He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Lessons that I learnt in PLKN

In this day, I could say we left 15 days before we could set ourselves from freedom. Currently 0906, watching them marching around with full celerong uniform. So, what's a full celerong uniform? This photo can show what's full celerong uniform:

Alpha, Bravo and part of Charlie are assigned to marching session, preparing for marching competition which held around next week. Now, I guess a lot of events happening such as poem competition, flying fox, obstancle climbing and etc. are the highlights for the last week of June.

However, I as a trainee in PLKN was just a standby watcher. As I mentioned before in my facebook status, I had myself a hameroid disease, which may cause discomfort to individuals if any physical training is conducted.
Hemorrhoid Disease Information

Being tagged with red medic alert, stating all physical activities must be halted from the day I knew. I can say almost physical activities like PT10, Jogging, Running, warm up and etc are prohibited. Learning myself that I was lucky and fortunate enough to have this red tag because from the day I wore this red tag, PT10  increase to 50, which I believe I can't survive that long exercising. In addition, there are quite number of pumping physical training, which I was so weak to manage and make it. Despite feeling fortunate, there's downside for this red tag too. I cam't play flying fox and I can't mix with friends, sharing with the hardship they faced such as PT. All I can do was to say timings for the PT10 and drills.

I still remember the day where the activity called "TTS", which means Tepuk Tanpa Senjata, conducted around 2pm, wearing sports attire under the hot sun for nearly 2 hours. So, indeed it was really lucky for me to have this medic alert, and yet almost every teachers knew about my condition by now, as such only two persons are in the medic alert red tagging condition.

Imagine you had your marching throughout the whole day, so percentage of becoming batman is 99.99%, unless you are 0.01% which is ambino. >.<. Currently in PLKN, I was able to learn myself more mature, more open, more tough, more reliable and lastly more friendly (Hopefully I am). Truly I say, it's hard and desperate when I felt lonely and alone sometimes, but I did tell my sorrow to a friend in PLKN call Martin (currently the best friend),

I told him that:
- I'm Desperate
- I'm afraid to be rejected
- I'm Lonely
- I'm wondering others think of me.

But he told me, that's not a important point at all. People do think negative sometimes, but what other people think about you aren't always negative. As what Martin told me, I'm positive, passionate and cheerful person. From the point, my mind get more open to the world, due to the fact that friends do know and think positive about you. Those friends think negative to you aren't necessary and powerful enough to value you, as I had concluded myself in the end:

Don't think about others think about you, the most important thing you have done is to know more and express yourself more.

This session I had now is sporting session, time showing 1729, sitting alone here, facing from my left to right, football, netball and sepak takraw competition were going on. Shouting and roaring of audiences, whereby all are trainees, holding themselves their company flags respective to the sport competition they had. Some of them had their own group chatting and playing etc. Not to mention to insects and forest behind me, it was pure and artistic music combination. Clouds showing stratus layer around FL150 and gentle wind past over the field, no direct sunshine shone to all trainees, creating a cozy, comfortable and pleasant environment.

My friends, I did want to say for this National Service, as a local people to join local camp, it's quite fortunate actually. Learning that bringing dirty clothes for parents to bring it home for wash actually relieve our hardship. Thus, parents can bring food, merchandise themselves here and gradually had a picnic on Sunday. One thing struck my mind as well, at first when I joined national Service, I felt the seconds are counted like days, but not long after I went in, the time started to ran in hours. This relationship between human and time is really amusing and interesting. Maybe you guys might think, those things might be over too fast, but what actually you are experiencing is an enjoyable time. As long you treated it as enjoyable, it happened fast.

In this NS, I did being accepted by most of people here. But for those who will run onto me was barely slightly chance, about 99 times, only 1 time will occur. Perhaps my age is bigger than them, I had not much associate topic to share with, and I don't have a true companion(but now I got a lot)in the camp. Mostly, I'm the one who run on them. My talent was only on aviation though, but I believed I found my another talent in instrumental music, where one of my teacher told me that you have the feel to listen to music. So, I'm still grateful for it.

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