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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Failed Solo Check

Nevertheless, title says all. I failed my solo check today with Captain Rasmus, among the strictest instructor throughout HM Aerospace. This morning, I was called from flight dispatch that I will be flying with Captain Rasmus directly after Kenny's sortie. So, I rushed up my makeup and all the preparations to be made on the flight. But to my disappointment, no transportation is found there and it forced me to walk all the way to the airport, which requires around 30 minutes walking though. However, I was fortunate to have another senior, whom picked me up halfway to the hangar and get my sortie ready. But before I continue my failed solo check reasons, I would like to congratulate my batchmate, Kenny whom used MAHA 06 Sierra today.


So, there are some things I really missed out myself today. I forgot to on my taxi lights while taxi from Parking Bay 1B and off my taxi lights when holding at Charlie. On top of that, there are lots of RTs I had missed today. Perhaps a lot of exercises from those previous sortie, I didn't really make it well. Absence of flying, standing by at Flight Dispatch for about 3-4 days, and flu sickness for the period, contributes a lot of "disorders" I made today.

Yes, here are the things he told to me. I fly robotic, or I should say fly like a monkey around. The aircraft go down, you pitch up. The aircraft go up, you pitch down. There's no judgement from other factors that might change your status. I wished that I could fly well. When aircraft reaches 60 kts, I pull up the aircraft for takeoff, but to an extent of too much that it will tend to stall. But if I pull up slowly, the tendency of release the stick is there. Today, I made my good crosswind and downwind. Normally my downwind, altitude tends to go low for about 100 feet, but I made it today though.

Another thing of flying, I have to grab the stick though. If I grab too firm on the stick, the tendency of feeling the aircraft is not there. 4 times I had being warned to grab the stick properly, but I was used to hold the stick in that way though. Base technique is quite tricky though. Your control stick controls the stick and power controls your rate of descent. For normal base technique, you have to maintain 85 knots. Flapless base technique requires your speed maintaining 90 knots. Today, I tend to go low on the approach. I was taught that I need to reach 500 feet at the intersection between the center of runway and the edge of Cenang Beach. But I was overestimated on my base approach. On final, I keep my aiming point on the PAPI lights as my approach. But my captain keep pushing down on the stick though. I was quite sad and disappointed on my landing. All the landing I made, 4 of them were bouncy and 1 of them was quite satisfactory.

Radiotelephony, I missed a lot today. I can't really hear it well. My captain tends to lower my volume from the COM. All the time, I need to say "Say Again, MAHA 06." On the other hand, I need to listen to the slant of Denmark English from my captain. It really screwed up me when I was having flu on flying. Eventhough 1,000 feet is your height, it's enough to deaf up your hearing.

The question I made to myself that:
1) Am I really prepared to fly anyway?
2) What's wrong with me today?
3) Why I make mistakes that I didn't really made on my previous sorties?
4) Is my judgement really wise?
5) What makes me such robotic? Procedure and checklist wise?

So, tomorrow, morning sortie, I will fly with my instructor once again, to rebuild my mistake and meant myself not to be robotic. My instructor, if you see this blog, I wish from here, I want be a better pilot from today. Nevertheless, sicking is my secondary option, but improvement is needed and considered primary to be now. This blog, might be quite harsh and technical enough. But when comes to flying, it will be clear enough to know all the needs and mistakes.

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Lynnette said...

No worries mike. My solo was on my 20th++ hrs. I did all the mistakes u did and even worse. But it will be better after a few more flights. Just be more prepared when ur next solo cx. Relax and enjoy the flight. Do more mental flying including all procedures and RT. it helps a lot. All the best :D