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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Michyiki's A Commercial Cadet Pilot FAQ

Good Morning everyone, today, I would like to share and build up a blog regarding on 5Ws on becoming a cadet pilot. I had approached most of new added friends in facebook, where they asked lots of questions about how to be a commercial pilot. So I would like to explain everything here.
1) How to become a commercial cadet pilot?
To become a commercial cadet pilot, there are two ways (I believe so):
a) Private Funded 
- In this private funded, you need quite huge number of sum, for now, estimated course fees is around RM 270,000. However, I would like to emphasis that this sum is based on my year 2012. They may increase or decrease dependent upon the school's management. After graduation from the school, you won't be guarantee for a job and you may require yourself to get through some interviews as Direct Intake First Officers depend on Terms and Conditions.

b) Airline Sponsership
- In this airline sponsership, you need to get through number of stages, Cadet Pilot Assessment Test, ADAPT Test, Interview and etc. It requires lots of effort and time, as the golden seat in this Cadet Pilot Selection but the reward would be a sponership or loan for your studies on cadet pilot and guarantee yourself for a job. Therefore, there's no need for you to worry about whether you may secure a job in future or not

So in the end, choice is you whom to make. You will require lots of effort and time to think through before you make the best decision.


2)  What are the steps to be a privately funded cadet pilot?

a)In my opinion, medical certificate is the first step to do. From here, I will break down to sub FAQs:

 (i) Where am I going to do my medical certificate? Can I do anywhere? 
Well, you can’t go any clinic, any hospital to do you medical certificate like those Goods Driving License (GDL) renewal do and as you like. There are various certified aviation medical examiners in Malaysia, here’s the list of all the aviation medical examiners in Malaysia. Phone and book an appointment with the doctor before you proceed.

(ii)  What are the fees of aviation medical examiners?
It's depend on where you accomplish your medical exam. Various medical exam venues have different price. Therefore, I advice readers to telephone and ask for the price.

(iii) What are they checking for?
Basically all parts of the body. Don't feel shy anyway since as a pilot, everyone will go through this phase. :)

(iv) What does Class I and Class II stands for?
Class I entitles you to pursue your dream as a pilot to a commercial Pilot, while Class II, entitles you to get a Private Pilot License. So, if you want to be a commercial pilot, go for Class 1. Leisure flying and Sightseeing, Class II. However, Class I entitles you to have Class II privileges too. So, aim for Class I.

b) After you successfully obtain a Class I aviation Medical Certificate, time for you to write in a letter to Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). Wow, a letter to DCA. What am I going to write for the content? Here's a sample letter to DCA from Asia Pacific Flight Training (APFT), (Credits to APFT). Of course you may write yourself a letter too, and it's encouraged to write on your own and sent the letter you had wrote to this address:

Director of Flight Operations
Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Malaysia
Level 2, Blok Podium B
Lot 4G4, Precinct 4
Federal Government Administrative Centre

Reply of this letter from DCA may take weeks. So I would suggest earlier submission as you could.

c) Thereafter, after you had your the DCA letter and Medical Certificate, you are off to go for piloting flying school. DCA will provide you all the details of the school you are going to. However, you may require to survey and choose the best school for your own. It's based on different opinions and thinking. I would suggest a visit to their school to know their status and outcomes will be.


3) Is Pilot Hard and Difficult? 

Well, this depends on individuals. I have observed that with difficulty on subjects in piloting is based on how much basic concept individuals had mastered and how individuals can receive information day by day. Things are dependent upon individuals look upon the career. Piloting is about studying throughout the whole life. I personally found this piloting as an interesting career though. Even though study keeps following me around, but as technology advances, study will keep continue till the day you are retired. So take it as part of your learning in your life. Learning never stops in your life. Questions maybe hard, but you have to face it anyway, and your job is to find a solution to solve it. Pilots can't escape it just because it's a question. Perhaps there's some day, where the plane starts to behave things what you don't want to, and you have to deal with it, but you can't reject yourself to solve it because it's a thing you don't want to deal with, Right? 

Let me tell you a story about my time in my Phase II training. Phase II is a tough phase (I believe) comprises of Meteorology, General Navigation, Radio Navigation, Flight Planning and Monitoring and lastly Instrumentation. Questions are coming in bunches, dealing five subjects in 14 weeks. Studies have to be made everyday, every night. It's countless studies about this phase. There are numerous cadets I had approached. Some are lazy, some are hardworking, some are diligent, some are dedicated, some are simply minded and other sort of cadets. They do pathetic things, but one thing you gonna know,

 You learn for your own good, Knowledge is the wisdom in your mind, and No one will snatch the Wisdom from you
Therefore, whether pilot is hard or not, is based on what you are thinking now on your current study. If there's a will, there's a way. And if other people can do, why can't you?


Well, this is it. If You have anymore questions, please do comment below and I will approach your question and may be written above.

Thank you :)

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