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Friday, October 26, 2012

Memory Building? It's that possible?

Hey guys, it's me once again to update my life to you guys on how's going on nowadays. And yes, I'm delighted enough to express my life once again in our school this week. But I would like to make a topic regarding on memory building today. As I mentioned earlier, I had my final PPL Exam in exam hall on Wednesday (24 October 2012), marking the historical exam paper for my piloting life. Let's cover a little about this exam~

This exam was comprised of 5 sessions, 1st session, Aircraft General,  was consisted of subjects like Principle of Flights, Engines, Instrumentation, Airframe, Electrics and Mass & Balance. 2nd session was Nav/Met/Radio Aids, where the subjects are mentioned, Navigation, Meteorology and Radio Aids. 3rd Session was HPL, which means Human Performance Limitations. 4th Session was Air Law and lastly, Radio Telephony, short form would be RT.

So, is the exam hard? Well, it's easy if you made your study effort day by day. You can't build a house in a day, but it's perfectly constructed day by day. Most of the people might say, "My memory is quite bad, I can't remember things well" and etc. There're various ways to increase your memory, but how to improve your memory relies upon your effort would like to prevail upon. But one caution I would like to emphasis, some subjects do require your understanding, and some subjects do require your memory function. I will try to explain how you can improve your memory in my way.

Pre-Reading, Reading, Writing and Test Yourself
This requires your pre-reading, where you study your topic ahead before lecturers or instructors teach you. What I would like to explain is you study the topics first before you go in the class, where you haven't start the topic because the pre-study on the relevant topic will help to increase your memory and understanding ability. After your instructor had taught you the topic on the respective day, go back to your room, start revise and read the topics where your lecturers/instructors went through.
Of course,  basic HIGHLIGHTERS are very important to you. How many kinds of highlighter colors it would depend on your liking. But for me, yellow highlighter has provided me significant attention to the point required for me to study. I still remember that when I was young, I don't even dare to touch my sister's highlighter pen because I had a thinking that those highlighters were meant for secondary and university students, but eventually it's opposite. Most kids would like to use those highlighters as coloring pencils, as to make the drawing more colorful. Hahahaax
Highlight the points which's important to you. Yes, about highlighting, I would like to CAUTION to my readers. You highlight the points ONLY. I saw some of my friends highlighted the whole book as if you are coloring the book instead. High-lighted markers are used to pinpoint the important points you like to remember and emphasis. I might advice you not to highlight the books if you think the points inside are important, but this method won't work without a proper writing actually. I will try to prominent it upon the tactics to counteract the points which is comprised in a page. As far everyone knows, a page in a book, is quite significant, but the points whether to study or not is another dominant factor for each and every students. So, that's where I would like to carry on the next method, which is writing.

Let' say a topic I covered in the subject, Radio Aids. In our PPL Radio Aids subject, you will encounter yourself 2 pages from the topic of Distance Measuring Equipment (DME). This subject might be hard for some cadets since it's all about radio and etc. But for me, I do love it a lot. How are you going to love it depends on how many interest and determination to score it well. It still comes to the basic point where I previously blogged before. Motivation About Being A Person Readers, before I commence my way of note making, I won't force you to follow my way, but there's lots of ways to improve your memory, and this is part of my creation on how I improve my memory myself. So there's a term call summary, where you don't write exactly like from the book. As I had mentioned above, not all points are important. Below is a sample of my DME note. It's compiled into a page, where I summarize the whole topic other than reading the whole book. There are many books you have to study, not only one of them.
When you combine your instructor/lecturer's teaching, it's a perfect and simple note for you to study instead. For my way, I will write it on A4 paper, enhanced it with Reinforcement Rings, file it in a folder. That's how my study is. But for your information, I study on another way as well, which is the usage of colors. According to some research, different colors can improve a lot on your memory, especially on your right side of your brain. So, what I did was to buy the Stabilo's color pen actually. Remember, it's not color pencil, it's color pen. How does it look like?
Well the picture above is the materials used to make my notes. So how it really works with the color? Let's say from the note I had made from the subject of Hydraulics:
But the combination of Stabilo's pen and Highlighter makes a great combination actually when you want to make the liquid separate or diagram sketching.
So, it's depending on how you look and how creative you are, when you are using those materials. One Stabilo Pens might cost you RM 2.10 each and Highlighters might cost you RM3.50 each, but it's worth it when you make use of it every single day and every single note.

Lastly the Test is about testing yourself whether you are up to the knowledge required. Nowadays, exercises are mandatory for everyone to keep on track. Google is your helpful friend to search for questions and answers. Yet most of people don't really make use of it. There are plenty of questions out there, forums discussion and article publications, but not most of them really make use of it. However, testing is not only applicable to yourself but discussion and questionare among your friends. It's not restricted to ownself, but oral conversation provides better memory building from audible perception. So, do ask questions along with your friends, they might be the most helpful one.

Cheers, and any doubts, please do comment below. I will try my best to answer your questions. xD

Stay tuned as I will make another interesting blog about the life for previous days, today and the next few days. See Yas...

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