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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kuching flight on AK6563

Well, today, 1st April huh? It's the Famous April Fool every year, and by now Im still not being fooled by anyone. But the flight flying with me today lies on my Sibu to Kuching flight. So, everyone might think, Im gonna going for cadet pilot assessment test soon, why Im still in holiday mode? True fact is I have absolutely no idea, as I already booked this ticket early September.

This flight AK6563, is truly a short flight. Flying from Sibu to Kuching is scheduled for forty minutes, however in reality that doesn't sound true. In fact, the flight takes about twenty minutes. (Short Huh?) And four minutes cruising at FL140? that's ABSOLUTELY FAST.

Okay, here's some information about the flight.

Flight Information
Flight Number: AK 6563
Aircraft: A320-216
Registration 9M-AHE
POB: 175 (Include crew members)

Departure Information
Parking Bay: 2
Runway: 31

So, pictures? Honestly a few only. But well, in fact this trip I didn't get any cockpit shots as I think this flight turned out to be such short flight.

Here's my video footage on takeoff

And we are cruising at FL140.However, that cruising doesn't last long as what we say, buttock haven't sat warm start descent already?

As well I did record their video upon landing at WBGG airport.

Here is the information on arrival.
Runway : 25
Parking Bay: 1

So too bad , I didn't have any pictures about cockpit but picture on the wing scenery on WBGG airport. And to tell you guys, I had planned this accordingly because Im gonna meet someone call Andy Law, one of Airaisa Pilot. Hehe. And yes, I did spot him and chat some abit, but he's going to Penang for some trip. Ahhhh, well anyway its okay. Why? BECAUSE IM GONNA MEET HIM ON WEDNESDAY AGAIN And having yamcha. THANK YOU ANDY. ^^

Checkout Andy Law's blog( 平凡∙简单∙意义), More of Chinese characters but the way and path of becoming a successful and life of a pilot.

To Andy, I'm really enjoying to see your blog because you taught me how to appreciate the real life currently and the real me to strive the need for my passion. Maybe this path will be hard to achieve, but someday I will be seeing with you flying together in Flight Level. There are millions of pilots out there, but I want to be one of them because the passion I had in my heart and mind, you drive me more greater and the willingness to strive more further. Thanks Andy. I'm really grateful to meet you in the beginning.

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