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Monday, October 7, 2013

Incandescent Trip to Sibu Part 1

Incandescent? What makes me say that my trip considered such "Incandescent"? Well, for readers information, I had traveled myself yesterday from Langkawi to Sibu via Kuala Lumpur on Malindo from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur, as well on Airasia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sibu. So let me describe about my trip to Sibu from Langkawi island.
Friday, 4th October 2013 a beautiful day to wake up with, where as usual, we will have our morning parade around 7:50am, some parade command, singing national anthem, Negaraku, along with a cadet pulling the flag up to the top of flag pole and the dismiss of everyone. To my surprise, my car rear door was left open wide from yesterday night till the morning parade. It's really a big parody, as well as big joke today though. Since Brian was the one whom left my car last, he had to clean up the mess in my car, additionally there's apparently a heavy rain over midnight. (Serves him right :P Just Joking)
Class as usual for us, 8:15am start, which is accompanied by the 2 hours class on subject Aircraft Performance, class as well as debrief on our progressive test 2. The last two periods are Air Law and Operational Procedures. The last period, Operational Procedures, which was talking about Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS), its really interesting when you talked about the period to fly from Europe to US or US to Europe. They don't fly together, meaning there won't be flights from Europe to US or US to Europe at the same time. Quite interesting, right?
Well that's me, listening to the lecture, eventhough I self take this picture myself under the desk. Phase III classes aren't that long as Phase II or Phase I classes, but the time to grind through the subjects in Phase III is taking years to complete  :X
Anyway, let's proceed to my incandescent trip. After class, me and Kenny packed our luggage, taking ourselves a cool bath and proceed to the airport with Brian, Zi Jian and Richie. Reaching in the airport around 1305 Local Mean Time, we neglected check-in baggage screening area, passing through the kastam, proceed ourselves to the Malindo Air check-in counter.
Queuing ourselves up, where Kenny went to free duty shop to buy a bottle of wine for her girlfriend. Looking around both side of us, Airasia on my left while Malaysia on my right. It's full of people traveling on. It was really amazing Langkawi that it can attract much tourists though. The queue taken was long, around 15 minutes though, however, we managed to check ourselves in with seating of 7C for Kenny, as well for my condition, 8D. Ouch, Aisle seat...

Thereafter, me and Kenny directly went in to the boarding hall, passing through a security check, which was quite strict nowadays. They require you to unfasten your belt, as well as your watch. =.= However, I wore myself less attire, which I think it's more relaxing. I had myself a pack of luggage and a backpack around though, since I didn't buy any luggage for the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sibu later.

So let me reveal some details about the flight:
4th October 2013
Airline: Malindo Air
Flight : OD 2201 / MXD 2201
Aircraft Registration: 9M-LNK
Aircraft Age: 0.1 years (WOW THAT'S NEW!)
Scheduled Time Departure (STD) : 1355
Scheduled Time Arrival (STA): 1400
Seat: 8F (Changed since there's no one occupy seat on the window view :X)
Well, since Langkawi has no aerobridge, using the stairs to board is the only option other than using evacuation slides :P. It was shocked that Malindo Air sent its new Boeing 737-900ER to Langkawi as flight OD2202 which returned as OD 2201, which is our flight. For Kenny, he was quite excited because he's the first timer tried on Malindo Air, as well as type Boeing 737-900ER. Boarding was made once the Langkawi inbound passengers disembarked. For us, we waited for most of the passengers to board first as we needed to wait for long queue, so we were among the last to board the plane.

Boarding the plane slowly, and I bet there were some media onboard, where they took quite number of picture. They sat on business class, where they used our flight as part of the advertisement (I guess so). I reached my seat, 8D, found out that 8F wasn't occupied. Therefore, I shifted my seat on my own to window seat, 8F. After shifted, taking a picture of Seat 8F view, it gives a very magnificent view, where you can see the engine intake.
If readers look carefully on the picture, there were various planes over there. That's Bay 1B, where all HM Aerospace Students parked their planes normally. Let me introduce some of HM Aerospace planes to all of you :-)

Before proceed, I would like to introduce the Diamond Aircraft Company, found in year 1991. The planes are manufactured in Austria. Here's the website link.  Normally these kind of aircraft can be luxurious or aerial work usage. You may find some information over the website regarding the planes. But I will briefly introduce them.
This plane on the left is Diamond DA-40. 3 Propeller blade piston powered by Thielert Aircraft Engines (TAE) 125-02-99 model, mt-Propeller , 3 wheel aircraft. Our aircraft cockpit is of conventional type. You may refer to previous blog for the cockpit pictures :)
This Aircraft is Diamond DA42, Twin Engine Aircraft, each engine is powered by the same engine as Diamond DA40 Engines, which is TAE 125-02-99, but they are operating on both side of the wing. HMA's Diamond DA42 is equipped with Garmin G1000 cockpit, which enables a cadet to learn class cockpit, as well as rating in Instruments.
After some 2-3 minutes we boarded the plane, the plane started its pushback, towing to the apron area for engine startup, whereby on our left side was Airasia's Airbus A320 registered 9M-AFF. Safety video demonstration was presented prior to taxi for taxiway Alpha.
Looking outside the window, and I stared to the view awhile; it's really different though. Slats were deployed, and the engine is just beside you. Such a high by-pass ratio engine is so powerful to power 180+ pax aircraft.
This is the cabin view. You may find quite number of beautiful ambience of sky interior in this aircraft. It works like Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 Sky Interior series, except the In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) , I believe is much better compared to Malaysia Airlines product in sense of entertainment. Passengers in this flight mostly watch Just for Laughs Gags, the funny comedy TV show from Canada production, as this flight will last for only an hour trip.
We hold at taxiway Alpha for quite some time actually, due to an arriving traffic of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-400 from Kuala Lumpur, as you can see in this picture, the respective aircraft vacate runway via taxiway Bravo, while our aircraft slowly taxied the aircraft to the runway as Captain announced for cabin crew to be seated for takeoff. Below is a video of the flight on takeoff. I believed that the takeoff is a performance takeoff as the flight didn't require long runway for takeoff. Perhaps it's a new plane, engine performance is better.

The plane made its left turn to Kuala Lumpur, with beautiful islands, accompanied by cumulus clouds around the island, marking its beauty of Langkawi Island. Climbing all the way to the cruising level.
Saying Bye Bye to Langkawi Island (Prison Island to me :X) for 2 days. Langkawi Island is truly a magnificent island, where you will find 90+ islands around Langkawi, as well as a duty free island. Readers whom are interested on wines, liquors, cigarettes, chocolates, cooking wares and dining utensils are encouraged to come Langkawi Island for shopping trip.
The safety belt sign was off after passing the cloud above, perhaps marking climbing to cruising level of more than FL150, embracing the blue skies along Pennisular Malaysia. 9M-LNK this plane, was quite a very new plane. New odour seats, new cabin, beautiful lighting.
Well, readers, not to mention the legroom, which is quite generous compared to Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 and Airasia Airbus A320-200 series. This is a good seat for passengers whom like to have more comfort on seating and baggage. Eventhough is an hour trip, it's comfortable that you won't feel any squeezing with your neighbour.

So, time for cabin crew to distribute free drinks and free meals on Malindo. So the menu today is Sea Master's Mineral Water and a Kaya Turnover from Malindo Air. However, the packet looked abit similar to firefly's meal.

On the other hand, we got special guests from the Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar restaurant VIP guest, whom seat at the business class seat. It was so fortunate though, and here's the menu for Malindo Air.
Front Page of Malindor Air's Menu
 The Food Page
The Mini Snacks and Beverage Page
On the other hand, I had ordered the food for their Kayu Nasi Kandar Fish Curry and Lady Fingers, which costs RM12. Dining Utensils packet served was part of Lion Group. Let's open the food :-)
Tadaaa. this is the food, I would say it's so delicious that the food wasn't overcook and the flavor was absolutely tasty and adequate. Recommended.
Break off parts from the dining utensils. Salt, Peppers, Sugars, Creamers, Plastic Fork, Plastic Spoon and lastly the tissue.
The packing of lion air.
One thing about Malindo Air's Voyager. In Chinese version, Langkawi should be pronounced as 浮罗交怡岛,however, it was written, 凌家卫岛, which was quite funny though.
Study about world's map?
Approaching Kuala Lumpur, where the aircraft doesn't track direct to Ipoh.
Aircraft was descending through the clouds. And yea, I had finished the food at this time.
Photographing shoot. Seat Belt sign is on entirely throughout the flight.
Visual with the terrain~
Approach for landing. And the next video is about the landing. So enjoy the video :-)

 The landing was a bit eventful, but it's a very good trip for me and Kenny afterall. We tasted the food, we tasted the seats, we tasted the Boeing 737-900 series. So no regrets :-) Anyway, while the Malindo tech crew taxied the aircraft to terminal, we saw the plane Boeing 747-400 parked at remote bay, which I believed the President of China had came to Malaysia for a visit :-) B-2472

 Here's me and Kenny, smiling for flying on Malindo Air. It's a good trip though :-)
So , this is the part 1, of the trip on Malidno Air. It's a nice trip actually, so I hope Malindo Air will open more routes, more food variety, more convenient way to travel such as 1 shot through check in and lastly, more schedules flight for passengers to travel with.

Stay tuned for PART II :-)

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