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Friday, September 28, 2012

You Must Speak....

5 consecutive days on the very first week of Private Pilot License (PPL) Ground School, considerable awesome, fantastic and fascinating too. However, when comes to classes, it was totally unescapable when you come into lecturers and classes in afternoon, where you will conduct yourself into "autopilot" mode, or the term fishing in class. For those who might not sure what it means, those pictures below will give you some part of understanding...
Fishing is part of art. However, when you look carefully, you will start get yourself resonating with nature, and get yourself into dream. In fact, you might start shook your head and keep yourself awake for the fish to be caught.
Autopilot means your aircraft can fly on its own and pilots can just monitor it till you yourself will get into dizziness and drowness due to lack of activity around.

So what am I saying here is, autopilot and piloting are the terms for saying, Sleep in unconscious state. You can't get yourself really attentive while you had classes, especially on afternoon periods. The atmosphere and the melody of lecturers from their mouth started to hyponize you into sleep. Some of my batchmates did say that lecturer keeps expelling the sleeping gas out. Previously on other classes, I encounter numbers of lecture classes, and in fact, the classes are quite boring due to the fact you are not really get yourself into attention, as it's not part of my real interest though. However, in this PPL ground school, everything is quite okay, except undesirable conditions like eating satiety, continuous study like hell and night studying. However, one of our batchmates can cope up with the sleepiness though. xD
This week, we were introduced with lots of lecturers actually. Well not convenient to post about them, but it's totally epic when you knew about their background. Most of them were from military airforce and they will teach you very precisely and teach you the unknowns that might arise you from your thoughts. And if you might be thinking that the lecturers in our school was linear, then you are wrong. It's not easy when I tell you guys about our encounters around ground school. Everything must be disciplined, strict, and punctual. 

On top of that, our Chief Ground Instructor (CGI), Captain Rana Singh, whom taught us Navigation topic, is one of the respectful and talent captain. And his Quote is really Amazing when we came across about him, that:
And I had being warned by him around two times by now already. And in fact, when I had A CGI interaction on short recess time, I was dumbfounded when he told me that I had an AWFUL Speech. It was so hard and unbelievable that I was so bad that my speech was described far worse than a word Bad, which  was the word, AWFUL. T T. But no worries Mike, I still can improve from the so called "AWFUL" situation. Everyone was criticized by CGI actually, but the important fact is that he wants to make us perfect and professional pilots actually. So no worries, Mike, there are lots of things to do, and someone can pinpoint out my weakness.
By the way, do not misjudge him and don't judge the book from its cover too. Why I say so? In my opinion, he was so-called the most human calculator afterall, where he doesn't need any calculator and memorize the whole book, taught us in a quite simply and special way. Yet, by now, I still remember how he taught us and specify the word Clear as "Clar", with his head shook a bit. It's humour and funny when you talk about him actually.
A topic of Address on lecture must be mentioned on the notice board there, stating the date and lecturer taught by.  Everyday of scheduled lecture will be scheduled, so each of us batchmates will take out of our handphones, started to shoot down the lectures that will commence and conduct on that day. Details of the lecture I guess I don't need to state over here, it's part of advanced terms actually. Previous post, I did tell about one of the subjects, which will be Human Performance Limitations(HPL). And other subjects that we are encounters are:

Principle of Flight
Mass And Balance
Radio Telephony
Air Law

It's not easy actually, books are only PPL and super basic and fundamental syllabus only. Things aren't really get such smooth though. In fact, things are just only a Start, Mike. You gotta study and work hard ya.In spite of studies, our batch, 44 increased from 6 to 7 people, whereby the additional one people was from Mynamar. Hey Mynamar? That's quite unique to our batch. But what makes our batch proud is that we have a speciality throughout the batch, a girl whom dreamt of becoming a pilot. Wow. And here's my picture with her.
Hey, don't jump into conclusion that I want to eat some tofu from her. Apart from it, we are the most special batch actually. Hahax. And yet, it's surprising when she came from a air hostess background from the airline call Air Batan. Wow... So, what makes us so convinced is that even lady can come for piloting, it's time for guys to study hard eventually.
Talking about this peak cap, I really haven't get my own peak cap yet, but a borrowal from my roomMate eventually. Adui... So what happen actually? The peak cap had to be delivered from KL HQ, whom was from Midvalley. So, it's about one month already and yet I still haven't get my peak cap yet. However, I'm lucky that I got a companion whom haven't get his peak cap yet too, Desmond... But, I guess how's our interaction in classroom actually? Basically, our batch is quite small, only 7 people in our batch.

And the only thing I could say was that, it was fun when you talk about piloting in a field where everyone likes planes very much. You won't get yourself bored actually. It's fun, amazing and precisely friendly with each other. On top of that, HM Aerospace is a highly disciplined piloting school actually, and since our school can be classified a military school, most of our activities are highly restricted actually, such as you can't walk around compounds with short pants and slippers around. In addition, you will encounter yourself almost the same experience as National Service, parade on the morning. However, what makes the difference is that this parade is 2 hours late compared to National Service parade. So I made some photos about how parade looks like actually...
Each morning, you need to be there before 7:50am as we will stand still for singing the National Anthem, it's way different compared to my National Service actually. This version of National Anthem was way better and faster finishing actually. However, every Monday, we will be called for Uniform Inspection, so everyone must be prepared for the Uniform Inspection. And the minute CGI or Datuk pointed at you, it will be the worst day of your life. Of course, I took some secretive pictures on how parade goes on eventually...

And this is our Cadet Ahmad Ali. Hahax. Great posture ya. xD But, I must tell everyone here about the facts about wearing this uniform, that you wear this uniform with high esteem and high respect, but it comes a price eventually. Not necessary that all things comes with a great pride. My master once told me that, the moment you wear this uniform, you have to strive hard and study hard, because it can be wore down or continual, and it depends on how hard you strive for it.

And somehow each day I went to our class, we always came across a notice board when I went for a class, and I felt those quotes are really true and unanswerable.

I believe some people, including pilots are really demoralized due to some facts, but here, I would like to emphasis that the quotes written on board are motivated and true.

Last but not least, I visited Hangar this afternoon with my batchmate, Ali and senior batches, Ashwani to the Hangar actually, and how is it inside actually? Part of some pictures are as below...

And I followed my seniors to the cafeteria at Langkawi International Airport above there and hanging there for lunch actually. And the picture of Langkawi airport is as below...
I ordered myself a Claypot Mee with Fishball for RM5.50 only. Wow...

At last, I would like to end my post here as my picture with this cute Airasia... Stay Tuned and I will try update my blog as much as I can...
Cheers ^.^

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