He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ground School Finishing Line~

Wow,  today is the day where me and my batchmates as Batch 44 officially finish our PPL Ground School. Yet I think myself that it's really fast that we had came to this day. Last class for today is Mass And Balance by Captain Pravesh, where he thought us about the weight and the terms of the subject, Mass And Balance in our PPL phase. So, well, I did myself a very memorable and simple memory for myself and of course to my other batchmates.
But this doesn't really come to an end of Groundschool yet. Because we still have one more day, which is part of our PPL syllabus, PPL In House Final Exam. It's held tomorrow at Exam Hall. And 5 subjects are conducted in a day, which is obviously quite tense actually. Five subjects in one day consider okay, but the aircraft general and NAV/MET/Radio Aids combined together makes 10 subjects or more. Hahax.
However, Ground school on the finishing line doesn't mean you are forever away from books. Once pilots' life is started, everything is all about exams, manuals, books and exercises. It's called a professionalism throughout all the careers. Study, Exam, Fly, Study, Exam, Fly. Basically it's nonstop from leaving the books until the day you retired from your profession.
As you don't get yourself studied hard in this career, the chances of survive in this professionalism is merely small. They will take better cadets and better seeds if you didn't get yourself awake and target set for your future. For HM Aerospace PPL Passing Marks, it will be 70% for any subjects. It's a matter of how you are well concentrated and how well you listen attentively in class. But of course, human wasn't made 100% perfect. As far as human body is concerned, do all the best you can.
For my life as a HM Aerospace cadet pilot, I prefer everything done at my own hands, like manual laundry and etc. As I believe something,
"Life doesn't come easy to your hands, but easy comes when you build yourself with difficulty first."
Manual Laundry is done every Saturday since there's no classes going on on particular day. Lots of things needed to be done on Saturday where laundry normally takes me around 2 hours to settle everything.

Of course, as I said, when you have time to study, you also place yourself some time to relax. Some people do love to go for drinks and etc, but not for me. However, there's no offence that you can't drink completely. I am a type of guy whom really don't like to drink around. So what I do basically? This weekend, I could only say it's my shopping time other than going somewhere else. And I followed senior batchmates to shopping in Billion and Langkawi Parade. And we had lunch at Mcdonald of course. ^^
In Langkawi, everything is duty free, include Mcdonald, which is free of Government tax. I ordered myself a Double Spicy McChicken Burger actually, and in fact, the box of the burger seems changed though as if I assumed they had ran out of box supply, where they used MegaMc, which contain beef inside the burger actually, but it's not applicable to me as I don't eat beef though.
So, I ordered myself a set of course. But I love their McShaker with Katsu Curry flavor,where all the fries are putted in the Mcshaker bag, where it seems to me like an air sickness bag though. You put all the fries inside, close and grab it with your hands and start shake it for 5 to 10 times, depend on yourself. Muahahahahaha.
Don't overlook upon this meal, is giving enough hunger like me to finish it. And yes, Mcdonald can refill their drinks though. xD

So, shopping was done and yes, chocolate are quite cheap and lots of varieties too. I had bought myself the Ritter Sport chocolate and Almond Gold Bar Chocolate here. Where this Ritter Sport costs me RM4.50 and the Almond Gold original price for RM8.00 per packet, with 3 bar inside the packet.

This Almond Gold costs me only RM23.00 for three packets, where it's quite cheap actually. xD Of course, I came here not to buy chocolate, but the tibits and necessary items are our essentials to survive throughout the whole weekdays.

On top of that, I had quite enjoyed myself in weekends, where me and my senior batches went together a place. And this place, it's quite famous to all HMA students too. We always referring this place as Satay Place. The word Satay Place referred to the place of Satay, with choice of Chicken and Beef. For foreigners, I would like to explain what's satay. Satay is our Malaysia's popular food. With chicken or meat on the sticks, marinated from special sauce and barbeque(BBQ) or grill it with charcoal. It's served with steamed cylindrical shaped rice call Ketupat, accompanied with Satay Sauce and cucumber. It's a traditional food among Malays and is edible for all cultures.
That went me surprised when I approached to the Satay place and spotted two flying captains there, namely Captain Wesley and Captain Yap. And I was called upon by them throughout from my friends. I was astonished that I was quite popular among them as I brought my camera to hangar spotting aircraft, and it seems I had no prior knowledge when I got myself into attention to all students and captains in HM, but that doesn't mean I was ashamed and not to go for spotting anymore.I do spot sometimes, xD. Continue on where I left. When I was questioned by them, I was quite barely can't answer to them when they ask two questions below:

1) How many aircraft does Malaysia Airlines have currently?
2) How many aircraft does HM Aerospace have?

But I do have reasons on why I can't answer them though. 1st question, lots of aircrafts like B744 or A330 or B734 are phasing out actually. 2nd question, I am new to this school of course, and I still haven't get any information about the fleet in this school. But captains, no worries, I will try my best to answer your questions in the next future. xD
This picture shows our senior batchmate, Jason likes to play around with kids, and he's really like a babysitter among all of us. xD

Lastly, I would like to share among you guys that yesterday, Malaysia Airlines had made their inaugural flight as Malaysian 67 inbound from Seoul to Kuala Lumpur via LANGKAWI. This is absolutely unbelievable where this flight will operate just for 4 times between 22 October 2012 and 19 November 2012, every Monday. And after I had my last class yesterday, I quickly grabbed myself the camera and went for the hangar. And the apperance of the flight astonished me was the aircraft parked very near to our hangar.

The flight was operated by 9M-MTH once again, where the extra flight last time from KUL-BKI flown by 9M-MTH as well. It's fascinating that I had the opportunity to see this aircraft so near and yet it's very amazing. Below is some of my pictures with the plane. xD

Here's my buddy Ashwani with the 9M-MTH plane.
So the plane commenced her pushback around 5:45pm eventually. I waved to the plane saying goodbye once again and the pilots inside waved back to us as well. So actually, it's very very friendly and hot passion started to burn once again. You could see them start preparing their checks and etc, busy around with the great load back to Kuala Lumpur. But I will become one of them one day, for sure.
Without any time delay, me and Ashwani start dashing to the site of Runway 21 spotting and luckily we were able to make up on time where she's going to depart.
 Malaysian 67, Cleared for takeoff, Runway 21.
This is my buddy once again, bringing his digital compact camera to spot the plane.

So that's all folks. I try to update more on my life in HM Aerospace. Please do keep a lookout on this blog and follow me on my life as cadet pilot.

Thank You.


Anonymous said...

A word of advice,you have to improve more on your English. I often come across grammar mistakes and when did the word 'eatable' exist? Actually the right word should be 'edible'. I'm referring to the satay part of the post :) So being a pilot you will one day have to fly to other countries and communicate with others of different nationality. And English is used all over the world. So as important as ground lessons and practical flying lessons are, your English must also be strong. And by the way, I enjoy reading your blog as it provides a rare insight into the personal ongoings of a cadet pilot. :)

Michael CYK said...

Yes Sir. I appreciate your comment. I will try my best to improve my English in terms of time. Please do clarify my mistakes as I will update throughout the time, additionally improve my language. Thanks and I'm very appreciate.