He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Spotting Alone~

Yea, Gonna spot myself this time. Today sending my buddy, Dennis Fu, whom had finished his Diploma course in Kota Kinabalu back to his hometown, Tawau. This morning 6am woke up, printing some necessary  documents ready for his adventure trip to Tawau. And me, watching him packed up his things for departure soon. Yet, I felt that there's not much feeling at all, but a simply sent to his destination, Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 1.

Departing from my house around 6:45am, dashing along the way from my house to airport. However, today is really a miracle whereby I don't stop my car that frequently as such that my journey from my house to the airport requires me to pass 5 traffic lights. And in fact, they all went well and smooth, just as if they give way to me like Police open the road for governments?

So, around 7am I reached the airport, putting Dennis' luggage on ground (actually not ground but first floor of airport), and accelerate my car to the car park down there to look for car park available. Finished my car parking, I straight went ahead to look for Dennis in check-in counters, but no sight of him inside, and I looked outside of Terminal. He was just finishing his arrangement of luggage on the trolley. Since his departure time was 7:45am, I quickly helped him to security check his luggage, and queue up for the check-in counter. His flight was on MASWings, flight MH3093 inbound from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau via Sandakan.

So where's his flight actually? The map can summarize about his trip.
The only transit flight for MASWings. There are direct flights to Tawau for MASWings, but my buddy, Dennis would like to choose this flight as you can stop by for sightings. After all, he finished his course already, so it will be a lot of time for him to grind.

Check In was done in minutes though. And yet the boarding session has commenced for this flight,MH3093 already. So, I asked him to dash himself for the boarding hall. After saying goodbye to him, and there's something wrong when I saw him depart via the international departure. OH GOSH. I almost forgotten, Domestic route flights are done at the second floor. So, I shouted to Dennis that he had boarded on wrong boarding hall and yes, he felt awkward too. SO we both ran to the second stairs, saying another goodbye to him again. Aww.....
Bye Bye Dennis, So Long until we meet again... Number Two for X-ray Screening? :) Will miss you again and see you again..

After saying desperate goodbye to Dennis, it's time I became forever alone again. But this kind of occurrence, everyone will face, just as if I had in my National Service. 
"When There's Reunion, there's Separation"
So, I proceeded myself to my car, and went ahead to pay parking fee, but what I'm surprised was the counter was not opened that time and the parking payment machine was nonoperational.  And I left the last parking payment machine, and what's here? Maintenance... Gosh, big queue for most of  people whom wanted to pay their parking fees. So, okay, I think I had my breakfast in Mcdonald first before I departed myself. Where's Mcdonald? Of course in KKIA T1, which was located at departure floor, Second Floor. And I ordered myself Hotcakes with Sausage... Yum Yum...
I ordered myself a cup of tea, with hashbrown. This combo costs around RM12.30 for the whole meal. But in fact, it will fill up your stomach though. So after my meal, and I went down for the payment, the queue was no more and I started to drive myself towards Jalan Selangor, where it's a place for spotters to spot planes. So everyone wonders, where's Jalan Selangor? Let's pinpoint out where the location is...
Jalan Selangor Spotting Area is basically the location between Runway 20 and Runway 02. So it's in the middle there where you can spot their takeoff and Landing at this area. Here's the spot where my buddy, Dennis took previously at that place.
Basically it's good for spotters to hang out around this area, you won't be chased by authorities such as this white truck, which is under Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad. Their responsibilities are make sure the security of airport is safe and sound, however, trespassers to the airport area without any solid identification will result capture and be handled to police. As well, if you are part of aviation, you will be blacklisted or your license will be provoked.
Note: those flags aren't normally displayed, but the sign of independence day shows it's around the corner.

So what I had spot during the day? And yes, to tell you another fact, I tracked a flight from Kuala Lumpur to  Kota Kinabalu on flight AK5102, and it seems to be the most yellowish livery in Airasia, which is Expedia Livery. So I gotta try on my hot sauna in my Vios Car Once Again. Here's my candid shot from my previous facebook post.
So what are the planes I shot during that day? The result are as belows. Ever imagine yourself you can get 5 types of Airasia planes' liveries in just a short 2 hours period? Here's the proof below.
This plane might look ordinary compared to other standard Airasia Liveries. But as you notice the front part of fuselage, there's one sticker called 1st Airbus in Kota Kinabalu. It's considered one part of special livery too. Aircraft Registration mark for this aircraft is 9M-AHG.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat Hari Rayas....

Hey Eveyone, I guess it's on 19th of August 2012, where every Muslims celebrate their big day, Hari Raya Puasa and yes, I would like to say Selamat Hari Raya to every Muslim friends. And yes, I did some Hari Raya celebration apart from the aviation picture, where it's special among my spotting trip. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blog might... Constantly update.

There are plenties of work after I back from KL trip. Exhausting and tiring thought started to feel in my sleep nowadays, where I need lots of sleep to compensate my tiredness from the trip. However, an inconvenient issue started to browse through my mind for a temporary period. That is my car road tax will expire on Sunday.... So... since my road tax expire on Sunday, it means after 12:00am, I will be considered as illegal driving in anywhere as long is in Malaysia...

What kind of things I will expect for today though? As I know, Kota Kinabalu isn't that expandable compared to Kuala Lumpur. Giving that ten years for Kota Kinabalu to develop a technology city isn't that easy, what else you might be able to see in this Kota Kinabalu, but yes, I would like to emphasise on the beauty and wonders of Kota Kinabalu though. Islands, seas and mountain do attract visitors around the world, but yes, don't expect a good advanced city like Kuala Lumpur. It's a place you could enjoy your vacation if you prefer a relaxing and sight seeing destination.

For quite some time, I had managed myself to get used to my bed after I left this bed for around 3 months. Forgot the pillow's texture, the comfort of blanket and the position in my room. Where IS My Ownself before? And yes, Hari Raya is coming next Saturday. And there're crowds everywhere though, causing myself not willing to go out due to my experiences in my last 10 days in KL. And now... Sleep for moment to Gain my energy back. Don't ask me why I'm not active nowadays~ one word can tell everything, LAZY. LOL. But no worries, updates on each blog to make it more clear and more details though. So. Do check Out xD

Saturday, August 11, 2012

AK5112, Return from a Long 10 Days Stranding Trip

Halo guys, so long that I didn't update my blog aldy. But this blog, I will basically tell myself about this trip back to Kota Kinabalu on the flight AK5112 from Kuala Lumpur. There are countless trips I haven't bring out here, but I try my best to talk about my trips in KL ASAP.

Taking taxi myself to KL Sentral to print some documents for Airasia's flight later and had my lunch in Chicken Rice Shop, ordered myself a Healthy Meal, comprised of Chicken (choose from Roasted, Steamed or Braised), Regular Tauge, One Piece of Braised Egg and Braised Taufu, Soup of the day and you can choose the drinks apart from those selection, Chinese Tea, Home Soy Milk and Mineral Water.

However, I did have to wait for someone before commencing my journey to LCCT, which was to collect lanyard that I ordered online. Time showing 11:54am and I quickly ate my lunch as fast as I could to meet up the person though. Yet there were some texts along my eating, but I do love checkout my facebook and SMS. However, facebook chats I might not be replying as I felt quite inconvenient to chat as it's hard to refresh at times though. :(

Quickly ate my lunch and I started by way towards the center of KL Sentral, where I had to wait him/her to come and give me the lanyard. Yet, I wait and waited for almost 15 minutes at there, and in fact he didn't show up. A thought I had passed by my mind, I'm not cheating anything at all, and I'm really waited at KL Sentral for almost until 12:15pm. I would pay and collect the lanyard, but what disappoints and frustrated me was I had been sending those PM to him 5 days ago, and he's not even providing me a reply or an answer till the day I want to left KL. What kind of seller is it? I was quite frustrated indeed as I received the message in this kind of reply:

Sorry, maybe I have no luck to sell you :(

A reply from this which means a very disappointing and yet anxious message to me. I asked whether I can meet up where in Setiawangsa or Selayang because he mentioned to me that he's convenient to be at there for handover. However, no replies instead. I would say if you are really a seller, you will use your effort or you will notify me earlier for the purchase but not by last minutes.

And yet, cause of the delay meeting up with him/her, it results me of not meeting my master in LCCT. But well, haiz, never mind. I think myself will see my master soon though. Travelling myself to LCCT using skybus, where I had purchased my skybus ticket online for RM 7.70. Yet, the bus departed around 12:30PM though, with full of passengers in bus, making the bus a bit crampy though. But I managed myself securing a Window seat.

Travelling on the MEX highway, which is Maju Express Highway, I had dozed myself into a little nap, with music listening and popping into my ears. And this is where I took my picture, and yes, I do feel had my cap on my head, making my head not that hot though, where direct sunlight will get through my head :P .
Passing by lots of familar places, starting from KL Sentral, Sri Petaling station, Simpang Airport, Bukit Jalil Stadium, Putrajaya, and other places I don't really know about their name. But those are the places that indicates where KL is.
On the way, I chat with my families and friends, searching the contacts I could possibly contact to, but it's amazed when I started dozed myself into sleep till the place where I reached the doorstep of Sepang area. A plane which is in the same direction as where we traveled indicates the usage runway of Runway 14L and Runway 14R. South Winds operating huh~ And there lots of construction on my right, where KLIA 2 still expanding though, as if the structure and the shape of KLIA2 starts to express its beyond history constructions. Yet, passing by the railway of KLIA Express train under it and the Sepang F1 Circuit, we continue our travel towards LCCT. And not more than 15 minutes from the toll of KLIA, we reached LCCT with traffic jams and crowds in the vicinity of my window.
So, reaching here around 1:38pm, got down from the 1 hour + journey, took my luggage from the lower compartment of the bus, and I started getting myself to the check-in counter, and before proceeding check-in, I always look for my counter in relation to my flight since my flight can be checked-in 3 hours before departure. Checking on the notice board there, where my flight shows R53 counter for check-in. And yet there's no sign of any status from the board there. However, things doesn't go on that particular procedure, as any counters are acceptable for the flights as long domestics and internationals. That ease a lot of passengers actually, and yes there are crowds there, with their queue. In addition, there were many people flying on Indonesia flights. Guess income was really great for Indo Air Carriers.
Checking my flights into the counters where they were available for the check-in. With the documents printed at KL Sentral, she helped me with a check-in baggage tag, where I had purchased my luggage for 25kg at a price of RM 40.00. And yes, I did buy a meal onboard online, which comes with a combo meal. And yes, I bought a standard seat for my flight, Seat 7F. But too bad, it seems my luggage is abit overlight though, 22.9kg, which means 2.1 kg to reach 25kg. But well, it's better than paying for almost 30 bucks for the excess luggage weight. After having my relief of luggage weight, it's time for me heading around LCCT here for a little walk.

So here's some fact about LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) in Kuala Lumpur:

Total Area of the Airport: 35290 sq. metres
Cost to Build LCCT: RM108 million
Date Fully Operational: 23rd March 2006

I review how does LCCT airport really looks like...
It seems crowded though, but I bet this kind of crowd you will see everyday in this few weeks due to Hari Raya season and school holidays, additionally with incoming National Day celebration held on 31st August. In here, lots of passengers and consumers roaming around this area, but the sign of an empty seat is barely disappointing. All travelers were occupied on those seats and some even sit on the floor though.

Let's take a look at the outside world of LCCT :)
Well, outside is not crowded due to hot weather in the centre line of the Earth. Imagine 31 degree Celcius keep heating around you though (but I'm normal with it aldy.), and with no aircond, I'm sure the survivability for passengers to relax in comfort condition is merely slight chance.
Taxi keep coming as travelers took taxi to LCCT here. But for your information, if you aren't really rushing time or your baggage is of a trolley bag, I would suggest some budget and convenient routes for travelers. There are several ways to travel convenient from KL Sentral.

1) Skybus: a red bus which is under Airasia supervision. Direct purchase on the bus will cost you RM 9.00. However, if book online, you can save for RM 1.30, which costs for RM7.70 only. And yes, you need to print the purchasing documents for identification proof purposes. Not only they travel to KL Sentral, they have another option which is 1 Utama, a shopping complex located at Damansara area. If direct purchase for LCCT to 1 Utama Shopping Complex or vice versa, it will cost RM 15.00. However, if you book your bus ticket online, you can save for 30% on your budget, which means RM10.50 per person.

2) Aerobus: A yellow bus which is privately owned. RM8.00 cost for traveling from KL Sentral to LCCT. For your information, if you would like to have direct travel from LCCT to Genting, Aerobus will provide this budget service for only RM31.50 per person.

3) KLIA Transit. This is using KLIA Transit ERL Train, where you will take the fastest train among the whole railway system in Malaysia to Salak Tinggi station, and transit yourself as bus to LCCT. For those travelers whom do not like inconvenience, I strongly urge for the 1st or 2nd option. Cost around RM12.50. But it's a good experience for travelers to travel on the fast train.

4) KTM and KLIA Bus: This is not recommended unless you got lots of time to grind yourself. From here, you need to take Seremban platform at Platform 6 to Nilai station, and yes the ticket costs around RM4.70 for the journey from KL Sentral to Nilai station. After that, walk yourself out to the orange building, where the bus located. At there, you can find KLIA bus to KLIA. However, the sum up charges is more expensive compared to the methods above. So, I believe this is the underlisted option. But I'm showing the ways to reach there.

So, I guess everyone might think where you can buy your Airasia Merchandise. The answer is at the center of LCCT, where it's just located outside of LCCT, and the most "unseekable" place. Just to mention you guys that you can purchase things like Airasia plane models, keychain, T-Shirt, Chargers and etc.
Airasia Megastore

But for you guys information, I did some purchasing from the Airasia Megastore. :P What had I purchased from that megastore? The answer is in the picture below: :)
It's the special 100th Awesome Plane Livery, which costs me around RM129.00. Scale 1:150 and yet it's detail in every paint. However, it's not die casted though. But I'm really love this livery throughout the whole Airasia, and for your information, this airplane registered as 9M-AQH. :) Here's my picture that I took myself below:
So, where are my true topic? Hehe, just started. Chill Guys... Below are my flight details:

Flight Particulars:
Airline: Airasia
Flight: AK5112
Seat: 7F
Aircraft: Airbus A320-216
Aircraft Registration: You will find out below :)
Origin: Kuala Lumpur LCCT (WMKK)
Destination: Kota Kinabalu (WBKK)
Scheduled Time Depart (STD): 1625
Scheduled Time Arrival (STA): 1900
Actual Time Depart (ATD): 1623
Actual Time Arrival (ATA): 1903
Gate: P8
Bay: F084

So what's the deal that I reached LCCT very early? Actually, one of my friend before in Nilai would like to meet me in LCCT before I commence my journey back to Kota Kinabalu. And I waited... waited... waited for quite sometime... and finally He came. What time? 10 minutes before boarding departure time,1530. So, chit chat a while, and I really grateful for his coming to meet me though. :) Thanks ya, Hoor Yin Hui. >.<
Yes, now it's the time to go into the boarding hall, with queue of people in front of me, yet there are 3 screening baggages scanning in operation. However, it's fast and yet nothing was scanned for me, but full of people behind me queuing for the baggage screening. And after I came out from the baggage screening, the first plane I saw from my direct sight was a livery call Bo Rocks. I quickly dashed myself to the plane infront of me, hopefully will be my plane though, but yet disappointment, Not my flight, BUT as flight AK5870 to my hometown, SIBU!!!
This plane is registered as 9M-AFD, a plane with black engines, cartoon coloured livery with bo rocks wording at vertical stabilizer. ETOPS rated aircraft, where you would often track this aircraft flying to TRZ.
So, my gate is P8 and where's my aircraft located? To tell you guys, this plane and my plane having "grudge" against each other I guess.
My plane is just over there >>>. Opposite with AFD. Back to back? :P

And so what's my aircraft then? Answer is 9M-AHH.
And I bet, some of you might think about this plane before, where this plane had really became handicapped last time in Kuching incident. Before that, this plane is in wheelchair livery.
I took this picture around year 2009, where it was delivered in Year 2008. Notice the wheelchair logo on the engine? Eventhough it's normal on its body, however, that logo considered as unique among other liveries in Airasia. This wheelchair logo indicates their commencement of service to disabled person. Eventhough the logo was painted off, still they are holding this service. I believe that Kuching incident is not under any control though because weather conditions are unpredictable. However, I still believe there are professional pilots that can land safely, because one phrase can tell us all ~
"Good landing means you can walk out of aircraft safely,  Great landing means you can get out of aircraft safe and sound." 
And yet, this aircraft can be repaired for so well that it's back to service once again. Today, I gonna ride on it though. To tell you guys, I didn't have time to have my toilet since I was too busy on spotting, but yes it's about time to queue up at my gate, which was Gate P8, around the center of the main domestic boarding hall.
So, what happens here for Airasia's flight? For you guys information, Airasia had some services such as Express Boarding, Hot Seat Purchase and Priority Boarding service. So let's say you had purchased those seats, you can stand where the ground staffs announced their position of where you stand. Normally is due to your left position, where not much crowd behind you. And yes, you will be assigned to board the aircraft first. And for those crowds, which included me, queuing on those crowds, but luckily I'm at the front row, making me easier and faster for me to proceed to the departure Bay, which was Bay F084.

That's where I gonna departure to my aircraft, and yes, saw that No Smoking Sign there? That's mandatory, if you smoke, you will end up yourself into catastrophe soon. Lots of laws or authorities will be faced by you if you don't obey or follow the rules in the airport vicinity. And yes, when I went out from this corridor, I saw an Emirates flight of aircraft Boeing 777-300ER departed from Runway 14L. Imagine twin engine which is GE90-115B as commercial rated greatest thrust engine throughout the whole world, it's a gigantic and yet superior sight for us as spotters. However, too disappointed that I didn't take the picture down as I didn't readily my camera that time. Despite of that, I was greeted by a flight attendant called Rebecca, checking my tickets before proceed and boarded myself onto the plane
For travelers information, in LCCT, there's nothing call as aerobridge but stairs, which is low cost enough o operate. Unless you are really inconvenient or wheelchair required, they will assist you by an ambulift, with handicapped abilities. You may request for the service through this link, Airasia - Special Assistance. Fill up the required form and they will contact you shortly. However, it's charged for a fee for RM12 and it's available on all routes except Airasia X routes, which I'm really unconfirmed whether is there any service for it. And yes, for this service, you need to book this request as early as 30 days before your departure and not later than 48 hours of departure time before flight departure time.
For most travelers, I guess the most incredible shot will be this shot, where most of you will get this opportunity to get and glace through this fuselage and the engine, which is operated by two CFM56-5B engines. Of course, perhaps the sound, the entering and the environment made us like aviation enthusiasts  feeling very excited upon the area. Relax guys. >.< As I entered myself into the cabin, I was greeted by another Flight Attendant, which I believed he wanted himself to do double check as there's some massive traffics down there. After checking, I straight dashed myself to the seat of 7F, placing my camera bag on the overhead compartment, and took the picture from this window.
By now, there will be lots of passengers on board this plane, and yes, if you notice on the picture, the plane was undergoing a refuel process. As a safety measure, the captain will switch off the seat belt sign. Why? In case any fire occurs, passengers can exit the aircraft immediately without seat belt fastened. Seat belts are mandatory for each flights and yes, there are countless advices from aviation experts that wearing seat belt while cruising is for your own safety. Yet they will be useful whereby it will support the Gs up to 5Gs. 
And yes, there's another aircraft parking beside us on the mid day, and operations for every movements, stairs, passenger disembarking and embarking, baggage handling refueling and other required procedures are  required to be ready within the short 25 minutes turnaround. And that's how Airasia plane works.

So let's get ahead ourselves for pushback time. And yes, I saw quite number of planes around this time, and spotted 9M-AFA, which is Truly Asean Livery.
On top of that, I got a clear picture of APU shot, which is Auxillary Power Unit at the back of the plane. What does it do? Well a lot of functions though. Since it's a mini turbofan engine at the back of the plane, it helps to drive the air from the APU to the engine for engine startup on the wings. In addition, you can provide electrical power for the plane actually. However, APU needs fuel to run also. xD
And somehow, I managed to get so much close to this plane 9M-AFD. Since I sat on seat 7F, so you can imagine how close we were to the plane. And yes, the safety demonstration had being done by computerized
safety announcement.

Apart from that, I remembered about a video upon the funny announcement made by Airasia FA.

 I'm really wish If I could find this flight attendant, I'm sure it will be very enjoyable flight throughout the whole flight with his entertainment.
Okays, back to topic again, and what we really going now was taxing to the runway, which was Runway 14R, which means Right Runway. This is our pathway to the runway...
The taxiway to the Runway14R was L K D7 C and holding at C4. And yes, while we were taxiing, I spotted an  two A380 outfar there, but my lens weren't enough for the A380 shot.

Some MAS Aircraft spotting...
So in fact, as we taxi along and approaching to the runway side, we encountered some traffic jams there... Why is it? That's what I'm questioning myself here. Even KLM B772 uses C4 departure which was quite awkard to me.
On top of that, there are 3 aircraft in front of us. So luckily, not that much time we will be waiting on ground. Yet, I'm able to get another close up shot for the 9M-AFD Bo Rocks Livery.
And behind of us?? Yes, queuing up too. Guess busy time for those planes. There were Airasia X, MASKargo and etc, but there were two Airasia planes following out tail though. Saw that K word in yellow with black background? That's taxiway.
While we were waiting for takeoff, I was surprised that there's a Boeing 747-400 black coloured vertical stabalizer on Main Terminal Building(MTB) around gate B2, where I believed it's the first ever test flight from KUL-BKI-KUL flight.
And here comes another weird movements. Malaysia Airlines' planes were coming to this taxiway for takeoff? What happen actually?
So, it's finally our turn, and yes, one thing I reminded myself, that KLIA2 is on the way of completing, so my first assumption of the taxiway usage from holding point C4 for Runway 14R departure was the construction on those places. And yes, the answer really lied upon my assumption. It's construction on the KLIA2. However, the proof of the construction is inside the video of the aircraft takeoff, and I posted the video below there.

 So the plane took off at the time of 1649 with 140 persons on board this flight, AK5112. And yes, I found out that the area of Pennisular covered with haze though as you can see from the future video soon and the picture that I posted below. Upper Blue Sky and Below Greyish Ground.
Time now is 4:59pm and I had mentioned to you guys that I had prebook the meal online. So what are the choices of prebook meal? Current meal for AK Domestic Flights for more than 75minutes and above.

 1) Ayam Masak Merah + Green Jelly Drink + Dates
 2) Vege Rice Combo
 3) Spaghetti Bolognaise Combo
 4) Roast Chicken Combo
 5) Cheesy Chicken Pizza Combo
 6) Pancake Combo
 7) Pak Nasser's nasi lemak combo
 8) Frankster (chicken) combo
 9) Fried Rice with Chicken Satay Combo
 10) Assorted sandwiches combo
 11) Chicken Rice Combo
 12) Panini Chicken Combo
 13) Bukhara Chicken Briyani Combo
 14) Chicken Satay Combo
 15) Green Curry Chicken Combo
 16) Vege Oriental Combo
 17) Beef Stew Combo
 18) Tandoori Chicken Tortilla Warp Combo
 19) Mat Kelapa ( Fresh Coconut)
 20) SkyRider Club Ace Meal

From the food I had above I tried...
Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak
Bukhara Chicken Briyani Combo
Roast Chicken Combo

So, what I really ordered this time? It's the first option. :)
Ayam Masak Merah :) But I forgot to take picture of that food, but still can give you some ideas how the food looks like.What I can say is SPICY, Delicious and YES Rich Texturity. 
In fact, I felt myself a bit unmannered as the time I had my flight, all Muslims haven't break their fasting yet. So, I felt a bit too uncourtesy for the time being, but yes, I did tell to my passenger beside me whether I can eat or not. And she replied softly and happily to me. She had even checked out my meal too. So I was really delighted upon her acceptance of my eating. Thanks ya Miss ^.^ And about this food, it's spicy and hot. With the soup combined together and the Chicken , it makes the whole meal great. And yes, just as I had my Ayam Masak Merah, my head were full of sweat though, even in this air conditioned.

And yes at this moment, the second service, whom handled the general meal service saw my sweating and yes, she, whom's named Rebecca prepared me some ice cubes in the paper cup for me to chill out with Season's Cincau Jelly Drink. Thanks ya FA Rebecca, that I had my chilling times with this great scenery too.

On top of that, who's Rebecca FA? Everyone might constantly ask me why I only know about her name. Well the answer is at below:
Her name is Rebecca, can say quite pretty enough for every service. Kind, Passionate, Outgoing, Active and Delightful enough for sharing her flying experiences. And yes, she worked in Airasia as flight attendant for quite some time. And one of FA helped me to take this photo down. Thanks ya Rebecca. :) Wish you had seen this blog. The flight was a bit turbulent actually, especially when you were having some small business in the toilet. You might get head bump if you didn't act carefully. One reminder here, when the seat belt sign is off, Flight Attendant will announce something like:
Ladies and Gentleman, the seat belt sign is now off. For your safety, please fasten your seatbelt whenever you're seated. You may use your electronic devices, however the use of any mobile phones is strictly prohibited.

This is to prevent any turbulence which maybe light or severe enough to cause wounds and injuries on flight. Secondly, if you like to use your phone as entertainment, please switch it to Flight mode because if any incoming or outgoing calls were initiated, you might cause interference to aircraft navigation system and radio communication system.

After having some chats, I guess it's time for me to get back to my seat, 7F. And yes, for aviation geeks and plane simulators' geeks, I had a very great article for you, where this month, Captain Lim had issued an Article. Let's see what's the content inside:

So, Captain Lim Khoy Hing is a former Airasia Airbus A320 and Airasia X A330/A340 pilot. And you can read those articles from Captain Lim monthly from Airasia's Travel3Sixty Magazine. Either you can have it here or you can read it inflight. On top of that, I'm really enjoy reading his articles very much. In fact, there are many issues in those Travel3Sixty I haven't read it though. Things really get started to become dark as time approached 6pm. And yes, I had made a very good photo upon this, especially my aviation lover friends.
Indeed yes, not to mention Muslim passengers, whom had starved all the way long was allowed to break their fast 30 minutes before flight descent. And yes, flight attendants started really busy upon those services, especially foods. And before descend to WBKK Ground, I take myself a candid photo :)
So, after meal service was done, the flight started to initial approach, where thunderstorm can be seen through my window seat...
The plane touchdown at 7:04pm, 4 minutes behind scheduled though due to massive traffics we encountered in Kuala Lumpur just now. The plane parked at bay 31 and everyone started to pack and retrieve their cabin bags, getting ready for disembarking the aircraft. And yes, I disembarked myself too and deboard on the flight AK5112. Before I went inside the terminal, I had snapshot the plane again, as remembrance.

Thanks a lot Captain Syed Mohamad & Second Officer Dante Sheng

For your information travelers, Kota Kinabalu International Airport got two terminals. Airasia is using Terminal 2 as their hub, and Malaysia Airlines uses Terminal 1 as their hub. However, there are no bus facilities between two terminals.

Airlines whom operate Terminal 1: 
Malaysia Airlines
Royal Brunei Airlines
Silk Air
Transasia Airways
China Southern Airlines
China Eastern Airlines

Airlines whom operate Terminal 2:
Eastar Jet
Cebu Pacific

And this time I said bye bye to Rebecca though and other flight crew whom made such an interesting flight. It's quite memorable and yet fantastic. Now I had finish my blog about this flight AK5112, in fact there are a lot of information I could tell about flights and ground operations.

From here, I would like to take opportunity to say thank you, thank you, thank you for reading this blog very much.

Thank you and regards.

Michael CYK~