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Monday, November 5, 2012

Flying begins now~ First flight, FAM

Wow, My First of Flying starts from the day, 5th NOVEMBER 2012 with my instructor Captain Yiap from Penang. First flight with him will be FAM, Familiarization sortie where I have to know where is our training area. So let's introduce my instructor to all of you.
He will be our instructor throughout my PPL Phase flight. And of course not to mention my buddy for my flight as well, Desmond Manoj.
FAM flight will be out first flight for all PPL Phase of flight. Basically it's really a joyride for all kinds of flights. You can take pictures, fly around, play with G Forces,experience the sticks and feel the movement with the aircraft. And of course, there's some trying on the taxi as well. Let's talk about my sortie...

My sortie for today, 9M-HMK, is considered a bad start to me. Why am I say so? I had difficulties on the headset and bad communication with my Captain. So I had quite a hard time with my captain though. I try myself to scream and talk though, but the COM was hardly sensitive to listen my voice. But afterall, it's okay for us to listen about Radio telephony between Tower and us. And yes, I do my pre-flight checklist too. So how preflight checklist look like? Here's the answer~
But the most important you need to do before you get into aircraft, is to calculate your Mass And Balance sheet. This time your requirement of calculator and Mass and Balance knowledge from ground school is totally needed. Here's one example of the Mass & Balance Sheet. You can notice there will be envelope in this table.
Before you start your checklist, you might see something at the top, which was PreFlight Check.What do we need to do on preflight check? Basically it is a check on the exterior of the aircraft, fuel quantity, fuselage, wings, propeller, stabilator, control surfaces like Aileron, Elevator and Rudder. There are quite number of things there, but I won't touch more about exterior checks though. But for your information, there's an instrument for you guys to check it out. It's a Fuel Tester eventually, which is the picture below:
That fuel tester I hold is full of JET-A1 Fumes and residues. You can't wash it because you need to check for any contamination found in fuel, yet it will be used for everyday. 

These are the dominant documents and materials to be used on your flight. Not to mention lifejacket that I posted in previous blog. It's part of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Thus, individual headsets were given to all of us. So headset, how is it really look like? Normally a normal headset you bought from Lowyat or anywhere can't compare to this headset >.<
My flight will be narrative though, but I will try to describe as much as I could to visualize how it was though. On the day of flying, the time when you start to twist the Electric Master key from On to Start, that's where the propeller starts to turn. But you twist and hold the key at that position until you feel the propeller starts to rotate itself without twisting the key to START key, which known as cranking. Before and after you crank the engine and the engine rotate itself, ALWAYS make sure your eyes are staring on Compact Engine Display (CED), especially Oil Pressure. If your Oil Pressure is not within 3 seconds after engine startup, you might need to shut down the engine, contact the engineer, rectify the issue.

There are quite number of things to do though. But my flight, most screwed up ones will be taxing on the taxiway, where I had no idea how to steer the plane at the very first place. So brakes are really pity in this flight though. Our car is equipped with one brake, where we will use right leg to step on the brakes. The same principle apply to this aircraft makes my aircraft keep snaking around, making myself no idea on which rudder or brake I should apply. You might see the snaking effect if you draw the path from my flight from parking bay to holding point C. But don't feel scary, everyone will not be able to taxi properly though.

Flying to the skies from the ground with small aircraft marks my first step to flying ever. Touching the controls and learning about them is the most basic things from this flight. I still remember my Captain pull out a lot of G, both negative and positive Gs. So What's Positive Gs and Negative Gs? Positive Gs will be felt when you go for a steep climb, where you can't raise your hand, your body as if your body weight is increased to 2x the original weight. And Negative Gs will be felt when you go for steep descent. This time, everything is floating, your handphone, notebook pens will be floating in the air. But the moment you exit from steep descent to steep climb, that's all the thing drop from the position.

Let me describe the training area around Langkawi. Training area for our aircraft will be all over the sea. There are three training area in Langkawi, Cincin, Datai and Langgun. However, Diamond DA-40 aircraft are only available for training on Datai And Langgun. So where are they actually? The picture will tell you about the whole story.
Cincin area is west of Langkawi Island, where I didn't draw it out. However, this two training area will be our great friend from today onwards. But there's one problem. How do we know that which one separates our training area? After you fly from Simpang Gunung Raya, you might came across two side, left and right side. You might spot a lighthouse on your 10 o' clock direction on your flight after takeoff from Runway 03. From lighthouse, as your aircraft operate straight North, it will be boundary between Datai and Langgun. However, bear in mind that Langkawi is situated near Thailand boundary area. So once you came across that border, you will be intercepted by fighter jets from Thailand. Oh Gosh. So never exceed Thailand boundary.

After my flight, I'm able to take pictures and etc, where you can see the landmarks and important features of training area. Indeed, we had changed our aircraft from 9M-HMK to 9M-HMX, where my buddy, Desmond will be the next flight of me. Same thing was taught by Captain and we roll out from Runway 03 once again. All other trainee aircraft stay at ground due to weather but ours are like kamikaze. Brave through the weather as we had clear weather in training area. Climbing ourselves to 1,500 feet and above and yes, let me post some pictures up there while on flying.
This is our boundary of training area between Datai and Langgun, see the small island? From there, you track North ahead will be the boundary between Datai and Langgun.
Obviously you can see thee valley over there is Simpang Gunung Raya.
However, if you notice this white building, this is not a lighthouse, but it's a white radar keep turning and turning. What's so special about this marker actually? For your information, this marker is the boundary separation of Langgun West and Langgun East training area. Reaching this white radar, track white radar towards North direction, it will be the boundary separation between Langgun East and Langgun West.
Yes, a joyride, notice our flying currently? Handphone ready?Mangrove tree tour. Muahahahhaa.
This is Langkawi landmark, it's so nice to be part of Malaysia, where you can see such beautiful and pretty island around here.
Okay this is me. Muahhahahha. On joyride~
Remember no smoking in this area, and you could see it's raining over here. And we are out of altitude that time actually LOL.
Roll to the right, climb climb climb....!!!
Yes, we are out of the area. Muahahahahhaa. But it's really a fun tour though.

But that's not the only fun we had though. Another thing we learn about secondary effect of roll and yaw. Effect of roll to the left results side slip to the left, result yaw to the left and what happens is you will enter a spiral dive. For effect on yaw to the left, you will roll to the left, result spiral dive too. I had post myself this video about the effect. Notice the Vertical Speed Indicator, Airspeed Indicator and Altimeter reading. You lose height a lot from the secondary effect of roll and yaw.
That will be my outline for my FAM flight. Hopefully you guys will enjoy my blog as always. Thank you. xD
Before I end this blog, I would like to share another picture with this big big aircraft, Airbus A330-300X from Malaysia Airlines once again.
And here's with me, closeup with A330. 
See yas. Enjoy my blog. I will try to update more about flying and life in HM Aerospace.



Anonymous said...

you sure is JET-A1??or AVGAS???hahaha

Michael CYK said...

Confirm JET-A1 for our Diamond DA-40 :)