He might be too enthusiastic, he might be weak, and he might be overactive. But he's trying to be part of this world of flying. He never die out his passion. Learnt himself that he's going for his dream, and Flying is every pilot's soul. He wants to be a pilot no matter what, because he likes to fly. Outgoing as well to meet all friends throughout the whole world. And that he is me :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Flight day per day, growing day per day

Hello, it's me once again from this flight on flying session. Sorry for not updating blog nowadays but let me describe some of flying session on all of the flights I had till now.

Recorded on 18 November 2012, there are quite number of flights I had already, recorded myself 10 hours and 15 minutes on flying experience. But it's considered as hardship as well. No pain no gain from here. You will always be screwed up by almost all of your flights. My instructor is as if he's the tiger in the cage, ready to release in any moment. (Sorry if you as instructor is looking at this blog >.<) Simulators in my computer could only enhance my check to be perfect, but not the skills, due to perfection and ideal in the simulator. On the other hand, weather in Langkawi changes every single minute. It might be very good suddenly and it might be bad suddenly as well.

What are the air exercises I had learnt so far?

Effect of Controls (EOC)
Straight And Level (S & L)
Climb And Descent (C & D)
Descent 2 (D2)
Medium Turn (MT)
Stall 1 (STL 1)
Stall 2 (STL 2)
Circuit 1 (CCT 1)
Circuit 2 (CCT 2)

Those air exercises, it might be easy as it looks. But don't judge the difficulty by its words. It has techniques to develop those flying experiences. Although I haven't master those techniques, it takes some time to learn about it. But yet, day by day, I had to improve myself a lot. A quote from our flying instructors, 1 hour of flying costs RM 900, 1 minute costs RM 60, so 1 sec costs RM 1, where can you get such money earning with this rate. Therefore, I advise for students or cadets to study very hard and do not waste your parents time, because parents really work hard for you to get education into flying. Think thrice before you made you final decision to fly.
Every flight, let's say your flight is at afternoon 1330. In this condition, you must reach Flying Wing's briefing room by 1230, with your authorization sheet and Mass & Balance sheet to be done, as well you had to obtain your airport pass from airport security airport too. Airport pass is mandatory before you could go into other places. So, where can you get your airport pass? At Security Office, located at first floor of Langkawi International Airport. Of course, you need RM 1 to gain the access of airport pass. However, there are various benefits from getting the airport pass. You can eat discount foods or drinks like Starbucks or Marrybrown in our Langkawi International Airport at discounted rates. I still remember I can order a Whipped Cream Ice Blended Green Tea for RM12.60, where its original price was RM 16.00. Here's my senior and my batchmate, whom enjoy the drink from Starbucks.
Briefing is made every flight in Briefing room to allow us to know what's happening on our flights. You can ask and clear out any doubts before you go any flights. But to my disappointment, I still haven't get any of my  own Diamond DA-40 checklist on my hand. Each time, I had to go for flight dispatch office to borrow the checklist for every flight. Basically, flying is all about skill, mental and preparation you had made. Three things are combined together to make a very great flight.
9M-HMX, could say among all my flights, this aircraft is my unforgettable flight. Indeed, flying is always interesting and fantastic because you can fly with the aircraft. It works like a car, but it only adds some features that allow it to fly which are wings, propeller, and some steering properties on the air. Looking deeper to this aircraft, you might find something very amusing, curious among us as pilots. Parking here so steady and yet ready for flight. But what's the considerable fact about this aircraft?

If you guys notice about one thing, flying in the sky, you can roll, pitch and yaw. What about on ground? You can't roll, you can't pitch, you can't yaw the aircraft. On ground, it works like a car moving on the road. But notice about one thing, take a closer look to the nose wheel. You could see the aircraft nose wheel is like trolley wheel in the supermarket, where you push your shopping cart around. To tell you the fact, this aircraft is self castor wheel. You can't steer the wheel nor control the wheel. Oh Gosh, can't even steer the wheel, and can't even control the wheel. How are we going to control the aircraft movements on ground?

Relax, there's braking system in our aircraft that will help our aircraft to manoeuvre on ground. Let's say we would like to turn right, we will step the brake on the right wheel and let the left wheel run, isn't the plane will go to the right, provided no force apply on nose wheel? That's how our Diamond DA-40 ground movement works. But here's a little tip for newbies, and it always screw up. Why? Most of us here, I believe you had quite number of experiences on driving the car around. I believe most of us uses right leg to control your brakes, right? In aviation world, braking on the aircraft doesn't apply to right leg, but both legs. This is called differential braking system to steer the aircraft on ground.
This is our rudder system. You may see cables on both sides, attaching to this mechanism. This is a rudder/brake combination mechanism. It provides aircraft yaw, as well help aircraft brakes. Newbie tends to snake around the whole way to runway. Even you can feel the aircraft snake left or right. But it's normal. Do not tend to panic yourself. :) And I admit myself I do the most critical snaking before. But if my instructor sees this blog, I'm sure he will remember out of it. Yes, I do lay all the effort to him that time. I felt guilty, disappointed on my movement I had made that time. However, think back of it, I was still giving chance to fly to the sky. So, correct to my mistake and never do it again. Here's the final and simple conclusion about this steering mechanism, you go slow, you use brakes. You go fast, you use rudder.

Flying is never meant robotic, it's live, it's changing. Every decision we made have to be very cautious and demanding. ATC ask you go there, you gotta obey. You don't obey, that might be your end of your pilot's story. I fly with the ATC, reactions from them are like they are busy, they are dizzy to us, and they are sudden. Training Area, Datai, Langgun, Telaga, Simpang Gunung Raya, Cincin. So many places in this place, but there's one similarity when you listen everyday. It will be always the same procedure to entry and exit. Soon or after, you will get used to the situation.

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