He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hangouts for the chilling 3 days, Part 1

Hangouts? Wow, that sounds crazy to me actually~ But no worries, no beer or unlawful hangouts. So what's the term hangouts means? Basically, hangouts is nothing but hanging with friends outside. So, you these three days is basically a hangout and holiday to every cadets in HM Aerospace campus. But I do believe it applies to other states in Malaysia as well because it's a national celebration, where Muslims celebrate Hari Raya Qurban. So I wish all Muslims:
Well, this picture was taken from Telaga, Langkawi, where you can view great scenery from here actually. Mountains, sea and beaches provide a great tourist attraction in Langkawi eventually. So let's hop to the three days I had in Langkawi.

As far as everyone knows that the day, Friday constitute a lot to HM Cadets, where it provides 3 consecutive days, giving chances for them back to hometown for short reunion with family or travel to Kuala Lumpur for sightseeing. Thursday, I could say 90% of cadets have left the HM campus, left 10% of them in HM campus, including me. Well guys, so many of them went back to other place, the question might ask throughout in our mind. Why am I not going back to hometown or go other places travelling? Airfare were quite expensive, I never attempt to take a leave before, and I had quite number of senior friends here (I will show later).
Let me explain and describe the three days I had in Langkawi. It was fun and filled myself with excitement and enjoyment for the three days being.

Thursday, 25th October 2012
After I had myself my debrief class session for the whole day, me and Kenny went back to our room directly. For myself I had settled myself in front of computer to play some games while my batchmate was busy settling his luggage for the trip to Kuala Lumpur on Airasia flight AK 5337. It's a scheduled flight which is departed around 7:25pm. Since the distance between our campus and airport is near, no rush is required though. I had myself playing on my computer, facebooking and trolling around some websites. Thinking of my batch 44 having 3 pass out of 7, it was quite disappointed though. There's a re-sit examination on Monday and I wished them having enough effort to study through the whole thingy for the failed subjects. For your information, if you don't put yourself passing the examination, you will be relegated from the current batch, which creates a bad image eventually. So my batchmates, please do well in your re-sit examination and GOOD LUCK~
This photo was taken at the Langkawi International Airport Runway 03, where you can see the tremendous and shining lights. It's awesome when you view at nights, and the joy of living and enthusiasm towards aviation is even greater. My batchmates, I wish you guys don't grief over the result you had get, but work harder towards better future set by you. I had learnt myself one quote from a wise man call Robert Louis Stevenson, that we:
"Don't Judge the Day by the HARVEST you REAP, But by the SEEDS you PLANT."
What does it mean is that you don't judge the day by the results you had received, but is by how many efforts you had created in your hand. Most people tend to cry over the result, but if you didn't put much effort, then it's not worth for you to receive that result. However, if you had put enough effort, eventhough the result is not that high, there's enjoyment and joyful thoughts because you had made yourself the effort to learn.

On top of that, this day, I had received my parcel from Czech Republic, where I had ordered myself those books for RM 1456.53. It's the JAA/EASA-FCL examination books Edition Year 2013, where you can order the books from this website. I booked and made my payment two weeks ago and yet, I had received my postage today, where I believed this postage had passed through quite number of customs, including Singapore. Here are the books I received.
The package contains 13 books, with 1 month access to the question database of Aviation Exam website. So, I was quite delighted to myself that I had received this book early by now before I enter myself to JAA Phase. And I believed that I will be hustling around with the topics covered in the school.

So,what's the deal about tonight actually? Tonight, me, Ashwani, Daryl and Shawn had ready ourselves to this place call Mangoes. It's a western Australian place. Yet the weather was quite thunder enough to light up the skies. However, that doesn't stop us from continuing our journey to the Mangoes restaurant. So where is it situated?
It's quite deserted actually, where you can't even judge from the external view. It's like ordinary house though. We set our course to the northern side, passing through the bridge and turn to the left after we reached the T-Junction. We halted and stopped at the dim lighted place, where you could see almost nothing though. But to my unexpectations, in fact it's opposite to my thoughts.
Looks quite normal from outside view, but the passing through of jungle and forest makes a great and warm welcome to all the quest for Mangoes. Settled ourselves around a round table seats and menus were distributed in a gentle and pleasant way. Lightning keeps lighting the background behind Daryl, but it gave a great Earth to Sea impression, where we could admire and appreciate the works of God.
There are quite number of artwork and spectacular designs made by Mangoes' owner. Design and atmosphere is candlelit, using blackboard to write the menus and specialties. It reminded me of my childhood  history, where my primary teachers will use it to write on the blackboard using chalks and dusters. The same idea has being imposed to this board. Of course, it's obvious that I came here today to enjoy the day. So what had I ordered? Coming up in the next few pictures.

I believe that the designer of this business requires much effort and creative enough to make such traditional place, where some oldies songs were played like the famous Because I love You, by Shakin Stevens. Candle were lit on each tables, perfect and suit to romantic, friendship building environment. Yes, from this cafe, I had really started to build myself with greater friendship with them.
It's all about talking on our interest, flying and etc. Still get back ourselves to the chats around. Hangovering in this little hut, accompanied by our warm auntie, whom really treated us very well, joking around and introduced us some special menus here. From here, I had ordered myself a drink, which is freshly made Orange Juice.
Daryl ordered himself a great soup eventually. And I had never tasted myself such great taste from any other place. Pumpkin Soup. It's firm, tasty, delicious and good texture apart from the soup based. Combining the milk makes greater taste to the flavor, which makes a great starter before comes to a main course meal.
So, let's talk about Course Meal...
 Roast Chicken Mash, Coleslaw
 Tower Burger, as I expected~
Beef Lasagna

On top of all, I guess you guys might know which main course I had taken. It's the Roast Chicken Mash, Coleslaw. It's quite tasty with the salt and pepper provided, and yes it's DIY (Do It Yourself) by grinding.
Dessert Menu today~ It's very special actually and as if you would like to try their dessert since the owner are from Australia. Might as well I can taste their dessert. So what do I ordered?
 This is Frangipani Pear Tart
 And I ordered myself Chocolate Mud Cake

So it was truly a great experience in this Mangoes cafe.Warmth atmosphere can be felt around. Friendly owners will keep you accompanied at all times. Period by period, they will come over and take care of your quality, taste and etc. to ensure satisfactory is among customers. Yes before we left Mangoes, I had took myself with the auntie that served us. Thanks Auntie.
And this is four of us on the day of visiting Mangoes. It's really pleasant and I gonna visit this cafe once again.
Thanks Ashwani, Daryl, Shawn for accompany me today. It was a great and pleasant evening with all of you, chatting together and etc. But to tell you guys, I spent about 56 bucks here, but it's really worth. Total rating for me on this cafe would be

9.5/ 10

So that's all for my blog on 24th October 2012. I will continue this blog slowly by slowly and it might took me sometime to finish all the blogs, but as time is quite restricted, I might as well dividing it into parts. So see you guys. xD.


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