it's about 11am and I'm readily myself having my backpack and my luggage for the trip. And waiting for him to come will be around 12pm. So, it's kinda of excited anyway, plus I had myself wondering, I'm really stepping out from Sibu and Kuching, and I'm thinking, when I able to come again? Months or Years? The fact that I gonna pursue my dream as a pilot is going to start soon. And I tell myself, never look backward when you opted for something that you want to be. Cause you are really in your way to the dream, but in fact, I tell myself, I will back to the place once more when I reached my career level.

And 12pm, here he is, driving Melaka car plated Gen 2 to my auntie's house. And the fact that he will bring me to the airport was truly indeed thankful. So, our last question remains. Yet Simple and Difficult~ Where to Eat? But my friend, he, whom was Andy Law( If you guys did saw the previous post) brought me to a Hainanese Chicken Rice shop, since I told him that I didn't eat the prescribed food list.

And yes, here we are, The shop with full of foods, eventhough not crowded, but he brought me here with hehe(呵呵)smiling. (LOL) So I ordered myself the set of Hainanese Chicken Rice and he opted himself a fried noodle. The truth is when I shake his hands, found his hands really skin peered off, Finally can know what you mean of the alcohol drink that made him grow new skin. xD Learning myself that I had only about 1 hour plus before my flight commencing, but I was eating and drinking smoothly and soundly with him here. Muahahahahaha~ Cause he's more experienced compared to me. Thus, my family kept urge me to come airport ASAP or else I will lose my flight. In fact, I felt comfortable with him around, since we chat almost like hours.

In fact, he did give me about something which is called a meeting gift (见面礼). Thanks a lot Andy. I really appreciate and will strive myself hard to get this cadetship by Airasia. And for sure, I will see you in FL as well. No matter what, I will see you as captain who guide me around. >.< Hehe. But the contain of the meeting gift, I think it's a contain of CD on videos that he downloaded and his first epaluatte. And for you guys information, don't think of teddy bear or cartoon inside that disc. Haha!!!

THANKS A LOT Andy >< (Actually I should call him Master) And to my surprise, he helped me to pay my bill as well. Well it's really a very embarrassing event to me since we met for the first time.

But I told Andy, if we met again, (mostly in Sabah), I will treat him around where we gone to. Really for sure~ :) And well, before that, I wanna say THANK YOU first. :) And lastly I opted for candid shot from him but he rejected and that photo for my contact picture purpose only. xD So, no photo for him, sorry.

And yet the clock shows 12:45pm and now we started to head our way to Kuching International Airport. There is one nasty procedure when you park your car in Sarawak, Make sure you put Parking Coupon when reached your parking place in Sarawak, or else... Hehe. Your Twenty Bucks~ Bye Bye. Wakakakakaka.

Okay, for you guys information, even our speed travels averagely at 30 km/h, we reached KIA about 3 minutes, plus finding carpark seat which takes around 10 minutes for us since we are circling around for the better and nearer place. So, after I had my luggage and my backpack, we straight went ahead to the KIA (KIA is Kuching International Airport) And thus, after we headed ourselves inside, Andy straight went to the second floor Flight Operation office to check for my flight. (Wow Thanks Andy >.<) And in fact, I waited outside since I'm outsider. To my and his surprise, the plane landed from Singapore very very early and waited there already,whereby Andy told me that flight always encounter delays due to arrival from Singapore, with traffic and etc. But still, Andy told me that it's early to go into departure hall. And yes, indeed. Still early what. Go in there just waiting inside, why don't I chat with Andy for a moment rather than doing nothing there? Haha. So yes, I had my chat with Andy again. And when we wanna proceed to Departure hall, we met with an FO and Andy told him that I'm going for AK Cadet pilot Assessment Test on the next day when that FO greeted him. Before we left, that FO wished me good luck in this AK Cadet Pilot Assessment Test. Thanks FO.(Eventhough I don't know what name .. Hehe)

Chatting like operations and plane movement made me continue pursuing my dream, and he kept encouraging me not to give up but look forward. And I told myself, I wanna same as him, cause if he can do it, I can too. So, no doubt that I can't proceed. To my surprise, we saw the crew going in and Andy told me that they will be my flight in charge. So,wow, captain will be a British man and co-pilot is a malay. But, whatever, I will try myself hard!!! And time shows 1320 and it's time for us to saw goodbye to each other, eventhough a short chat, but I wish I could stay more longer chatting with Andy though. But well, I told him, "Come Sabah!!!, dun deny yourself". Haha~

So, I entered the boarding hall, having my laptop, luggage and my backpack scan. In fact, I didn't kena checked, maybe due to the new belt this time. Or else when I ran through the security check, I had to be molesed before proceed to the boarding hall. So after that, clearing the immigration check, I headed myself to the gate, which was Gate 4. And we had 2 kinds of queue, left and right. And I queued from left, which was faster compared to the right, because that's for row 20 to row 30. Lucky ><. And to my surprise, I boarded on the aircraft, which was the same as my flight coming from Sibu to Kuching. Somemore same seat. Ai ya, previously thought that I will board on 9M-AFM, which is Dato Pahamin's plane based in Kuching that time. Well,too bad, no chance boarding on it.

And all the pax settled down for departure, however, the departure was delayed which I believed due to the fuel not uploaded, because the seat belt sign remained off until the commencing of departure after the seat belt sign on. So the pushback starts and our flight starts commencing, and the rain started to downpour the place of "palace".

Flight Information:
Flight: AK6034
Aircraft: 9M-AHE
Seat: 19A
Raining huh~ That's the time those staffs kena wet. I wonder if pilots want to check the plane while the airport is in downpour, pilots have to sacrifice themselves to rush against the rain? Alamak!!! Better bring a raincoat for self use next time. The former F1 Williams Livery just parked beside us and they went on ahead before us. So our flight for the time had delayed to be the second flight for departure. In fact, this captain quite steady on its departure, taxi slowly, carefully drive on those repaired potholes. Yet I found this plane, shock absorbers aren't operate well though, the sound is obvious compared to the new plane I had previously.

So we headed our way back to Kota Kinabalu, takeoff from runway 25, along with the immediate left turn after take off. And to my knowledge, there's a big meteor size hole spotted when we were having our left turn. Turbulence kept us seat belt fastened when we were climbing to higher altitude. On the cruising altitude, I stood up from my seat, using my toilet visiting to gain an opportunity to chat with cabin crew. And to my surprise, they will be having flights to Sibu and Miri only after that. On the contary, I had handed my letter along with the logsheet to the cabin crew. Hehe.

And when the flight commences the descent to our home, the cabin crew approached me and told me to visit cockpit after landing. And yet our flight reached on the Runway 02 around 3:10pm, roaring its reverse thrust along till the end of the runway. So, in fact, I had myself inside the cockpit and they did encourage me in sense of encouraging advises.

Here's the contain of his encouragement:
Good Luck with your career. Michael, Your Passion is Paramount for a Successful Career in Aviation. Study Hard, Play Hard and Don't be Shy to ask for Advise.
3 things that are not good to you in aviation
1) Fuel in the bowser
2) Runway Behind You
3) Sky Above You

I wanna say, Thanks Captain Craig, for encouraging that much to pursue in my pilot career. As such, I can't stay much long inside here, since there will have 5 more leg flights for them, reducing their pressure if possible. And on that time, I proceeded myself to Immigration Counter at arrival hall. On the way walking to there, spotted 9M-AHZ with cargo door busted. Haha.

After reaching home, I straight headed out with my car Vios out, started my journey to fetch Dennis, whom will be flying on AK5123 bound to Kuala Lumpur as he will have his exam on the next day. So, it's quite busy day for me, but I said to myself, "never mind,it's better than nothing to do. Haha. So after I fetched Dennis, we headed ourselves to KKIA T2, where I boarded off from Kuching just now. Muehehehhe. And yes here we are, T2 and I spotted 9M-AFY whereby that plane changed some of the stickers already.

And me and Dennis had a dinner in KFC. Muahahahaha. That's epic cheating to me? Why? Cause I'm on dieting and yet I'm sitting at KFC eating that fatty chicken. Alamak!!! But well, once in a forenight. No worries >< To my surprise, Dennis boarded on 9M-AHB. And if he booked AK5110, he would have his flight on 9M-AFY, the caterham Jet. Hehehehe.

After I sent Dennis into boarding hall, I headed myself to Karamusing, buying myself a printer with my own "blood sweat salary" to buy it, which costs around RM248 bucks. The printer has its scanning and photocopy function. Whereby I bought PIXMA Ink Efficient E500 from Canon. I believed it will be rest of my life depending on this all in one printer. With the black ink cartiridge that can print up to 800 pages and my recommendation from my friend, Clarance Ng, that persuades me to buy it.

Well that's my day, busy entirely right? haha. But still VERY VERY honored to meet with Andy, that inspires me becoming a pilot. And for you guys information, the second day, will be my very first step to keep my person running and exercising as a pilot.

 A Talented, Responsible, Successful, Patience, Ambitionous, Healthy, Passionate and Endless Tired Pilot :)


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wow good to hear that you do well in your IQ test xD

Michael CYK said...

By the way, I'm didn't mention I do well in IQ test. In fact, there's no IQ test LOLZ~