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Monday, November 30, 2015

From Cadet to Airline Counterpaths~

Good day everyone, this is your co-pilot Michael speaking once again, after years of inactivity, it's time for me to unleash the blog once again for the readers to read with.

Once again, the picture above, is like I landed somewhere 2 years and takeoff once again with bigger wings. After various and countless conversation with my colleagues and friends, they had been inspired by my blog due to my aspiration brought to most of the pilots out there. Well anyway, it feels great that I'm back with the word of mind about being a pilot though. Many countless diaries in my mind, but shared only when meetups though.
Let's get back to the topic, Cadet to Airline Counterpaths, the word Counterpaths, is relatively hard among Malaysian's jobless pilots. To seek where is the best to grow while waiting for the airline to take you in as a pilot, After you came out from flying school, it's a mystery of where you plan to go, especially fresh graduates without diploma, degree or master. The only thing you had is Professional Pilot License.

My personal view about this is that, I would give suggestions as follows though:
"Do Something which benefits you, but not stopping yourself as a pilot or being carried away as other jobs."
Some people might ask: "Stopping yourself as a pilot? I'm stopping already after flying from flying school." I'm not referring as when you stop flying, you stop becoming pilot. I learned from a wiseman before, that:

"When a pilot stops learning on that day, That's the day he/she STOPS becoming a Pilot"
So, what do you mean by learning? Yes, we might lose touch on the controls of the airplane due to long time didn't touch. However, we will get back that touch as soon we got the offer of flying the certain type of aircraft by the airline. Learning means you still pursuing knowledge all about aviation to keep the world of aviation up to date. I believe there's infinite for the knowledge, even those we studied from ATPLs will forget easily, not to mention myself too :X.

Apparently, there are ways to do while you are waiting for the pilot intake.
1) Finding a job which is aviation related.
Well, that's my very first option when it comes to jobless times. Any job is fine, as long is job related to aviation. There are quite number of my friends, including myself, went to find aviation related jobs while waiting for the opening of first officer intake. Assistant flight dispatcher officers, Ramp Agent, Ground Crew, Customer Service etc offers great opportunity to fill your time working other than staying at home doing nothing. At the same time, you can gain experiences about your working and perhaps will be a great tool to bring out examples during your interview stage. Nevertheless, don't forget to study while you are working, eventhough you are on different scope.
2) Pursue Diploma and Degree 
So, Pursuing Degree can be manageable if you are able to tackle both your degree subjects and your pilot's knowledge recurrency. I had approached some of my friends, and yes, they do find some difficulties to extract their time to study about aviation as assignments and exams kept them busy for all times. But, one advice from me, you can still pursue degree as part timers after you join as pilots in the airline. No harm. Choose your degree wisely if you want to have your pilot job beneficial in future.
3) Mother Father 's Temporary Worker
Well, working under your parents do seem give you some home business experience and freedom. However, you won't be able to expose to any relation to jobs if your parents are not aviation related. Freedom may come in handy if you are being called up for any test assessment, you will be more ready comparing to other individuals. However, you won't be comfortable if your relatives or friends might start questioning about your job finding status.
4) Flying Instructors/ Flying Club Pilots
Apparently, this is not a bad option if you aren't able to get a job for airlines. Gain some hours in the flying club or flying schools. Flying schools enable you to recap all the knowledge you have learnt before and gain hours on flying. Killing 2 birds in 1 stone is fairly a good idea. But mind of caution, normally you are bonded or contracted if you are either flying instructors or flying club pilots.If you breach the contract, you may end up paying sum of money, which increases the burden of your life. But still, it's a good option to reach hours to break ATPL hours.
5) Wealthy
I bet most of my friends will opt this option as the last option though. If you have a large sum of money to sponsor yourself to enter airline by paying and earn type rating by the airline. This is the fastest track to enter airline. The quote "Got Money, Business Come, No Money, No Talk" suits the whole paragraph for the topic Wealthiness. I will say this will be your last resort if you still unable to find a pilot job after certain period of time. Nevertheless, knowledge update still poses a very significant task as pilots.

So that's all folks. Please do leave some comments and questions if any doubts is to be concerned. Good Luck on Job Hunting as Airline Pilots.

Thank You.

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