He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Test Failure Learn Enjoy

Yeap, learn everything from the mistakes. There's a lot failures we knew from other people, but we never admit or learn from it 100% unless you had made yourself that failure. Failure might be hard to admit, might be embarrassing to admit yourself wrong because they might point you, shout at you, scream at you, or insulting on you. But what I thought of a failure is that it's better to admit a failure than never. Today, I had my Radio Telephony Test, and surprisingly, after I made a lot of hard work throughout the whole night, I didn't really get much marks as I expected, which was 85%.
I did feel disappointment though, reading some important and doing exercises I had made throughout the internet for strengthening my subjects. Questions made are way difficult from the findings you made from Google Search, however, the questions came out as easy as expected. Human factor comes in when you overjudge the questions where it's direct and non-trickable questions. Nothing can stoppable from becoming emotional when you had made yourself for so much hard work all over the way through just to pass this progressive test. But one thing came across myself, human beings aren't made for perfect. Practice do makes perfect, but tests aren't really test you to be perfect. It signifies you to be ready for any mistake you gonna encounter. Fail or Pass is the way how you tackle with the questions in a wrong or right way. A fail means how much you put effort into the studies, while pass is the border line for you that you have to study even harder. 100% means you are fully understandable to the topic, but that doesn't mean you understand it entirely.
This failure, I could say, I need more practice and understanding. However, as a person, you can't keep yourself in your room all day long. Proper rest and enough exercise is compulsory for every cadets. However, exercising is only available on weekends for the moment. Previous week, I had a great time playing badminton with all my friends, especially batch 37 seniors. Imagine we had our time playing badminton at late night, around 12am to 2am. It was freaking good experience, as if your body never exhaust for anything. And the result from that exercise was completely acceptable, yet exaggerating as I had resulted myself into this dehydration condition.
More importantly, I had exhausted till my right arm resulting of pain muscles. So Salonpas is the rescue for the wound actually. In Ground School phase, everything is mentally exhausted but not physically exhausted.
Weekends,as I mentioned in previous blog before, it was paradise for all cadets in HM Aerospace (not sure about other flying schools), yet there are plenty of activities that we were fulfilled for the time being. Some of them use this opportunity to go back to their hometown, especially KLs. Some of them will hangout and hangover the place, where you guys know about Langkawi's specialty, Duty Free. So, it means liquors, ciggrette, beers etc. are their catalyst to the extreme entertainment. Last Sunday, I went to the pasar malam located in Padang Matsirat and borrowed bicycles from seniors. Through Ashwani, I had myself a bicycle to cycle around actually. And we went over small road behind our school compound. Here's where I used my seniors' bike around to "hangover" pasar malam (night market).
 ~Cool huh~
Casualtic Senior Ashwani as always. There are plenty of things you can bought from the night market. Foods, Fruits, Vegetables, Clothes... Size of Padang Matsirat's pasar malam looks almost same as our Sibu night market, but the foods culture, of course is different. Nasi Kandar, Ayam Masak Merah are the specialties along the night market. In HM Aerospace, where it's located the most western of Malaysia, you might experience "jet lag" though, as if you had gained yourself some time from East to West traveling. However, that doesn't make sense though, because I could felt myself time travelling at high speed once my ground school started. Considering next week will be my second progressive test for my PPL, it will take another week to finalize ourselves into PPL Final Exam stage soon.

Nevertheless, Langkawi is really a great place to mix with nature and habitats. Morning and nights are great sights for us to view. Every morning is fresh to everyone, including cadet pilots in HM Aerospace. Trusting myself that the world is full of wonders with this great scenery as it shows its great glory for the whole world~

However, in that time, cadets pilots still in sleeping progress eventually.
On the other hand, this moon really embraces its beauty among the morning sky. There's quite number of beauty you won't be able to see everyday, but once you had looked yourself into this beauty, it's simply amazing. In HM Ground School Life as a cadet, most of us are mentally exhausted but not physically exhausted. Never knew ourselves that instructors in ground school keep "spoon feeding" us with the extreme aviation knowledge. 1 month = mentally exhausted, what about 8 months? 8x mentally exhausted? Nope, I can say we can form an equation from it.

y is the mental exhaust level
x is the month required to finish certain stage~

Equation I formed myself is:

Y = x2

So what happens when you have 8 months of ground school study? I could say it's almost 64x the mental exhaustion level. So probably when we reached to the stage of second month of JAR Phase 1, it would be lying on the bed, straining there for almost 8 hours and above of sleep. For me, most probably Work Induced Insonmia will occur (Hehe, start to get myself some HPL knowledge here). And my batchmates in class for PPL Stage, started to be in this condition...That's call ground school xD
When you started to face yourself in ground school, a lot of us will tend to be in this condition. Biological clock and Circadian rhythm starts to get disordered. I wonder flying wing works in that way too or not. :P
I gotta work hard and start to help my batchmates to the top positions, where everyone can have sufficient knowledge to encounter situations in Malaysia currently. Jiayou Jiayou my Batch 44 batchmates.

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