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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Timer ever...

What's first time? A time you have your first of doing or happening. So today, what's my first time? I think most of drivers here, I can say 99.9% will encounter what we so call Accident. And yes, today I have my first encounter on car accident, however, luckily and fortunately, is quite a minor accident.

Today, my time for working  back as Cashier again in Telipok, driving my Vios, depart for the work around 8am sharp. Close all the doors, windows, warming up my car and shutting my laptops, etc, and I was off to go. And you know that time around 8:20pm, you will have Gotcha's from JJ and Ean morning crew from Hitz.fm.

And to my surprise, this week has the best Gotcha, regarding on a miss, whom had a doctor as her career will have birthday today and she will take her leave today. She works 7 days a week and she will have her leave and joy on her birthday. However , some ppl plan to gotcha her by teasing her that she won't be able to go for her leave due to insufficient manpower to substain it.

So, what I think for that time was like, "Wow, that will be really fun and sarcastic." That Gotcha starts while I passby the Esso Station in Penampang. So, the radio starts climbing to the climax, and I have my radio volume up to level 40 for the surrounding effect, making the whole life more fantastic. So, now I'm having my exit from the Jalan Bundusan to the left. And you know, the excitement that you will hear from the radio will be heard eventually at no time.

Exiting from the left requires some skill. What skill? Its the fact you have to make sure there's no incoming traffic from the right direction, whereby there's a roundabout just on your right. And just about when I wanna exit the left, a red Honda Civic came from the roundabout, of cuz I have to stop my car eventhough there's two lane from the roundabout because you have no idea what's other driver thinking. So in fact, I have to stop my car rather than entering unless I want to crash the car. And the moment I stop my car, "KABOOM". Look behind my mirror, a big black car with quite a short distance was seen.

That sound, "KABOOM", is even greater to my lvl 40 radio. So imagine if serious accident, what's the sound look like? (But I don't want any accident for second time. T.T) So, in fact, not to block the traffic, I parked my car beside the road for not obstructing the road. And yes, the car that kiss my car parked beside too.

And I off my car, I got off my car and check my status of the crash. However, the effect wasn't that strong. A minor scratch and paint tear apart on the bumper. And the one who crash my car was a lady, driving black Estima. Her car seems undamaged at all, but my car bumper suffer extreme paint damage. And this is my first encounter too. In fact she said that its onlyva minor scratch. What if that happens on your car? Same feeling you will feel right? Paint tear and the scratch you have. But well, what's done is done, what else can I do? So, I get myself my contact number and hers too, for the compensation she need to be done on my car. And afterall, what I get from the compensation was the car polish, however, still not really fix my whole bumper though.
Despite the fact from this accident, I know one thing for every accident that happened, Be safe and Sound is better than lying yourself down in a tragic Hospital. Therefore, I still really thank to God that really help me and giving me peace for the life that he gave to me. Thank You Lord Jesus.

P/S: About that Gotcha on the doctor, here's the link on the Gotcha.

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