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Friday, November 30, 2012

Second Attempt of Solo Check, Failed Once Again.

Second attempt of circuit solo check but to no avail? What's happening to me? Isn't that obvious that I couldn't perform well due to sickness. Yes, might be partially true but... I do all those wrong thing for him that day.

This time, landing, aircraft flare too high. And the aircraft went left and right because I want to maintain the centerline of the runway. Wingtip might strike the ground, but not to an extent that I will strike both of the wingtip. Unstable approach doesn't comply though. With winds, stable approach aren't easy to be made. But this solo check aim is to check whether are you fit for flight solo, right?

Miss a lot of RT of course due to the moment you talk to me. How am I going to concentrate and focus? Downwind height decrease, I correct it. Distance of downwind from runway too far, of course I will make more turn to meet the requirements. But all was so wrong to him. Sometimes, I can't equalize my mouth pressure and ear pressure. Of course I need to open my mouth to equalize pressure. My flu is recovered already. And its norm for me to do pressure equalize. Whatkind of base you want? I want to reach base 500 at the intersection of pantai cenang and center line, you tell me my base technique is wrong. Control stick ctrl speed and power control rate of descent. Base is too low, of course I need to adjust my power to maintain 85 kts on approach. Or else you will reach stall. Yes,as long u reach flare height, if aircraft balloon, let it balloon awhile la. Then when aircraft starts descend, I will pull up my stick. Youtell me that I'm stress, I was even calmer compared to the previous day I fly with you. He says standby traffic was not even in the Radiotelephony or ATC procedure. What's so wrong with all these? You tell me my landing mistakes is not consistent. Cause you tend not to believe my landing. that's why I lose my confidence on landing. Just don't know how am I going to pass my solo check just with mental flying.

 But I do appreciate some of the comments though. Like from different wisemen...

First Wiseman
The 1st solo check would always be the hardest in flying. This is simply due to you are fresh, and very new in. Lacking of the sense of catching the correct method for each maneuver.From what you described above, it seems your instructor wasn't cutting you any slack, letting you pass your solo check today.but what he was actually doing is preparing you to be better.Like what you said, solo check was meant to be a test to see if you can fly the airplane safely all by yourself. and i believe you will be an excellent flyer in no time.Maybe not today, cause today is part of the journey to shape u into a better flyer tomorrow.

Second Wiseman
Trust me, first solo check is always hardest since it's the entry which you'll fly the aircraft solo! just don't give up and eventually you'll laugh back at this moment in the future.. don't get demotivated, stressed up and depressed.. I've seen countless people doing it, although not on first try, but all of them manage to pull it off!~ You can do it!~

Third Wiseman
When you are an instructor u will know how he feels. As An instructor, he has the responsibility to make sure that u know how to fly and MORE IMPORTANTLY, YOUR SAFETY! there's no rush.. you have many years of flying ahead of you. If he clears you solo when you are not really ready, what if something happens to you during your solo? There's no rush, perfect your skills, and you'll have many enjoyable years of flying ahead! All The Best!

Fourth Wiseman
Yes. I failed two times also. However, we should never blame the instructors. I believe they just wanted to make us better. And Michael, they have to be responsible for your safety once they clear your for solo, so there's nothing wrong that if they think we need more practices. No need for rush. Do your best next time. At least now you have understood what are his expectation and requirements.

Therefore I do thank you for the advice and effort about learning from mistakes once again. Thank You everyone for supporting me till the end.

See Yas in future...

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