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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PLKN.... Here I Come~

OK, what's the big deal here? So long didn't update my blog. And would like to say sorry for the long term didn't post my post here as such I had myself quite a long time in PLKN.

But what's PLKN? After SPM Stage, is the final and critical moment for Form 5 students to face the destiny, whether you are being selected to attend national service(NS) or Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN), and yes, I'm the selected one in year 2007 after SPM, but what's the deal of mentioning this at this hour? Most of people might think of those thoughts, it will be fun, Oh my Gosh, I was being selected? and Nonono I don't want to go.

For my case, well it's really disappointing. I have being selected on the Siri 5/2008 at Kem Similanjau. But I request for PLKN postpone due to the fact that I went for further studies in Taylors College for South Australian Matriculation (SAM) that time. But since I thought that I have quite lots of free time currently, I guess it's my time for me to pay back the PLKN. I applied to reenter on 5th May 2012, using email and scan those documents to them. And what I get actually? So the fact that I got a phone call from Kem Bumimas, Sibu on 10 May 2012(Friday) that I had to report myself in the camp on Saturday, which was on 12 May 2012. I was around at Servay that time, having my photostate copy of books from Oliver. And it turned out to be a joy to me because I had being selected for the siri 9/2012 Group 2, whereby I had my pay back to PLKN.

So, on the spot, I went back to my home and started booking my flight to Sibu since it was really urgent matter to me. Thus, the exam on HMA entry assessment was postponed and I had wasted 300+ bucks on that air ticket already. So I had booked myself on flight MH 3183 bound from Kota Kinabalu to Sibu on Friday 11th May 2012 since there's no seat for MH3187 night flight on the current day. Despite the hectic moments, I got myself chatting with friends on night, Oliver and Dennis at Paparazzi Kopitam at Karamusing. Exchanging with him with the books and the flight simulator. So it's really a fantastic chatting with him. And absolutely time consuming too, eventhough we chatted until our saliva went dry, I bet those were my precious moments.

Reaching home around 12am midnight, my luggage still empty though, but it took me around 1 more hour to have my luggage in full condition. Everyone had their slept already except me. Don't know how I really feel, happy due to the fact I finally can pay back their PLKN, disappointing because of the entry assessment I dumped all the Boeing 737-800 flight, delighted because I had flights on the next day, misery because of the bitter life I will be facing in PLKN and lastly the dumbfounded sight which was obviously due to the shocking moments after I had the phone call from them. So, I felt sorry for my parents too as I wasted around 600 bucks on these flights. Never knew they would call me after I booked my ticket in the morning and yet I was feeling hopeless at the moment after I knew I don't have any replies by PLKN, but happened on the afternoon.

But, speaking of it, I guess it was faith that bring me for the whole test. Perhaps PLKN will be my huge obstacle in future if I didn't pay them back. What if they call me back to PLKN when I was on pilot duty? What if they had extended their time of PLKN, 6 months, 1 year? What if there will be vigorous training? And lastly, how does the company think about me of not having such unfathomable plans? Most probably they will dump me and putting me in blacklist. In addition, I will be the most eldest in PLKN and yet it will be a shame if I didn't repay them back, cops find me thoughout Malaysia, as if I had committed myself a crime.

Okay time for me to sleep and wake up on the next morning, 6 am. In my Kota Kinabalu sweet home, tiredlessly woke up from nearly 4 hours of sleep. Packed my last few vital essential things before continuation on my journey to KKIA T1. My dad sent me to the airport and I had myself checked in before I went to airport, and had my seat on 3A. 2 luggage I had packed, laptops clothes and some sweeties ranging around 21kg. But, MASWings staff issued me another boarding pass.
Below are my details of my flight:

Flight Particulars:
Date: 11 May 2012
Flight: MH 3183
Aircraft: ATR 72-500
Aircraft Registration: 9M-MWC( known that after 2 days the plane grounded at Tarakan after I took the flight)
Scheduled Time Depart (STD) :0800
Actual Time Depart (ATD): 0802

So, on the morning, I got myself breakfast at McD, ordered myself pancake, which costs around 11 bucks.

Talking using Skype with Lee Tai Zheng, so in the conversation, just some great chats and my breakfast finished within 10 minutes. Time shows 7:32 am and I hanged up his conversation as I was going for security and immigration clearance. And yet, I dashed myself to Gate A10 just to get some plane spotting since I ran out of time. So these are my plane spottings below.
Thought myself will get onto this plane, which is 9M-MWH. The only special livery of MASWings.
And this is my plane,9M-MWC, still on refilling process.
Transmile, Boeing 737-200 Landed on Runway 02 WBKK. Welcome to Sabah.
And today, 3 crews operating on my flight.
Times did really gone fast, time showing 7:50am and I was the first one who get onboard since this flight is almost all adults. So no doubt there will be any children announcements to get onboard first. This plane, 9M-MWC was parked at Gate 11, whereby we needed to walk some distance before get ourselves on plane. Guided by one flight stewardness and one security guard, walked past below the wing, checking the magnificent wing structure, with the marking 9M-MWC below it and stepped on the stairs of the ATR72-500. Greeted by 2 flight stewardness, although no air conditioning, got myself seated on 3A. Since I was the first one onboard, accompanied by my logsheet as well, I handed over the logsheet to one of flight stewardness to give it to captain. At the mean time, I spotted the propeller as well. :)

Well, other passengers get on board, Startup was initiated around 8:02am, with the video screen showing safety demonstration. Sometimes they do manually, perhaps the video was broken? haha. And well, right engine starts first since the engine generator is at the right, followed by left engine. Taxi and takeoff from Runway 02, and yes, we got super light load, takeoff before the Jalan Selangor spotting area. Nothing to spot apart on the departure, normal liveries at Terminal 2 except clear blue sky on our airborne, passing by the gorgeous insight of beautiful island, sand beaches and bluish and greenery sea.
Here's part of video footage on Kota Kinabalu taking off:

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