He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Naaaaa..... A wiseman quote... It's simply just Naaaa all the way. It's our Chief Ground Instructor favorite quote actually. What does that mean? It's basically about saying no. For example, "Naaaa.. ( then he walked away to another cadet)." But it's a disappointment tone actually. But Naaaa..., there's another great day for today. Today 18th of October,  it's one of the historic marking for me today, one month after touchdown on this small island call Langkawi. Just finish from my exam of Progressive Test 2, and guess what? It's time for me to head out for TOGA mode soon. Why? Because next week is our final exam for Private Pilot License (PPL) ground school exam.

Today...Time 1337 Local Mean Time...
PT2 means Progressive Test 2 actually. So, this is part of the our Principle Of Flight instructor quote. _________ is nothing but _____________ . What's so special about this quote is that we as batch 44 batchmates love to quote instructors quote around. So that makes our batches from generation to generation finding all instructors special habits and etc. But we used it with courtesy of course. Afterall, instructors had great experiences compared to us as tiny cadets.

PT2 was quite hard actually. All students were screwed up on this paper, especially Principle of Flight. And I guessed that after we wrote the quote on this board, bad thing comes. So exam mode started in action after invigilators aka our instructors came and distributing all the exam papers. All of us sitting far apart, ranging one person per row.
So, basically let me introduce some Navigation teachings in this world for the blog post today. Navigation, a part of pilot's soul. Without it, there's no so called GPS for flights. Fundamentals for a pilot to know their position is get through the Navigation course. Navigation, this subject for PPL is quite narrow actually. However, let me teach you some basics on how Earth really looks like.
Earth is where human being lives. It's also part of the third planet in solar system. To learn more about Navigation, we need to know how Earth shape really looks like actually. From the picture, you might see it as a round object. But it comes to fact that Earth is not actually a perfect round shape, where all technologies and computers could calculate the diameters and the circumference of the Earth. The shape we knew from the sources of Wikipedia or etc is geoid, spheroid or oblate. This is referred as such shapes because Earth is not round. They are flattened, which means there's some place where it's really flat.
So as far PPL learning is concerned, we consider Earth is a sphere to ease our calculations. However, I made myself a simple teaching when everyone's not around. Any questions I would like to try and answer. :)
Hehe. So, basically Navigation is quite fun when you play those things like CRP-5 and Maps. The details of how you play it, I will not teach until you approach yourself to me or you study upon this course. It's unlikely to teach those without valid instruments on yourself actually. Hahax.
 So basically this is a map. Highly detailed map...
And CRP-5, which is on the table
As I mentioned before, in piloting course, the moment you started to wear the uniform, there's restless of studies till the day you retire. Make sure you have to think thrice or more before you make this decision. A piloting course is a serious course, but it can be enjoying and fun when you take it as your interest and dream job.

One thing, in pilot's life, there are certain golden rules you have to apply.

1) Keep study and Study... know the knowledge. 
2) Don't keep the doubt or you will doubt forever. Ask those that you don't know. Instructors will help you to clear the doubts, either privately or in class(preferable as everyone can clear the doubt together.) One more thing, don't feel embarrassed or scared to ask those questions.
3) Take good care of your stress and time management. There's study time, there will be fun time. Do not restrict yourself in this narrow environment. 
4) Take Good care of your health. Eat balanced and well diet. Get good enough sleep. Once you are medically sicked, you miss the important classes which is vital.
5) Avoid any bad habits around. Pilots life aren't made for easy life. They are worthy to get relaxed after stressing and mental learning. But most importantly, know your limits. You change yourself in a way you learn. 
6) Counteract with batchmates with high esteem and courtesy. Teamwork within each other is very important.
Lastly, don't emo around. xD

Remembering myself reaching here on the very first day touchdown at Langkawi since last month. There are countless days and weeks I never bother to know about it. One month of life here was like one week of life only. Followed myself to the environment of this school, I think it's quite frank with the nice scenery view in Langkawi. I believed myself that I had enjoyed the life here. Surfing the net, spotting aircraft, night dinnering, chit chatting and flight simulator is part of my pastime to cover my busy life.

In fact, counting 12 -15 days more to flying phase, feeling was quite excited, and can't wait myself entering to the flying wing actually. Of course, to summarize my time now, I had spent 4 weeks on PPL ground school and 2 more weeks to flying wing. But what makes me wondering is that, do I need my previous studies, bringing it to here? And one remaining question that struck to my mind. 25th October 2012, is the Hari Raya Haji day and there's 3 consecutive days for HMA Pilot cadets to relax and chill. Plus, I finished my ground school totally with final exam as well.

Therefore, I will keep you guys updated around. xD Cheers~ Here's my enclosed picture when I had my frame lenses testing in optic shop near Cenang beach. xD

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