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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Spring.

The Spring? Ya, its spring time. For northern regions, they are celebrating it, and for southern regions, they are having autumns and for us? Summer for 365 days every year. However, in Kuching, the name The Spring refers to a shopping mall.

The reason ,why they call The Spring, please don't ask me. In fact, I'm not Kuching local people (Eventhough I born from Kuching), and the person who named this mall is neitherunder my creation nor my development.

But this mall, I would say "20 minutes" to finish the whole mall, as such most of the shops aren't my taste afterall. So, those shops like Padini, Timberland, Nike, FOS,  MPH Bookstores, Parkson and MBO Cinemas are the main attractions for local and students, especially from Swinburne University College.

Based on the design of The Spring mall, it's more specialized on comfort and the area of the mall, other than building crampy, crowded and multi-storey mall, they are more focused on the size of mall and the design of the exit are simple and yet welcome.

Today, I'm walking inside this mall, roughly a two and quarter floor. And most people might think, why is it quarter? The answer relies on the designer who design this building. At first, this building giving me the impression that this building is big, but in reality, the answer is a no. Why you say so? That quarter belongs to MBO and Parkson. Should say it's a three floor shopping mall, but not exactly.

My task today actually was to buy slats and belts for the cadet pilot assessment test on Thursday. But only belts bought from Parkson  actually and costs around nearly 90 bucks. For slats, I had it in my luggage actually, but the size whether suits me, it will be a bit problem. After that, I had myself walked around and started invading the first floor.

First floor was the floor I came in, and most of shopping complex, they do have one similarity, that's the food stall and restaurant always situated at the most ground area. Anywhere, you don't have to think of where you should it. Approach the ground area, and you will find one.

For The Spring mall, they have their Food Bazaar, or simply known as the food court. Inside there are many food stalls, such as drink stall, ice cream stall, Japanese food stall, Korean food stall, Teppenyaki, and even our famous Sibu Foochow foods are situated here.

But to tell you guys, where am I going?

Here, the place of sushi, Sushi King. With the Wow 20% Happy Hour Discount for all sushi, I had myself hi-tea here, with unlimited green tea drinking while waiting for my sis having some conference before she came. And now, I'm at here waiting and blogging at Sushi King, waiting her to come and join the absolute hi-tea before we commence our way for shopping.

Thus, I have one more errand to do, Calculator battery changing. Its about six years I haven't change the battery of calculator, but for the sake of my cadet pilot assessment test, or else, if the calculator battery died halfway, my whole effort will be wasted.

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