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Monday, August 27, 2012

Spotting Alone~

Yea, Gonna spot myself this time. Today sending my buddy, Dennis Fu, whom had finished his Diploma course in Kota Kinabalu back to his hometown, Tawau. This morning 6am woke up, printing some necessary  documents ready for his adventure trip to Tawau. And me, watching him packed up his things for departure soon. Yet, I felt that there's not much feeling at all, but a simply sent to his destination, Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 1.

Departing from my house around 6:45am, dashing along the way from my house to airport. However, today is really a miracle whereby I don't stop my car that frequently as such that my journey from my house to the airport requires me to pass 5 traffic lights. And in fact, they all went well and smooth, just as if they give way to me like Police open the road for governments?

So, around 7am I reached the airport, putting Dennis' luggage on ground (actually not ground but first floor of airport), and accelerate my car to the car park down there to look for car park available. Finished my car parking, I straight went ahead to look for Dennis in check-in counters, but no sight of him inside, and I looked outside of Terminal. He was just finishing his arrangement of luggage on the trolley. Since his departure time was 7:45am, I quickly helped him to security check his luggage, and queue up for the check-in counter. His flight was on MASWings, flight MH3093 inbound from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau via Sandakan.

So where's his flight actually? The map can summarize about his trip.
The only transit flight for MASWings. There are direct flights to Tawau for MASWings, but my buddy, Dennis would like to choose this flight as you can stop by for sightings. After all, he finished his course already, so it will be a lot of time for him to grind.

Check In was done in minutes though. And yet the boarding session has commenced for this flight,MH3093 already. So, I asked him to dash himself for the boarding hall. After saying goodbye to him, and there's something wrong when I saw him depart via the international departure. OH GOSH. I almost forgotten, Domestic route flights are done at the second floor. So, I shouted to Dennis that he had boarded on wrong boarding hall and yes, he felt awkward too. SO we both ran to the second stairs, saying another goodbye to him again. Aww.....
Bye Bye Dennis, So Long until we meet again... Number Two for X-ray Screening? :) Will miss you again and see you again..

After saying desperate goodbye to Dennis, it's time I became forever alone again. But this kind of occurrence, everyone will face, just as if I had in my National Service. 
"When There's Reunion, there's Separation"
So, I proceeded myself to my car, and went ahead to pay parking fee, but what I'm surprised was the counter was not opened that time and the parking payment machine was nonoperational.  And I left the last parking payment machine, and what's here? Maintenance... Gosh, big queue for most of  people whom wanted to pay their parking fees. So, okay, I think I had my breakfast in Mcdonald first before I departed myself. Where's Mcdonald? Of course in KKIA T1, which was located at departure floor, Second Floor. And I ordered myself Hotcakes with Sausage... Yum Yum...
I ordered myself a cup of tea, with hashbrown. This combo costs around RM12.30 for the whole meal. But in fact, it will fill up your stomach though. So after my meal, and I went down for the payment, the queue was no more and I started to drive myself towards Jalan Selangor, where it's a place for spotters to spot planes. So everyone wonders, where's Jalan Selangor? Let's pinpoint out where the location is...
Jalan Selangor Spotting Area is basically the location between Runway 20 and Runway 02. So it's in the middle there where you can spot their takeoff and Landing at this area. Here's the spot where my buddy, Dennis took previously at that place.
Basically it's good for spotters to hang out around this area, you won't be chased by authorities such as this white truck, which is under Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad. Their responsibilities are make sure the security of airport is safe and sound, however, trespassers to the airport area without any solid identification will result capture and be handled to police. As well, if you are part of aviation, you will be blacklisted or your license will be provoked.
Note: those flags aren't normally displayed, but the sign of independence day shows it's around the corner.

So what I had spot during the day? And yes, to tell you another fact, I tracked a flight from Kuala Lumpur to  Kota Kinabalu on flight AK5102, and it seems to be the most yellowish livery in Airasia, which is Expedia Livery. So I gotta try on my hot sauna in my Vios Car Once Again. Here's my candid shot from my previous facebook post.
So what are the planes I shot during that day? The result are as belows. Ever imagine yourself you can get 5 types of Airasia planes' liveries in just a short 2 hours period? Here's the proof below.
This plane might look ordinary compared to other standard Airasia Liveries. But as you notice the front part of fuselage, there's one sticker called 1st Airbus in Kota Kinabalu. It's considered one part of special livery too. Aircraft Registration mark for this aircraft is 9M-AHG.

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