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Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Oppa Gangnam Style before back Sibu

Hey, it seems the song, "Oppa Gangnam Style" started to be famous since two weeks ago, breaking millions record in just weeks after the song published on youtube. And yes, in Malaysia, almost everyone felt hot about this song. To my surprise, Malaysia themselves create a video based on Oppa Gangnam Style as well, but change to KL style. Yet, Sabahans do also create a video on their "Orang Sabah Style". So its quite amusing actually, everyone post like the famous nGags comics and sharing among facebook about this Oppa Gangnam Style. Here are the three versions of "STYLES".

Original Oppa Gangnam Style

Orang Sabah Style

KL Style

But what I wanna describe to this video... I felt like : "Gosh, another hot korean song again..." However, that feeling didn't stay for long when I received my Sunglasses. When I post this to facebook, almost everyone started to comment me that I'm following Oppa Gangnam Style. Felt trolled at first but I started myself getting into Oppa Gangnam Style environment already when I get used to my sunglasses.

Another fact before I went back to Sibu is that I had renew my Identity Card(IC), as my IC chip started to deterioriate, whereby sometimes it can't be detected though. Thus, the renewal of IC can be done in a day. Watching my IC without any smile, I guess its better to have a smile on my IC. Hahax. Waiting for your turn to get yourself potraited and purchasing is another anxiety though. But with my game, where's my Perry, the time for waiting wasn't really dull, but entertaining. In fact this game comes from the famous Disney cartoon, Philneas and Ferb. And perry is the platypus where its an agent spy regardless of any special means.

On top of that, I approached one of the taikos cafe shop in Damai called Kafe Sinar Baru. What you can know about that cafe is that you can have food after you came out from Sabah Medical Centre (SMC). So who's my taiko actually? Well its Samuel Choy. Hahax. Today I went to his cafe for returning his Nikon Coolpix Camera, that's used by my buddy, Dennis Fu. Here's some picture of his shop...

Of course I had my lunch here too, which was Butter Cream Chicken Rice. However, I didn't add the picture though, because I'm too hungry that time. But well, let me tell you where's the place.
It's around Taman Damai area. Operate from 6am to 9pm. The yellow circle is the location. And his shop just beside the Cosway.

After finishing my lunch over my taiko, it's time for me heading myself to Identity Card Department, which is near to University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Since my parents asked me to do a better one for my IC, I guess it's time for me to change a IC because most of my IC can't be scanned well. The wait is long though, but I barely managed to finish my whole IC renewal process for just 10 bucks and can be retrieved on the second day.
How is the new IC looks like actually? I would say an addition of black and white photo at the center, which is smaller but with designs on it and 80k chip processor, I admit it's a better IC. And yet, after finishing my IC renewal process, me whom like to enjoy around, would like to introduce you guys one kind of dessert you could enjoy in KK.
Based on this photo, you might think it's a normal coconut only, right?
As well, you might think Spoon will be enough for eating the flesh inside this coconut. But one curious questions remain, where's the powerful straw for me to drink the coconut juice??



Inside there... Oh gosh, it is a coconut flesh....

Check out the special effect I had made from it. It's a coconut pudding actually. It's discovered when I went  and stop halfway while I was on my way to Telipok. It's texture and firm enough to enjoy this dessert under hot sun. And it could fill up your stomach too. But how much is the price?

Four Bucks... RM 4.... 

I bet it's quite cheap eventually. So that's all folks. There are countless trips in front of me, but yet I still await for more special gangnam style to entertain me. Hahax.

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