He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ground Schooling And Hangar Visit

Hey everyone, sorry for the late post nowadays as I had my hardly time for you to share upon my cadet pilot's life and there were quite number of events going on eventually. And from the last post, I did mention about me whom having Progressive Test eventually, and from there, it really made all ground instructors to know our so far achievement eventually. Even you started yourself with great uniform, progressive tests still can make it unrealized, provided how many effort you make in the exam. I approached myself today about this quote:
"Positive Attitude, Faith, Passionate, Goal Aim is a true motivation to reach your GOAL, but without ACTION, this GOAL can't be ACHIEVED."
I'm sure what does that quote mean, but to explain it clearly, it needs effort to produce a certain fruit, and that effort you put in, you might make a Rotten Fruit or Healthy Fruit. Every effort, every action you done is controlled by yourself, but not others. There are quite number of cases in this school whom I believed other school poses same things too, emphasize on the attitude, discipline and etc. To tell you guys honestly, the effort I made myself perhaps not sacrificing enough, but I believe myself that I had done all my best throughout the whole life.

Today, Wednesday, 10 October 2012, the third of week in Private Pilot License(PPL) ground school. Study from 8:15am to 5:00pm nonstop is mentally exhausting actually. I could barely call my parents and my guardian like previously because there were so many materials to study to. Fundamentals are essential before you could go for Advance in your CPL Stage Ground School. Another thing for today, as batch 44 students, we are officially become as part of HM Aerospace student. How could I say so is that we had retrieved our Student Card this morning and it's paper made eventually =.= ...
Luckily it's laminated, or else my whole student ID will be in despair though. I believed myself that a smile in a photo can give a lot of cheerful moments though. So our class with total people of 7, eventhough comprise of small class, it's a fun start and mini entertainment class actually. Small yet Fantastic I could say.
We went out and ate lunch together, where you could know what's a place call teamwork and friendship building. But teamwork doesn't mean you start from your own batchmates, with others as well.
Ground school, perhaps some of them might say it's boring and sleepy. Yes, indeed, even me I could get myself into sleepy mode. I still remember that when I went for HPL class, I fished along the way actually. Wakakakkakakakaka.

Last Saturday, we had some gathering and outings actually, but small groups to small groups of course. Friday,Saturday and Sunday is actually considered heaven holidays actually. After flying and ground schooling for almost 40 hours, those three days are the days for all cadets to wander and crazy around eventually. Some of them go for drink at nights, some of them play sports until late nights, and some of them would go elsewhere to enjoy their favorite errands.

For me, I prefer myself for some outing and not to mention some spotting session I had made myself actually. To my surprise, in this school not much people really love spotting planes, and not even put any interest for spotting though. In fact, there's one buddy, whom's my senior currently will follow me around for spotting, that's my buddy, Ashwani. He's a nice guy actually, brought me here for all the needs and guidance throughout the whole beginning life.
Here is the place where you could spot planes and sunset at the same time. For you guys information, Langkawi is basically an island surrounded by Malacca Strait, and the airport is near to the sea eventually. Arrival aircraft uses Runway 03 for landing and Runway 21 for departure. Here's me whom having some strong breeze here with Runway background. You can spot how the aircraft manouevre to this airport. Some crosswind, some direct and some touch and go. Amazingly you could see some eagles around this area too.
From this place, I had taken 3 different liveries from Airasia eventually~

And I believed this livery,Ace the Skyrider is the recent and latest addition to Airasia's livery with registration mark, 9M-AFL. How do I spot is by one chair which costs me around RM8.90 from nearby shop, which is OSKI Supermarket. Sometimes spotting alone might feel lonely, but the roar of engine and their pattern to land at Langkawi is truly amazing, getting myself rid of boredom. Thus with my new DSLR Camera, it makes my photography a lot worth eventually. In Langkawi, weather is absolutely beautiful. You won't see lots of pollution around this area like air pollution and etc, so weather in Langkawi is absolutely hot and cool.
Clouds in Langkawi are fascinating too. In hostel, you could hear roaring of engines done by trainees or cadets like us around. Outside of my balcony, you could see their flight as low you could spot their action though. In addition, you could see how clouds and skies changes for the time being. Looking the skies in Langkawi, it makes me flying with this kind of flights. For example like this sunset, it makes the whole flight look great and fantastic actually.
Diamond DA-40 on the sunset approaching Runway 03
 This sunset is taken on Runway 03 while I had my spotting session with Ashwani. Skies are truly amazing, colour changes in terms of daylight and night. In nights, you could see clusters of stars on top of you, accompanying you all over the way to guide you, not to fall yourself off from horizon. Clouds are amazing too, but don't get yourself into Culumonimbus environment, what we term as CB. CB is a thunderstorm vertical cloud that forms from low level to high level ground. When it comes to crazy, it might extend its growing up to 60,000 feet. This is one of CB clouds, but it's not that extreme.
So basically, what do we do during our days in the term of holidays actually? For me, I had myself with Ashwani, having some fun at beach actually. Here's some footage of my Cenang beach spotting...
Firefly ATR72 On final Approach Runway 03. Here's part of great scenery to view island and beaches. Trust me, you won't be able to find MASWings airline in this area.
Here's my photo with my buddy, Ashwani ^^
Another great buddy, Shawn~
Beach and water playing~
Approach myself with this great and mini shell, Beautiful~
Macro Shell~
Climbing on this small Hut~
Slippers in this sandy beach reminds me of my great great buddy once in Kota Kinabalu actually, Dennis Fu.
Of course, I'm not a football fan, but I love to be part of the beach ball futsaling. xD In fact, in Langkawi, it's a small place, but a great day to cool yourself down with activities around.

For you guys information, I did visit the hangar in Langkawi, which is owned by HM Aerospace, where our dreams started actually. I went to the hangar eventually to check out some planes and found myself up to the plane of 9M-HMO. So from there, me and my batchmate, Phyu started to crazy around this plane eventually. 9M-HMO is a Diamond DA40 Plane actually, made from Austria and Canada with 39ft wing span of 145 meter square area. So Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) for this aircraft is around 1,198kg actually. So how does a DA-40 plane looks like? Here is the enclosed picture for the plane.
On top of that, I did have some picture about this plane and here's some picture about my visit.
Oh yeah, first timer with the feel of DA40~
 Me and my batchmate, Phyu
 Flaps Operating Device.
 Parking Brakes and some heating devices
Taken from 9M-HML. And soon I gonna fly those aircraft soon.

Just for you guys information, anyone whom wearing spectacles requires additional spectacles to be brought onto flights. That's one of the important law for pilots whom wear spectacles on flight. Here's my new spectacles looking...
So guys, stay tuned. It's not early for me currently. Stay tuned for more blog updates >.<

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