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Friday, September 21, 2012

Flight from my Sibu to Kuala Lumpur...

Well, 18 September 2012, the day I commenced my journey from home to an island. An island where I can realize my dream to reality, Langkawi. Langkawi is an island where is situated at Northern Pennisular Malaysia. To cut it short, it will be the most western town throughout Malaysia, and the sunset time will be slightly later than 7:30pm. Of course that's not the main point for the town name, Langkawi. It's famous of its tourist destination like surfing, hiking, beaching and well-known term for ladies, Shopping. Langkawi is a duty free island, where you can spend your merchandise like chocolate, beer, wine and cigarettes away from government tax, which made the citizens in Malaysia opt for shopping there. For tourists from whole world, Langkawi is a great place for you to relax and enjoy the great beautiful scenery.

Okay, it seems I had lots of stories to tell of from this topic. Let's get started on how it really going to be~

6 o' clock in the morning, it's early for me actually since I had slept myself for only 5 hours after packing my things up for the journey to my dream as a pilot soon. Woke myself up, excited and full passionate feeling for my journey to HM Aerospace (HMA). Checking myself for the flight AK5879 and AK5338, with exclamation that all my flight ended with L. 9M-AQL and 9M-AHL respectively. Even jackpot can't make such great coincidence with my flights. Those L can be called Lima, perhaps I think of myself, this Lima might represent Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) Exhibition and Langkawi. So I guess Langkawi really welcomes me for becoming a pilot? :P

And yes, after checking, it's time to backpack my laptop and all those computer stuffs into my backpack, taking all necessary things needed for the journey. And before that, I came across myself to buy an additional 40kg luggage and 15kg sports equipment. And yes I finished my 40kg luggage allowance quotas while I weighed myself at home using the body weighing scale. Weighing exactly 40kg, excluding sports equipment though, which is 15kg. As barely you won't able to fit 15kg nicely for your sports equipment because how many kg you can expect two badminton racquets and one packet of badminton shuttlecocks. And I weighed only 3 kg from it. It's quite unfair for me though, but since it's really a sports equipment and what if they really throw anywhere around, the racquets will be the one which are damaged.

Departing from my home around 8:30am, sending off my grandmum to feed my nephew, Jacky in my former primary school, SJK Taman Rajang, I went to my sister's teaching place, which is Pick Hua Kindergarten to get my cool sunglasses since I left my sunglasses in my sister's car. I went into the kindergarten myself too as some of my sister's friends would like to see my appearance though. And comments were really astounding, very handsome la, very tall la, and bla bla etc. By the way, there are lots of handsome out there. I'm not really one of them actually, but to classify as normal and standard faces. But I can't deny myself to oppose their comments onto me though. Hahax.

After that, I started my journey to Sibu Airport, reaching there by 20 minutes, where time showed 9:28am, reached the doorstep of the new Sibu Airport. It was really great when comes to airport. Excitement, flying, traveling and seeing lots of passengers waiting of departure. To know myself that the Sibu Airport officially opened by our Prime Minister two days ago, I would like to see some improvements from the spot. And in fact, there wasn't really a lot changes made last time but still I wanna share about Sibu's airport currently. It's said to have International routes soon, but it might need some time for it to expand those routes. Here's the picture of Sibu Airports expanding currently:
Note: There are some pictures being posted on my last flight from Kota Kinabalu for viewing purposes.
 Night scenery from the Sibu Airport Scenery
 Walkway throughout the whole Sibu Airport.
 Entrance to Arrival Hall
Immigration Hall 
Baggage Carousel Area at Sibu Airport

Night view of Sibu Airport outside the terminal

Got myself checked in with those luggages...However, the luggage that had being checked in weighs only 36kg though.
3 luggages being checked in and one hand carry luggage.
History of Sibu Airports
Description of Sibu Airport
Gallery of Sibu Airport from past to present.
Day View of Internal Sibu Airport. Note that there's only one floor for Sibu residents to walk around. The second floor onwards are given for passengers to departure
Flight Information Display (FID) is truly awesome when comes to new and organised flight information. And my flight as AK5879 inbound for Kuala Lumpur is calling for me at the mean time. Yet I did have my walkaround with my auntie for some minutes until I reached upon the door of departure hall, where one of Airasia staff called me to weight my hand luggage and surprisingly it weighs more than 7kg, which is 10kg. No choice but to put back some important things inside the luggage I had checked in. Done my security check and immigration clearance, time for me heading to the departure gate, and yes my plane arrived.
Flight Details:
Airline: Airasia
Flight: AK5879
Aircraft Type: Airbus A320-216
Aircraft Registration: 9M-AQL
Type Variation: New livery but Standard &Normal
Origin: Sibu
Destination: Kuala Lumpur
Scheduled Time Departure: 1025
Scheduled Time Arrival: 1215

Queue was made upon the plane arrival, with lots of passengers of course. Yet the stairs from it leads to arrival hall eventually. But yes, it is, according to the picture above, there are walkways for passengers to walk to the respective gate. Sadly, the escalator for the day wasn't operating, Lots of passengers walked down, showing disappointing views though. In fact, I had myself on the lift taking to the ground floor, and of course squeeze myself like sardine cans. Walk, walk walk and yes since I haven't show my boarding pass, yes here it is~
Self Printed Boarding pass for Airasia

Since my seat situated at 21F, with 31 rows in Airasia's Airbus A320 aircraft, I walked myself to the back of the plane. I find myself an opportunity to take the picture while I was boarding on this flight.
An overview of Sibu Airport while queuing up for entering inside cabin of 9M-AQL. The feeling was great when you start boarding on this staircase. On top of that, it makes a great photography in any kinds of means. Sometimes, coming in and out from the back of the plane gives another great impression to me.
And yes, it's quite full for this flight due to the first flight from Sibu to Kuala Lumpur. Bought myself this ticket for 259 bucks including fuel surcharge and taxes, thus excluding 40kg baggage weight which costs RM110 and 15 kg sports equipment which costs RM45, with seat in advance purchase for RM6 and lunch which I will cover myself later. All together costs me around RM442.50, which includes Airasia Travel Insure and Processing Fee since I use credit cards to purchase.
And yes, this is the time where I will start my tremendous and adventurous journey to my dream, Pilot. Below there is the video of Engine Start and Safety Announcement on my flight:

And yes, this is a great departure actually, you could spot and review the Sibu Airport though. Here's the video of takeoff from Runway 13 of Sibu Airport
And yes this flight flew to FL380, which is quite high actually, where I would like to announce myself for this flight on my meal. Before that, let me post this blueish scenery throughout the flight..
And of course, for those who have kids, cabin crews might experience some nasty and naughty kids, where they will simply play that cabin crew service switch on top of every passengers. I salute to those cabin crews whom really attentive to those kids, but they keep playing though. Hahax.
And yes, here's my meal all of you...
Mealset comes when you prebook online for 30% discount actually. So book online ya xD Thus, they are reducing choices onboard aircraft, with one page of menu only.
 Roast Chicken with Black Pepper Mushroom Sauce, with ingredient and allergy details..
 Wow, Looks Nice Indeed...
Meat is quite tendering, never lose to a normal western cuisine shop. 

Time shows 11:45 and the flight started descend to our destination, however, we are holding almost two rounds in the air though, perhaps my thinking was the congesting traffic in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. And in fact, nope, it was the closure of usage on Runway 32L, which means all landing and takeoff can only be done on Runway 32R, which is quite busy indeed. Here's the video footage of my landing on AK5879 Landing Kuala Lumpur.

After I landed on KLIA, it's time to head myself for another small gathering, which was brought by MR.HIEW, my master of all odds. xD Let's preview how it is while I will try to get my time to write another blog about him.

See you guys soon.

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