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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What we do in PLKN???

Today, Cloudy, Gentle wind blew past over the dorms, time shows 6:20am, getting myself up, brushing teeth, breathing the freshest air for the morning. Heart felt a bit heavy, as if the weight of the heart increases from 2kg to 10kg, thinking of seven more days, we will be getting out of this camp already.

But this seven days, I wish I can have the best moments with three of them, as if I'm really emotionic though, but still it's part of memories in this camp. The best thing I had in this camp is to know three of them, it's my pleasure, honour to meet them so fortunately. Yes, most of people really enjoyed the activities in this camp, but my case was different though.
The whole week in this first week of July, integration program held throughout the whole week, concerning on culture, religion and responsibilities of males and females. Other than that, we had marching competition held on today, where I believed previous mornings, they had sharpen their drill marching while physical training exercise going on.

This morning, while wait for the presenter on speech to come, we had some movie watching and music listening like we are young and glad you come. So, at least got a bit entertainment regarding on my memories in the past, where I often open those songs in my car or in my room. So, basically, this speech concerned about military, whereby I'm really not interested anyway. But if it's a speech concerning about aviation, I will be super delighted. But, I bet you won't get any speech about this in PLKN. All they had was military, volunteering activities, safety and etc. Most of our Saturday nowadays were filled with those activities.

One more thing that we found in our dining hall, our half upper ceiling was filled with wallpapers. Those wallpapers are our prime ministers, starting from left to right, first to current prime minister. After that, it's a news entitled "Bumimas Camp in Sibu Jaya among the best", so as I mentioned before, since visitation of Deputy Minister of Defence, Datuk Dr. Abdul Latif bin Ahmad went our camp all over the way from Kuala Lumpur. So, I guess everyone might say: "Wah, you are lucky enough to be selected in this group." Let's view what's the content up there:~

SIBU: Bumimas Camp, which was built last year at a cost of more than RM10 million, is among the best National Service Training Programme (NSTP) camps in the country.

Deputy Minister of Defence Datuk Dr Abdul Latif Ahmad said the camp, which sits on a piece of land spanning 45 acres in Sibu Jaya, was presently home to 423 trainees from throughout the state and Kuala Lumpur.

“I have visited all 87 NSTP camps throughout the nation, and this camp is among the best,” he said during a working visit to the camp last Saturday.

He was accompanied by Nangka assemblyman Dr Annuar Rapaee, Commander of 9 Brigade Infantry Brigadier-General Datuk Stephen Mundaw and Bumimas camp operator Ho Siew Yen.

Latif said NSTP’s emphasis was on nation-building and to inculcate in all trainees a love for the country.
“Through the national module, trainees get to understand how Malaysia is governed and managed.”

On a related matter, Latif told reporters that water-based training activities at all NSTP camps were still suspended until further notice.

The suspension directive was issued by Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on March 31 following the death of a trainee at an NSTP camp in Terkok, Perak, on Mar 12. The victim was suspected to have succumbed to Leptospirosis disease.

Latif said priority would always be placed on health and safety at all camps in the interest of the trainees.
“If death does occur, it can’t be avoidable because the probability of them (trainees) meeting their fate while undergoing training in the camp is much lower than if they were outside the camp.”

On the incident at NSTP Terkok camp, he said he would not be surprised if the unfortunate incident was manipulated by the Opposition for political mileage.

“I won’t be surprised if the opposition parties twist the news. We are transparent for there is nothing to hide in matters relating to NSTP camp.”

Among the highlights of his visit was the performance of dances such as ‘Ngajat’ and ‘poco-poco’.

Category: Lead Stories, Sarawak

By: Danny Wong
11 June 2012

So,this is the quote of the news, which I believed is from the Borneo Post newspaper on 11 June 2012, followed by the picture of the visit to this camp. Yet, the speech was so long till I could jog down the whole article into my book.

After almost two months staying in Bumimas Camp, I can summarize the each day of our life in the camp throughout the 75 days:

0550 - Gathering at Marching Field
0600 - Report , Singing National Song and Khidmat Negara Song, Pledge Reading and prayer
0615 - Physical Training & Exercises
0700 - Breakfast
0750 - 2nd Gathering at Marching Field
0800 - 1000 - Activity
1000 - Morning Tea Time
1020 - Continuation of Activity
1200 - Lunch
1350 - Afternoon Gathering at Marching Field
1400 - Activity
1600 - Hi-Tea Time
1700 - Sports
1800 - Dinner
2000 - Spiritual Class ( applicable to Wednesday and Thursday only)
2230 - Report, gathering at Dining Hall
2300 - Off lights, Sleep

Let me describe the morning session of this gathering. I'm not sure whether it's applicable to other camps or not, but I guess I try and share my experience on this camp. 

Since gathering must be made before 0550, most of us had to wake up around 5am, the latest wake up had to be 5:30am. Imagine you had to wash your face, brushing you teeth, getting yourself into big and small business and lastly tidy up your bed, which is vital for everyone to accomplish it, due to the fact that out camp commander will check every dorm's tidyness while we had our physical training out there, but he will check the dorms randomly.

Honestly to tell you guys, the time I went into this camp, I can wake early, but as the time went by, the time to get up myself automatically started getting delayed. But luckily, the latest record I had is 5:30am. However, I still advice everyone whom going for camp Bumimas, please wake yourself early as most of people ran out of water supply to use their morning cleaning due to enormous consumers usage of water.

So, everyone have to get ready and move out from the respective dorm to the marching field. But here's the fact, you must move in groups but not individuals, supposely but well this instruction seems to no avail though except ladies. Another considering factor, each company had to bring their own flag there to represent their group. So now, let's go into detail of morning gathering.

The dawn still not showing any presence of the sun, but the colour changes from pitch black slowly from pitch black slowly from violet to blue sky indicates the sun started to rise. The last few weeks of my time, I could spot two bright stars from the East, showing the beauty and grace of each day. And yes, not to mention us as trainees, some of them yawning, sitting on the floor of marching field, showing that they are still tired though.

This picture shows the sketch of how morning gathering looks like. Three lines, 2 columns in the same colour represent three rows of trainees to be placed, 2 columns represent male and females. The two dots in front of the rows represent the leader of the columns and the one dot represent the whole company leader. So Red indicates Alpha, Blue indicates Bravo, Yellow indicates Charlie and finally Green represent Delta. Each morning we had to queue and make ourselves in position. For the two dots in the respective company, they will be assigned as one rank holder and the one dot in the company will be assigned as two rank holder.

Next, I would like to introduce the orange colour, which is around at the center among of all the companies. For them, they will obtain information from other companies regarding on the number of trainees by shouting "Ketua Kompeni, Lapor". And yes, they will lastly report to the commander, which I sketched a purple coloured Star.

After report, the commander will ask us to stand still ,greet us and sing the National Song, Negaraku and Khidmat Negara Song. So how to sing Khidmat Negara Song? Here's the song and lyrics.

Khidmat Negara Lyrics
Wira Wirawati harapan bangsa
Tiba masa kita berjasa
Kita sahut cabaran berderas seiringan
Demi mencapai wawasan

Kenali rakan pelbagai budaya
Selami warisan kita yang kaya
Bersama bergandingan tiada perbezaan
Kita Warga Malaysia

Berkhidmat untuk Negara
Berbakti penuh setia
Satu Hasrat Satu Semangat Satu Tekad Bersama

Kami wira wirawati negara
Kini masa kami berjaya
Kami sahut cabaran berderas seiringan
Kami pasti mencapai wawasan

Kita sahut cabaran bersama bergandingan
Berkhidmat untuk Negara

After finished the songs, we were asked to stand still again, hold our hands up, stretch our palms, five fingers pointing to the sky , saying the pledge by the announcer. The pledge is as below:

Maka Kami, Rakyat Malaysia berikrar
akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga
dan usaha kami untuk mencapai
cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas
prinsip-prinsip yang berikut:

Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan
Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara
Keluluran Perlembagaan
Kedaulatan Undang-Undang
Kesopanan dan Kesusilaaan

After reading the pledge, is Malay's prayer for Muslims. In fact, the commander will call" UP" and Muslims have to get ready of their hands, receive and pray for the day. For non- Muslims, you may stand still or as Christians, you can read your Morning prayer in your heart. And maybe by now, the days start to get brighter and brighter. The reading of prayer might be slow or fast, depend on the individuals. After prayer, command "DOWN" was initiated to put down hands and hold ourselves into stand still position.

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