He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Days in PLKN

What should I describe in PLKN? I had no idea, but the moment came out from the camp, I felt like I'm so delighted and so anxious to go back and take my computer, surfing my facebook and playing my flight simulator non-stop. So, okay, let me tell my bitter story in Kem Bumimas. Here's the story below:

The day before I went to Kem Bumimas, having my luggage and package packaging, as if I was going for another study again, just that this time, I went in myself with short pants and T-Shirt, as if I had myself so poor that I wore myself like a beggar. But in fact no choice, better not to wear anything valuable before going in. And yes, before went in the camp, I had to shoot myself a pre-cut photograph.
So, the time shows 1430 and I had to get myself ready for departure. The feeling was quite excited and yet delighted because able to payback to them this time. But there's another sentiment, worries and hardship, why? In PLKN, you were not experiencing like hotel treat, everything is done by your own. So, half an hour drive, we reached Sibu Jaya, an area for low cost housing, with some developments too, KFC and etc. But in fact, this Kem Bumimas is not situated around that area, it's more deeper than we expected.

Oh yeah, we reached Kem Bumimas, and I forgot to tell you guys, that this Kem Bumimas previously situated at Lanang area, but due to the fact it flooded each time there's heavy rain, resulting them migrated to this area. So this is the hour I went myself into this camp, Kem Bumimas, CCTV at the gate, as if I'm more looked like a prisoner since is black and white T-Shirt. Accompanied by my guardian, it was bitter than ever, reported myself at the small hut there, filling information and etc. and known myself that I had being assigned for Alpha Group. And I would like to introduce some systems here before I confusing you guys. Every PLKN has 4 groups, at least, ranging from A-D, using communication code like A for Alpha, B for Bravo, C for Charlie and D for Delta.

So in the process of registration,I had being taken to medic department for medical check, but in fact, it was fast, asking you got this and that. Very obvious and extraordinary fast, not like my previous medical check up, everything is done step by step. After that, I had collected a bedsheet, pillow and blanket, somehow there's some purpose afterall. But never mind, I had myself own bedsheet and etc. (Hehe) Not long after that, we had security check on baggage, don't assume there's X-Ray, everything is done on hand, they check for scissors, markers, ciggarette(although I don't smoke), medicine and etc. But to my surprise, even my own bedsheet, own blanket and no-matter-what pillow is forbidden to enter PLKN. I was trolled face at that time, as if I'm so down at the moment. As if I don't have that pillow, what will happen to me? Insomia throughout the whole night? Oh My GOSH!!!

After saying desperate goodbye to my auntie, one of the teachers (considered as trainers,Jurulatih) took and guided me to the dorm. So those dome using fruits as their name, I had no idea for other camps, and I was forwarded to the first dome, which was called Bacang, and in fact you can smell the guy sweat odor, as if it's quite a long time didn't have their wash on their body.However, I was told that there's no vacancy for Bacang dorm already, all occupied with people. So, we headed for the second dome, which was called Ciku. And yes, now we knew ourselves that there's one vacancy at the mid of dorm. I bring my luggage and etc to the place, locker was marked with this code, L2C-21 which was desperately punched and vandalised, and a mattress, which is old and yet can't imagine what kind of life I will be having in these 8 weeks in camp.

In this dorm, you will find different kinds of culture, race and religion. Having myself 2 cm longer than their hair, many of them don't really get me into attention. Apart from the hair, I only had myself short pants though. The bedsheet that they gave us, is coloured light blue, like rectangular shape, so at the first impression, I felt like, how you can really make a rectangular shape bedsheet into a perfect covering on the mattress. So, beside me, call Paul, that guided me along this dorm, and how to really encounter this bedsheet. So basically, it's putting a tie at both ends of the width. Unlike our homes, it's specially designed to fit it easily and conveniently. In here, nothing calls easy and convenience.

After settling myself down, the days started its rain and I looked upon the sky, grey and dark, as if the cloud really grief their tears upon me entering this camp. I stretched out my hands and feel the coldness of their tears. But that doesn't last long until one of the Chinese named Jackie introduced to me on sight while I was at outside. But truly, I don't melt that ice easily, fear of chatting with them and speaking vulgaric, In the dorm, they had their own gang, Front Mid End. So basically, it was really normal sometimes. I bring out my book which was given by Oliver for me to study. Learnt all over the aviation knowledge before entering HMA.

So, basically how do I really compare to Nilai and Taylors residences? In this camp, those facilities are a tenth better than Nilai, except some incomplainable issues such as absence of washing machines, hygiene, mattress, cleanliness and lastly the locker I had. Some of the lockers in this dorm were badly intact and some of the lockers in this down are perfectly new, however, I had the worst badly intact locker. One more issues in male's dorm, it's hardly to get their identities easy recognized. Why do I say so? Most of us looked their hair, matching with their face to easy recognize them, but what if all were cut into bald, which means Botak in Malay? I did quite using a long time to get them recognized. However, for ladies, they are easily recognized, since they didn't cut woman's hair into bald.

After settling myself down, lying on the bed, there was a difficulty of getting into sleep, tiredness from the flight yesterday and the bargain shopping. To my desperate, there were no proper bed sheet cover, proper and adjustable pillow and nice scent blanket. I had no choice but to stay awake and study some more on HMA'S PPL books that were given by Oliver, many thanks ya buddy >.<

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