He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

One Tile Bar, Two Little Epaulette and Four Big Shirts...

Oh yeah, 20 September, Finally, The day I keep waiting for today...from my dream... This is the day start of my life in HMA. No worries guys, I will try update to you guys if I'm able to. HMA is definitely surprising when comes to anything. Before that, here's my photo on my first ever pilot uniform.
Not showing though, but to share you guys that I could really go upon the dream, and it was really great. The black tie and golden epaulatte doesn't mean you are really a pilot in HMA, but a start to learn everything about piloting. It's not easy, but with determination, interest, discipline and lots of issues you have to control yourself. As I attended my "bro"'s briefing (Actually is our Chief Instructor, or CI, Captain Michael Heng), I had learnt a lot of quotes from him such as:

"Teachers guide you,
Parents guide you,
You are the one who make the effort to succeed the whole career"
"No One Can Change Anything except Yourself"

However, there's one quote that express a question arising upon pilots. Since autopilot are introduced in the flights, why we need pilots on the flights?
" Planes can be Automatic Flight,
but pilots are there because you are trained for it 
If the SYSTEM fails."
Therefore, pilots aren't really made to put there for autoflight and that's it, no more flying. They are trained for themselves to encounter problem onboard if there's any system fails. And I want to be trained for it, no matter it will be automatic or manual. Register myself on 20th September 2012, with formal attire of course.
And I got my uniform which was delivered from KL, and wear it since it's mandatory to check out the size whether it's fitted to me, and yes it is. Check out the package which was brought to KL.
And to my surprise, I was on batch 44 on year 2012, wow.
Pilots uniform is basically a white T-Shirt with two pockets, adding a tie which matches and suitable for the uniform and a pair or epaulette. That makes a pilot look cool. But in fact, there are lots of prices to be paid and it will be gone forever if you don't make that effort. In fact, I didn't get a peak cap from the school eventually because the cap was too small for me to wear upon. However, it looks really cool when I borrowed my roomate's peak cap for picture purposes.
Hey it looks great eventually, but there are lots of things I haven't start for it to make it into 4 bar. From 1 to 2 bar and 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 bars, you require great and devastating effort to learn those knowledge from it.
After all our batchmate had done our registration, it's time to go for somewhere eventually, and here's the process eventually, we went to that place with a van, which was under HM Aerospace. The van type is same as my previous days in National Service, Pregio Van.
And I felt sweating already when we started our journey to the destination...
For all you guys information, we stranded ourselves to a photo shop eventually, taking photos and all that. xD Here's some sneak peek of photo shooting eventually. Why we needed to take picture eventually was because we needed it to make passport photo for airport passes.
 Here's my batchmate, Desmond Manoj xD
Desmond, why so serious? Hahax
After taking pictures, me, Desmond and my roomate, Kenny went for some foods and drinks near around photo shop. I could say the foods in Padang Matsirat are all local and malay food. You will encounter lots of Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), Mee Goreng and etc. And my senior, whom I knew him quite early before, Ashwani Kumar, told me about drinks which were quite sweet eventually. So you might need to say Kurang Kurang Kurang Manis eventually in Langkawi.

Well this finishes for me today as 20 September 2012, xD But I did like to tell about my next day in HMA though. Schedule for the next day was quite free actually, however, we as Batch 44 needed to go for parade actually. So this parade, basically it's almost like my time in National Service, but it's different in terms of strict and etc. Every morning, we need to sing National Anthem only, and take attendance. After this, we asked our Student Affairs Officers, Syukri and Mie to help out our breakfast problem first since it's a problem for us to get breakfast within walking distance. So, they did help us by contacting our van driver once again to get ourselves out for breakfast around Airport area to eat roti canai.

So it's quite easy for us to ice break ourselves eventually, we knew each other easily, we joked with each other on the spot and chatted about National Service eventually, eventhough one of my batchmate didn't attend National Service, he's quite interested actually. And we took some pictures too. Let me introduce to them.
This is my roommate eventually, Kenny. A ex-cabin crew from MAS eventually, quite fortunate and lucky to have roommate like him.
 This is Desmond, whom talked to me about his 3-bar position in National Service alot. xD
And lastly on the spot, Ali, local resident in Langkawi. Looks handsome when he wear his peak cap and walked around. xD
However, we did feel worried when our van driver didn't arrive on time. So, we actually reached to the exam hall around 10am, which was scheduled to reach at Exam Hall before 9:45am. However, the instructors haven't come along eventually, lucky. >.<
We did brief by our Chief Instructor, Captain Michael Heng, and Chief Ground Instructor, Captain Rana. And we were briefed in the exam hall, which looked quite big to me eventually.
 The front desk, where I believed the examiners will use that chairs and table to seek onto us.
  Hey, tables and chairs look awesome? xD

After done our briefing, we went back to our room and had a rest eventually. And yet, we did have to come out at 2:30pm for the retrieval of books and materials eventually. Some of them were on loan and some of them were free to give eventually. And here's the initial price of wearing this uniform...
The Private Pilot License (PPL) Course Notes
And guess this great computer I placed on my computer. No require of electrical supply and and great instrument for us to learn convert the units.

I will update you guys more about my life. So stay tuned for more ^.^ xD

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