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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Standalone Movie Watcher

Today, 28 April 2012, the day where we had our Bersih in our country, but somehow today will be the most historical moments. But for me, it's not my type of having such outrageous events. In fact I had my time visiting the Cinema, counting myself the time I visited, this was the sixth time visiting.

Okay, let's get started on the first movie I watched. You see, this month April, it wasn't like previous trailers, nothing special, nothing comedy, nothing adventurous. However, I had encountered myself with full of movies in this month.

The Wrath Of The Titans

The first movie I watched was "The Wrath of The Titans." Basically talking about Greek's mythology, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, along with the main character, Perseus, whom's Zeus son warned him that he will be revealed himself back to war again while at that moment he was a fisherman, retired from half-god mode.

Basically the only thing I can tell about this story, it's interesting if you know about Greek's mythology. And please, don't worry if you are not sure about it, if you like combat games or etc., I bet you can play the Age of Mythology to deepen the knowledge of them. Pegasus, Hydra, Centarus, Medusa etc. are in this game.

Dark Flight
For the second movie, I watched one movie that's related to aviation, Dark Flight. Basically using a Boeing 737-200 with big walkways whereby you won't find this kind of walkway throughout the planet,except this. Registration as SA407, but flight number same as well. With the simple instrument panel and the dancing FA safety demonstration, it's really speechless to me.

Thailand movies, I could say, they are famous of scary and funny movies. In this Dark Flight movie, I try to visualize this movie how it really came out. In short, they set up their flight as SA 407, whereby I believed they took off from Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is Bangkok to Manila, using a Boeing 737-200 Aircraft. How funny I wanna say? Those are the pictures below that can explain everything,

 In this picture, you see that wearing this uniform, you might think it's a pilot, but in fact, NO. The truth is, he's a half man half woman type, and plus, he's only a flight attendant. So that shocks me a bit. But I wish there's no flight attendant out there which is identical to pilot's uniform.
And this, I bet, where you can get SUCH BIG SPACING throughout the flight. Thus, The compartment above is really look like a big aircraft though. Compared to the real Boeing 737-200, it was far away enough difference.

Well, in fact I'm not a type of movie watcher, but things got me continue to watch the next movie which was BattleShip. What made me look into this movie? GSC and the famous so-called, FACEBOOK. Everyone was saying, "Wow Battleship was Awesome (Airasia Not Awesome? :P ), fantastic, Brilliant." And I went to watch this movie as well. And I learnt myself from this movie, "Art of War? :)" And the Chicken Burrito too. I began starting my search on the food where they said it could be bought from convenient store. And yes,I found out it, I can only say, this is POPIA, and the famous KFC snack, Pocketful Toast?
This is the original Chicken Burrito.

And this is the famous KFC Toasted Pocketful.

In fact, Maybe the difference is the chicken burrito contains rice only and the pocketful contains Kentucky's secret recipe fried chicken. :) Okay, back to the main topic, this Battleship, well, you want me say Awesome? No. Brilliant? No. Fantastic? No. THEN WHAT'S MY COMMENT? I will say Wah. xD Sorry to pour those cold water, but in fact, I wanted be special abit compared to those 3 comments. On the other hand, this movie also mention our Malaysia's marine army leader too. I wonder, Malaysia also included? That's really got to attention to whole world, but well, they weren't the main characters inside. The main attraction for this Battleship is this movie is filled with the famous singer in year 2008, Rihanna. That's really got into attention.
Rihanna as Cora Raikes, position of Petty Officer Second Spikes, she's really got herself in music, even she had gone anywhere, she will have her song singing either on boat or on ship. The fact from this movie is that, she's the one whom's the killer of all aliens, why am I say so? Because she's on her job of adjusting those turrets and missles to the position, killing those aliens. 

Yes, indeed, Alien movie again, but check it out, "From the creators of TRANSFORMERS", they are really alien inventors and destroyers. Just to cut it short, this movie, worth to watch anyway.

The Avengers
Next, I guess everyone is waiting this movie and yes, I had watched on the second day it launched, The Avengers, where you can meet all the heros here. But what I can say is, this movie is totally sarcastic and so funny till we went out of breath in instant. Starring with the funniest one, Ironman, whom is Tony Stark.
 In this film, this Ironman is really funny, in terms of speaking, it's of full laughters in the cinema, even I have the loudest laughing before in my history, somone had surpass my laughing on the spot.
And this is Captain America, I had no idea why captain america is famous in the movie, but maybe, the shield made him famous. And he's the type of serious.
Okay, not to mention the famous Hulk, it's funny when you see him smashing. Don't ask me how to describe it, but I let you get some of the sneak peek from it.
Captain America: Hulk..
Hulk: Huh..(turns head)
Captain America: Smash..
Hulk smiles with his broad smile like the one below.
Next I love those 2 characters below.
I love the warrior equipment that he wears and he's Thor, yes a God from Norse mythology. It is said they have the mystical powers like Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. And yes, Thor has the power to call lightning. And his almighty Hammer too.
And the other cool one, Hawkseye, previously was controlled by the Loki, whereby helped everything, but in fact he turned back to Avengers. Speaking of him, he was cool with his arrow skills. With his cool and handsome face, he suits become for Hawkseye.

And of course we got a spy here too, Black Widow. She's a Russian, more of Tanya, like in Red Alert 2. She can prevail everything, and can't be mind controlled by Loki. And who's Loki?

Loki is a God as well, that's why I knew everything of those Gods from the game Age of Mythology, which stated above. Of course, the mastermind of evil for the movie, The Avengers.
Lastly Nick Fury, the commander and the seekers of heros. Not really an important guy, but the importance of unity on heros, thus informing other heros too. Maybe that eyepatch can recognize him more easily.

It will be taking a lot of time and making my "mouth" getting tired. But just for your information, I always get rest with those things~

So thanks for watching the blog at the moment, and feel free to comment. :)

P/S: My Wallet calling for hunger, since I watched so many movies T T

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