He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Childhood history

Today, joining my guardian's snack delivery for my nephew, drove myself to my former primary school,SJK Taman Rajang, where I had six years in this school. Innocent, Punishment, Childish, all sort of memories inside. The punishment might be cane, kneel, standing on table, frog jumping. But still its quite memorable. However, that time around my first step to secondary school wasn't really love that school. Perhaps it was hatred feeling, a nightmare feeling to me.
Today I went to that school again. School changed a lot while I had my college times. Again, all my teachers in primary school retired. After all, there were no shame nor embrassment entering that school. There are changes like pavement done outside the school, new building is installed, system change, such as no afternoon session, and lastly the beautify of school compound. I still remember my classes on the old building, from primary one to primary six, all are in the same colour, Yellow. But don't mention it that my mind is yellow, I had no real yellow mind by now. Lolz.
But indeed, this school is full of orange colour nowadays. Ever since I left this school, the colour changed from green to orange, create a very charming atmosphere. Students in this school were assigned with Orange  T-Shirts, making the school compound greater environment, thus a great unity among students. However, I did make myself out there since there's nothing to do in this school compound though. So, I walked myself down to the Rejang Commercial Centre for some walks, thus having my walk to purchase our famous Sibu's food, Kong Pia (光饼).

But to my surprise, I found myself into my dear retired English teacher in my secondary school, Madam Hii. Yet she's still so charming enough, learning English from her and my great convincer as well. In my secondary school time, any problem on my life and some issues, I would approach her and share upon my complaints, disappointment to her. My dear teacher, I thank you for giving me such valuable knowledge, a great counsellor and a great teacher in my secondary time, yet still at some times, I still remember your teaching, your charming and your effort to teach us. And before I left, I had my teacher's phone number before I went ahead to buy my merchandise.

So, I guess everyone might ask, what's Kong Pia? Actually this food, Kong Pia is Foochow's tradition food. Nice to eat when hot, crunchy, smoothing taste but once cold, it will be super hard to chew. However, the taste still remain though. With sesame topping on the bread, the food automatically releases its odour. Bought myself 2 bucks on KongPia, and it's time to head myself back to the former primary school.

So, now going to depart ourselves back to my home. So, Bye Byes xD
The corridor that established and completed with cement, making a great atmosphere for every students and parents.

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