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Friday, October 19, 2012

Lesson of Learning

Learning is not about today only~ It's on daily basis. That's where human life really comes in. What is it actually? You learn from books, lecturers, friends. Basically, it's all about learning everyday on your life changing. But today, it's quite a big lesson for me today. What is it?
Today, the day we received our result on Progressive Test 2, which I believed to be quite bad to me, Doomsday of course, as I screwed up myself for the subjects on Principle of Flight and Mass & Balance subjects. As students, we tend to say those questions are tricky, but is it tricky if you study enough knowledge about it and notice those questions carefully. As lecturers, it's right for them to say that there's no such thing as tricky questions, but they do have a point. There are no tricky questions if you study the questions carefully, and you gotta have those knowledge in details.

For example, what is the component in the aircraft which increases stalling angle?
a) Flaps
b) Aileron
c) Slats
d) Spoilers

This question, as cadets, we tend to say, "Yea, this is really hard to be understandable, it's tricky" There are certain issues where we did like to deny ourselves that we study enough. But questions tend to twist where examiners want you to understand the topic clearly and understand fully. That's where those questions came from. However, one issue kept in mind, there's a lot of questions which are of those "tricky" questions, and the only way you could overcome it is to learn and practice. One English saying, Practice Makes Perfect. Perfecting yourself by keep practicing about the questions. Questions can be found from Google and etc. Some forums have the discussions on topics, where you can be part of member and join the forum for asking any questions and doubts you have.

By any means of chance, I would like to share about being a pilot actually. That's where I bring this lesson out for the time being. There's one of our instructor, whom was disappointed had told us one thing. I bet all my friends from facebook had checked upon my status, but I bring it here once again:

This status he brought to our class was quite exclaiming, where it's quite insulting actually. Some of them might think, people do make mistakes what. But if you think it carefully, it's about life and death. Fundamentals and basic principles are important as a pilot. There are lots of incidents where they tend to forget the most important aerodynamics. The famous and recent Mayday on Air Crash investigation Season 12 about Trans Peru Flight 204 as shown from the picture below:
So basically what's the finding of this crash is that they tend to forgot the most important thing when you want to pull an aircraft up to the sky, throttle lever to the max. To pull up an aircraft, you need a lot of thrust to get your aircraft back to the sky, so what you need is to push your throttle lever to maximum position.

From here, I can say if you are given a second chance to live, now is the time you hold your basic fundamentals to learn. This is our second chance to continue our learning and fix our errors back. In the sky, there's no such thing as Error but reality. Therefore, as pilots, we need to be cautious, knowledgeable and skillful enough to maintain safety level of aircraft, passengers, cargo, baggage, and ground citizens.

Think myself way back, I was quite freaking common to the airport for spotting planes...where I was in Kota Kinabalu area.
And yes, Kota Kinabalu is way beautiful when talk about Sunset...
The moments where we spot the New livery of Airbus A330-300X from Malaysia Airlines
But things look ahead when you started your life as pilots. However, I miss the moments of spotting in WBKK.
Here's me, in Langkawi area. Where I started my dream, and I don't want myself to left out. There are plenty of opportunities to fix myself to perfect profession. Jiayou Michael. I can do it. Next week will be the final of PPL exam, and yet, we have 17 months to go before we finish our whole piloting course. I gotta treasure the moments here fully.
See you guys and check out my blogs soon :)

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