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Friday, October 4, 2013

HM Aerospace Ground School Phase III

Hey readers, it's been a long time that I had reached the Phase III of ground school, where you can be more relax compared to Phase II subjects. Phase III will be governing on the following subjects in our school:
1) Air Law
2) Operational Procedures
3) Aircraft Performance
4) Human Performance Limitations
5) Mass & Balance

Basically, today I will be explaining some facilities and some pictures around HM Aerospace Ground School as requested by some people. There's not pretty much to say about HMA facilities. There are 2 floors for groundschool, but depending on the currency of batches at that time. We have 3 batches at current in the ground school phase, Batch 44/45 ( which is my batch), Batch 46 and Batch 47( the new batch). Today, 3rd October 2013, Batch 47 had their Private Pilot License (PPL) exam in our ground school. I will use some pictures to describe HMA's groundschool.
Today, the weather was so good for all cadets in HMA to have a wonderful sleep, where this morning was trembled with thunders and grey clouds covered the whole island of Langkawi. I just came out from my class of a subject call Aircraft Performance, where I had finished my exam early, came out from class to chill around., exit myself from Class Airbus A380, wandering in ground school for around 5 to 10 minutes.
Class Airbus 380 is situated at the second floor, which consists of Class Airbus 380, Boeing 737 and Airbus 320. For your information, every class is assigned with aircraft names and for 3rd floor, it's mainly for senior usage, and well, we are considered as seniors though.
Coming down to the first floor, where you will find a corridor along with, where the whole corridor is accessible. For your information, I had no idea about the centre portion on the second floor though. The centre portion is sealed with doors, currently only the right side of the building is accessible to our class.
Here is the picture for the first floor of the HM Aerospace building. This building is totally for groundschool facilities, where most cadets had their PPL Ground school phase, ATPL Phase I, Phase II and Phase III studies. Since it's around 9:05am, most cadets were having their class. HMA Ground School do have a lot of pictures here, not exemption from this picture, Airbus A319,A320,A321 cockpit.
There are various pictures over there though, but it would look like antique over the walls though. Whole corridor doesn't look that empty though, whereby you may see our Chief Ground Instructor (CGI) room is open wide for cadets or staffs to come in. Even if I were not that dare enough to take picture of CGI Room, though I admit inside his room, his table a bit messy, where you will see lots of his paperwork around and books were arranged nicely over the shelves for instructors, staffs and cadets to refer to.
For readers information, HM Aerospace doesn't have any library facilities though, where this label is for decoration purposes only. That's part of the school's downside though. I would really hope that in future, HMA will open a library for cadets, where cadets can use the respective place for proper study environment, further external reference and most importantly, a picture gallery for students to appreciate and enjoy the aviation world. Inside that library is a store room though.
Thoughts for Today is just aligned on the wall of the corridor, where our CGI will amend the thoughts by every week or some certain days. His quote was quite true and meditate enough for cadets. Our CGI focus on Discipline a lot actually, where pilots have to be disciplined enough to learn about. I do strongly suggest cadets whom come to study as a pilot in aviation world, to be discipline enough, because discipline plays an important role for Crew Resource Management (CRM), as well in the cockpit environment. You can't have quarrel, miscommunication though, that's where disasters start to happen.
This is our Ground School Clerk office. You can get your leave application form as a cadet here. However, as a batch leader, he/she will visit this room every day for the weekdays. Why?

1) He/She has to obtain class schedules from this place, as well as class attendance sheet. Remember, the revision of class schedules may vary from day to day.
2) Changing of whiteboard markers and dusters will be taken here.
3) Colour marked sheets are needed to be given to instructors for them to write marks when you conduct any progressive tests or exams.
4) Cadets' Marking sheets can be obtained here for filling up the answers when they answer the questions. By the way, almost all the questions are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). However, some instructors would want to obtain plain sheets for cadets to write and draw the diagrams, calculations, formulas and explanations on certain questions. So yea, I suggest for practicing questions and learn professionally about the subjects :-)
5) You do have to book the examination halls for cadets to conduct the class or any other functions.

That's the job for batch leader, and to note everyone that batch leaders are changing every week. So everyone will have a chance to become a batch leader. Be a good batch leader, do what you suppose to do and don't do what you suppose not to do. Time management is very important too. Make sure keep a handy watch on your time and make cooperation with other batchmates.
Well to mention about this picture, I wasn't that "shock sendiri" though, but just to share with you everyone about to keep yourself up to hall of fame or roll of honour. Remember, this roll of honour requires hardwork, time sacrifice and attentive work to study about. However, don't get carried away with the picture if you have the picture on this hall of honour. You still have to work hard, the knowledge is like a water well, there's no measure of how much depth it is.
Time to back to my class, where I will continue my class for Performance class. It's taught by Captain Patnaik, where you will learn about how aircraft will obtain its best performance and how do you achieve it. Every class has its own purpose though. There's a website call Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) Website, where you won't deviate yourself to other information. You may be encouraged to learn more, but it's a guideline for you. Aircraft Performance dealt with Principles of Flight in Phase I, therefore most cadets, including me will tend to forget some terms and the routing in Principle Of Flight. So, most of us require "search and rescue" in our Long Term Memory (LTM), which requires long time for us to grab from the deep well.
Note to Batch Leaders: 
Don't forget to cross check your white board markers that all markers are working :). As well as computers, projectors, air conditioning and fan speed.
One thing interesting about our course, it's short, whereby you will have 10 months on your ground school phase. Roughly, Phase I uses 7 weeks, Phase II uses 14 weeks and lastly Phase III uses 11 weeks, not to mention PPL Ground School which uses 1 months , thus 1 week of type tech classes. So counting from today, Batch 44/45(which is my batch), left only 48 days to Final Phase III EASA Exam on 21st November 2013. So hopefully, I will be ready for the exam though, whereby memorizing those facts and figures aren't my strength.
Our batch 44/45 is the combined batch though. One has being relegated from Batch 43, total of 11 cadets, including myself in the batch. Class configuration is basically about the same for all the classes. Here's my batchmates chilling around, talking and entertain with their electronic devices, especially their Ipad or Iphones, where there's a game call Clash of Clans (COC). I don't really play around though, since I'm not an Apple user.
Our batch 44/45 in Phase III is comparatively a small batch. One thing to note for batch leaders, you have to submit the seating plan ,produce the seating plan from ground clerk for instructors and stick on the president speech booth, so that instructors can know you where you sit on and know your names.
Okok, here's our instructor, no phone, no Ipad, no android on the spot. We gotta hide now. Haha. This is Captain Patnaik, teaching us Aircraft Performance. No pictures about our attentive, alertness and passionate learning in the class. Sorry >.< However, below I will tell you something about Performance. Our book is based on Oxford ATPL book from UK; Performance and Mass & Balance is the same book, which is book 6. It's a nice A380 Singapore Airlines registered as 9V-SKA on our front page. Cool Right?
Performance requires additional document to support on, which is CAP 698, which is Aircraft Performance Manual. In this manual, there are various graph, which I bet everyone will start spinning their head when look at the ground. But yes, pilots gonna draw and determine the parameters from those graphs. So, don't think pilots are easy to be. They are in the professionalism where you require huge knowledge and experience in the subject.
This is one of the examples of the graph (though I'm not sure how many graphs and tables are there.), where you need to learn how to use, interpolate and analyze the graph. Questions come out either in a practical way or theoretical way. Therefore, for whom would like to be pilots, I suggest you have to hold a great knowledge about Mathematics, as well as in Physics subjects. Each class will conduct for about 1 hour each. For Phase III, our class will be half day mostly, so 4 hours class only. xD
P/S: I had bought a big jar of KOPIKO sweets to wake ourselves up for Phase III exam. xD
So here's the end to describe a bit for our class. Therefore, readers, this is about ground school phase study. I can't really explain much, but it requires most of time to study. If you require any more explanation, I will try to add on more stories about it. :)

So Long Folks :)

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