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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The "Encounters" before went to my "Trip to my Dream"

Time is running out for me, where I already stayed in Sibu for around 11 days, thus counting 2 more days before I departed myself from a dream to a reality. 11 days, it's such a valuable time with my guardians whom took care of me since I was small. There are lots of encounters in my days in Sibu. And I try elaborate myself further about life in Sibu.

It's a small town when you talk about Sibu. Traveling around anywhere is mentioned by minutes. Yamchas can be called within 1 hour booking. Cars in Sibu are high cars like Hiluxs~ You can see a lot of traffic lights started to build around Sibu to compensate accidents. What you can know about Sibu on traffic is that Sibu is a place where you can find traffic jams when:

1) Accidents
2) Traffic lights
3) Irresponsible Parking
4) Occasions
5) Waiting for Car Park Parking.

In addition, regarding on Sibu's driving patterns and behavior, I would like to mention some of it. I met two incidents at the same place and at the same time, where me and my auntie went out for parking to shop around Premier. As I saw one of the car reversing his car out, I planned myself to park into it. But what exclaimed me was the car, which parked aside(double parking) infront where the car reversed from his parking place, reverse his car and parked in without any signal lights. I was quite pissed at the first time when I looked at it, telling myself that I would find another one around this area. And yes, I found the second one, however another same thing happened, and this time the car reversed from the right lane, and I planned to parked from it. Same time goes when there's another car planned to come out from left side where he/she is double parking too. But I entrusted him that he would exit the area. Who knows that car made the same thing as the previous one, whom take the parking without any prior knowledge.

This makes me frustrated till I left and decided not to shop Premier shopping area. I could say this is horrible when comes to driving in Sibu. There are no manners and courtesy when you comes to driving in Sibu. It's a fact that it makes the difference when you drive in KK. Learning myself that it's pathetic when driving in Sibu. I swallowed the madness into my stomach as I don't really mind about it. But when comes blogging, every feelings come out to express about something to write.

Despite of Traffic Behaviors, I didn't have much yamcha periods in Sibu though. Most of my friends already gone out study and working. But I felt myself fortunate too when I approached myself to Chris Ting, a former Airasia pilot currently and the first lucky batch to Canada. We did chat a lot in Wikitea, chatting on experiences and childhood in Sibus. He graduated from SMK Tung Hua and I was graduated from SMK Deshon. But one thine we shared among each other is that I and him got the same habit when we were small though. Whenever there's plane passing by, you will go out and check the aircraft. That's truly a great experience in childhood, no matter how many times, it was considered fun and exciting. However, one shocking findings while I chat with him upon childhood was that he cycled to airport which was 22 km far away just to view aircraft. And it was too Hardcore, I should say.

Thinking of chatting with him, I remembered he mentioned to me that I'm kinda a Stalker though. I do blog and search about his profile though, that makes me a stalker indeed. xD In fact, I approached myself a funny gesture when he told me that I was kinda funny though. But anyway, it was great and pleasure to meet with him. Eventhough he didn't get any cup of Fruit Ice Blended in Taman Muhibah, but I bet I had brought him Wikitea for his great yamcha time. So where's Wikitea? Wikitea is situated opposite of SMK Deshon, my former secondary school. Guess it's a very successful Bubble Tea site for most of residents and students too.
Here's some picture about Wikitea cafeteria.
The Menu of Wikitea
One of the drinks in Wikitea.

Below are the previous pictures in my Wikitea Shop where I had my times with Chung Lee and my former secondary friends...
Yamcha with Siew Chung Lee
Yamcha with Nelson Hii and Amanda Mouse~
Operation Time of WikiTea

There are lots of bubble teas opened in Sibu, one of them is called Boluomi Tea, which is the first shop in Malaysia throughout the whole world. Originated from Taiwan, and I guess Sibu is really the fortunate place for us to open a branch apart from foreign country.
This Boluomi Tea is originated from Taiwan, and I felt myself proud as a Sibuan because we could get a first and foremost cafe in Malaysia, since most of them will start from Kuala Lumpur first, our capital city. This Boluomi Tea cafe is situated around our Sibu's Civic Centre, beside of Thai Choon commercial mini market only. Mentioning of bubble teas, I felt we were out of date compared to other places. But I never knew this was popular indeed in our Sibu actually. Most of people would blog about bubble tea though.

On top of those bubble teas issues, let's talk about eat in Sibus. I could say, eating in Sibu was considered the most cheapest in my encounters currently. There are quite number of famous foods in Sibu such as Kampua, Kompia (which I previously illustrated in previous blog, see here) and wantan. However, for me, I do love to post pictures about food. But I would like to post my food encounters in my home. Home? Another third attempt Chicken Cordon Bleu? Nope guys, no worries. I won't blog the same thing all over again. But I would like to share one of the famous food in Sarawak, especially in Kuching, which is:

Sarawak Laksa

What's a Laksa actually? The origin name remains unclear though, but the word from Chinese “辣沙” gives a clear explanation on why it was called that way. The Word “辣沙” is pronounced as Laksa, first word means spicy and the second word means sand. Why is it called upon this way, I will mention it later. For now I would like to introduce some important ingredients needed to make such great Laksa, or I would say Buffet Laksa. All you can Eat Laksa. xD
 Rice Vermicelli
 Fried Eggs, cut into slices
 Shredded Chicken pieces
 Prawn, as fresh as you can
 Of course, the main Laksa ingredient, Laksa Soup
And finalize of Laksa when you combine all together. To tell you guys about Laksa, the most important thing when you make a Laksa, put all ingredients first before you pour the Laksa soup. You may lose some texture if you didn't follow the sequence properly. And if you check out the dish and the Laksa soup, you might find the sandy feeling actually. But it's not sand, no worries. Mostly Laksa are accompanied with Lime and Belacan filling.

On top of Sarawak Laksa, there's one food that everyone will roar and love about if you are Sarawakian, Meelian. What's a Meelian actually?
It's a vegetable actually, you must find a texturious one and you must cook it before the next day, or else this vegetable will become "dark-black" and lost the texturity. Hahax, stir-fry it with wine or garlic and ginger will make the taste great.

So those are my encounters currently in my Sibu days. See you more in my next blogs.

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